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  1. how can i have grub2-linux-install make the mbr file into a 512byte file instead of writing to the MBR? and how to create boot.img to dd to the 1M space thx
  2. Is the video acceleration driver(VBT for intel iGpu) loaded in the metro "choose an operating system" screen? thx
  3. For those with installed intel igpu video /graphics acceleration that turns the screen blank (laptop) Has anyone fixed their gop/vbt to fix it? Thx Has anyone got debugging work for intel gpu drivers? Thx
  4. I tried to find the matching pdb/sys pair, but only found it for win10 that is matching, the win7 checked version is like 15xx build i can find for dl but the acpi.sys is from 16xx or similar.. now i have problem with vbt blanking the screen when igpu intel drivers are installed, and blank screen in installer, so hard to debug..
  5. 1) ACPI BSOD 0xA5 (0x02, ..., ..., ...), error in ACPIRangeValidatePciResources, ACPI vs E820 conflict, solved BSOD is generated by DSDT code like this: I think have above problem in win7 acpi.sys(from mbox3,box3 dsdt bug in coreboot/tianocore), but i can't find this ACPIRangeValidatePciResources symbol in win7 checked sp1 any ideas thx
  6. https://rog.asus.com/motherboards/rog-maximus/rog-maximus-vii-ranger-model/helpdesk_download/ it only have the virus scanner now and no drivers? thx
  7. the acpi loads very early, even before the 7b bsod.. I using the patched 7777.5xx for now but hopefully the sfc/sp3.cab doesn't get updated automatically somehow
  8. can this auto install device manager drivers that is marked as unknown device, etc thx
  9. is it possible to debug (add serial? add debug statments printf to) acpi.sys I am getting A5 ACPI_BIOS_ERROR on coreboot/tianocore thx
  10. is it possible to debug (add serial? add debug statments printf to) acpi.sys I am getting A5 ACPI_BIOS_ERROR on coreboot/tianocore thx
  11. how to add txtsetup.oem for text mode setup driver for ahci, I still get B7 bsod in text mode setup after i added the driver? thx
  12. How to run mbr2gpt in win 8.1? Thx
  13. What is the ping.exe's "request timed out" threshold limit ie: to show "request timed out", what ms value must the greater than? thanks
  14. Change ICS to other, can't find IntranetInfo and ICSharing keys http://support.microsoft.com/kb/230148 Registry Editor to modify the data value of the IntranetInfo value in the following registry key: Hkey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ICSharing\Settings\General Has anyone got it to work? thanks
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