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  1. How to run mbr2gpt in win 8.1? Thx
  2. What is the ping.exe's "request timed out" threshold limit ie: to show "request timed out", what ms value must the greater than? thanks
  3. Change ICS to other, can't find IntranetInfo and ICSharing keys http://support.microsoft.com/kb/230148 Registry Editor to modify the data value of the IntranetInfo value in the following registry key: Hkey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ICSharing\Settings\General Has anyone got it to work? thanks
  4. Does anyone experience graphics corruption with the 4.5 beta 1 and remote desktop connection for win98?
  5. The problem is this does not work in Win98 to open and SAVE docx file.. Well, it's not at all clear to me it doesn't work to open .docx in 98... I think some more testing is needed. It seems it really desn't work to SAVE .docx files in 98. But why on earth would anyone wish to do that? You have to be able to open them. Then go ahead and save it as .doc, and help rid the world of those nasty .docxs! Hmm, I thought docx files were good. can you tell me where/what threads I can find that docx files is bad. thanks
  6. The problem is this does not work in Win98 to open and SAVE docx file..
  7. Does microsoft plan to fix the problem of forcing a network bridge with a wireless card (which most usb does not support promiscuous mode - layer 2). I can use the forcecompatmode to force it to use layer 3, but why does MS not detect it properly in the first place? even in SP3 I think.
  8. I am trying to connect win98 pc to WHS, I have 'matched' the Username with the 'login' name in win98, and it works the first time. but after I reboot win98, then try to connect again, it says my pw is wrong, why is this, is this the 48bit encryption of password vs plaintext password for smb problem? thanks
  9. ok thanks, I looked at the win98 thread and it seems there is no docx load and docx save that is seamless.. I thought openxml was "open" but in end up no one can convert it... it is an irony, I will have to use a RDP session for now thanks
  10. Does anyone have LAST - FREE - Adobe Reader 6.06 - - - http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html I go to that site above, but it does not have win98 version in the pull down box, only NT4 SP6 and up. I tried oldapps, oldversion dot com, but they only have Adobe Reader 6.0 (8.7 MB) (02 November, 2003) Acrobat Reader 6.01 (16.3 MB) but no 6.06 thanks
  11. So this needs service pack for office 97? Does this work in win98se?? or only xp? Also can I save docx file with it? Does it have the problem of crashing when importing large jpg/png files? I wanted to use office 97 with importing some jpg/png but it crashes so much. will docx addin for office 97 fix this problem? thanks
  12. Does anyone know where to find the MSDN or some pdf of wordbasic macro Also are thre plans to make a word 6.0/2.0/4.3/95 forum also wordbasic macro?
  13. Size of Office 97 to 2003 installs? which version was bloated? thanks
  14. Is there a nt4 vs w2k? I remember I only used nt4, skipped w2k, then used xp, skipped vista, then used win7.

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