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  1. Maybe there is some bug in the bios? I remember a lenovo computer, i had ACPI related issues on GNU/Linux the first time i tried installing, after upgrading the bios the problem got solved. Idk if is correct but maybe upgrading the BIOS...
  2. Hi! i'm MrNadix, i love old hardware and old Windows versions (i have an old computer collection), i only want to be part of a friendly community, learn new stuff, help and be helped .
  3. Microsoft isn't going to listen us. Modern Microsoft only listens one kind of people, their investors, they only want to still updating Windows spending as less money as possible, is sad, really sad. Yes, i'm going to keep my Windows 7/Vista/XP installation until i can and if i need something not supported i'm going to use my Manjaro partition because if this thrend continues, windows 10 is going to be as unstable or more as the pre-reset longhorn builds (i never saw other Windows version deleting personal user files) and about the telemetry/spyware i don't going to say anything because everyting is said. I keep all my computers running XP except my main laptop, that laptop unafortunelly only supports 10, no GNU/Linux tho, only W10.
  4. Compaq Armada 1750 Pentium II 333 MHz 192 MB of RAM (Max supported) An IDE to SD card with a 32 GB SD card in it Actually i have installed Windows 98 SE

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