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  1. Greetings, all. Need to purchase some Windows 7 Pro x64 licenses, and was wondering what my best bet is. Option 1: Buy a retail license. There are still a few available here and there, but time is running out. Plan on spending over 300 USD. [!] This may be the best option, because then I can re-install it on a different machine if I want to. Option 2: Buy an OEM copy from a legitimate retailer, such as Walmart [yes, they have it]. Plan on spending around 200 USD. This seems pricey for an OEM license. Option 3: Buy an OEM copy from one of the many Ebay or Amazon sellers that offer it. Plan on spending anywhere from 5 USD [MUST be bogus] up to around 50-60 USD [MAY be bogus]. Other people's experience doing this varies widely. Some people report getting a legit copy, others get counterfeit bunk. Supposedly, a lot of these are from people [illegally] selling off bulk license keys from an enterprise package, which will probably be flagged by MS at some point after you install it. Buying a legit OEM disk will save around 100 bucks per license over retail, but if the smoke leaks out of the machine you install it on, you are SOL. Many people claim in online forums that MS was willing to re-cert an OEM license after an mboard replacement, but I am not sure I can count on that. What do you folks buy when building a Win 7 box? Jim ================================================== Speaking from a secure undisclosed location.
  2. Greetings, all. Lurker for years, finally decided to join so I could ask the occasional question. Rather than yak on about myself [Boring!], allow me to talk about "stuff" instead. And since this is a Tech Forum, here are two lists of things, mostly [but not all] Tech-related, that are either personal likes or dislikes. You can probably tell more about me from these lists than anything else... ;begin wacky list Stuff I Like: NT 5 AutoCAD before 2010 Western Electric Vern Buerg's "List" EditPad DOS Tektronix UltraEdit32 Bell System Practices HP RPN Calculators Wordstar Professional 4.0 DEC Open Wire Air-Gapping and Physical Security Cannabis The PSTN on a real SDH Backbone [RIP] Personal Responsibility Dark green or amber text on a truly black background Wireshark European TV Phreaking/Hacking Truth Stuff I Don't Like: Windows 10 Social Media Subscription Software Marketing clowns who expect a Pavlovian response to the word "Cloud" Fools AutoCAD after 2010 BIOS Buggery Hype [Don't believe it!] Crowds, and the Madness thereof The Internet [It had its Day] Games HTML, Scripts, Beacons, etc. in email Browser Software that allows Fingerprinting The Tyranny of Sunk Costs People who use Title Case Text way too much in Foolish Lists like this one ;end list The owners of this forum are probably reading this list right now and thinking "Oh no, is THIS the demographic we are attracting now? This guy is a dinosaur!!!" Fear not, I'm sure that I am just an aberration. Jim ================================================== Please refrain from drinking the Kool-Aid.

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