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  1. With v4.05 having been released around Halloween - to a few people or to second-hand buyers it'll still be an option. That's about it really. I've still not found any reason to 'upgrade' from the PS3.
  2. Another day, another year old thread resurrected to save making a new one... Fedora is now available for your gimped pc PS4. Try not to get too excited.
  3. I was fond of the arrangement that I had with Windows XP. It did some annoying stuff: there was the bi-weekly bluescreen surprise, a sound card which jumped in and out of existence, and a resource hungriness that could only be satiated if you had the money for upgrades (and I certainly didn't). Apart from all that it was lovely, and life was good. It's hard to adequately describe the extent to which computing deteriorated afterward. The ribbon interface for MSOffice came along. Then came shittier and shittier updates to "Windows Live" that screwed with the software. Microsoft decided that
  4. New hardware contains either Intel's Management Engine or AMD's equivalent of the Management Engine, meaning that you cannot buy your way out of avoiding those future embarrassments. I'm left with old hardware and left scratching my head on what to do about it. None of the reports care to mention what I should be doing. And my vendor's not going to do it; this laptop is from 2007...
  5. If I were the most informed, talented, creative individual this world has ever seen then contributing would of course be a good thing and easily done. Instead, what I expect is for all my contributions to sound as though they are farts being played through an elevator intercom. I'll see if I can pull "creative writing that engages an audience" out of my a**, but I can't promise any of it is going to be good. Or even get read by anybody given this here ghost town. I promise you I'll have a go though. I've gone through a lot of old distros to find my "comfiest", so I can talk about tha
  6. I know this is a microsoft themed forum but it seems strange to me that, if you're nerdy enough to have declared yourself "a fan of" an OS, that you would then stick to that OS and not then try to push the boat out a little. This subsection of the forum resembles a ghost town, and what for? Are there better places to go or something? This place has people who are interested in the end use of OS'ss's. It seems like an adequate place for discussion. I only know of three things that linux doesn't do: play modern games, invoke nostalgia, or offer the illusion of choice only to then make
  7. I'm pretty sure my Turion has an in-built flash decoder but none such for html5. Not that it matters anymore. Since it's linux now (and a variant with little to none in the way of proprietary or deprecated software) flash doesn't run at all and html5 requires clearance around the machine to avoid thermal shut-off. It's the price that I'm paying for free beer. I may turn it into a headless firewall and be done with it. Performance matters less to me than choice. What are your options when it comes to 9x? Midori? Otter browser? Palemoon? K-meleon? I'm pretty sure most of these will have dep
  8. I know this thread is over a year old... Do you still have it? +1 for Slitaz if you do.
  9. First I've had faulty power buttons, both on the case and at the outlet. It's a bit like finding two spiders in the bathtub: why are they so inconvenient? how did they both get there? So I swapped things around and the test rig now gives 100% gpu rpm and no display out. The board I thought I'd use is an unusual AMD development board, and I suspect it wants me to use the onboard DVI port only. It's one of those ports that's got no holes for the 4 little pins that sit on either side of the big oblong one. I'm going to play around with display adapters and possibly even build a 2nd test
  10. Palemoon has an SSE1 build that works with most websites (but I don't think it'll run on 9x). I used to play games too on a P4 that had 2.6 or 2.8GHz. But for browsing websites that fart javascript all over your PC, I'd guess the old architecture on socket 478 ought to be avoided. Remember as well that any hyper threading on offer is gonna be disabled for 9x.
  11. That res I'm pretty sure is 16:10 ratio. There are some 'affordable' Hanns G panels in the 27"-28" range offering it. We had an early "square faced" model where the capacitors gradually died. Later "smiley faced power light" models seem reliable enough. If I see one for cheap enough I might get one or two again. 16:10 dual monitor setup would be pretty sweet... Replying to the original post, I really don't get what OP is complaining about. I know windows 10 sucks, but I'm on Devuan w/LXDE... I miss having some games and a working copy of Paint.NET, but those two things aside I'm not at a
  12. This is what I'm looking at: Radeon X800 XL Feb. 2, 2005 R430 110nm 256MB 400MHz 980MHz 16:6:16:16 6400 6400 600 31GB/s GDDR3 256 Radeon X1800 XT Oct. 5, 2005 R520 90nm 256MB 625MHz 750MHz 16:8:16:16 10000 10000 1250 48GB/s GDDR3 256 The 90nm cards require even more heat and power than the 130nm cards did. Why is that if it's a more efficient process? Because in spite of "RingMemoryTechnologyTM" and "revolutionary new architecture" all they did was find a way of upping the stable clock speed. You can change the thin film that the transistors are printed on, but what you've got a
  13. 9x is a convenient platform that lets me learn what happens if I mess with a vBIOS GPU ID, and it lets me do that using a card that doesn't cost 400 dollars. The result could help to preserve or to improve BillGatesOS and it's residual software, but any of that helpful stuff is academic. Motivations be damned all that I'm hoping for is an interesting result. "Yeah I bricked the card" is the likeliest verdict and then all of the "I told you so"s will come pouring down like tears in rain
  14. The long winded explanation is this: I've ordered both an X850XT and a Connect3d X1800XT (256MB). I'm going to use the X850 to confirm 9x support on the mainboards that I've got. After that I'm swapping out 9x and the X850 for Windows XP and the newer X1800XT. If the newer card proves to be stable and in working order, I'm going to experiment with vBIOS modding using Windows XP. Gpucore @ 650MHz (up from 625), coreV at 1.4V, memcore @ 760MHz (up from 750). The card won't be blazing fast but I'll get a feel for vBIOS mods through this. If everything still works then I can try the
  15. Right now all I have is a bunch of 780G series mainboards all loaded up with more RAM than 9x can handle. I'm going to get smaller sticks and see if my boards can support 9x and then if that's the case I'll wait for a cheap auction to end on the cards in question. It *probably* won't work. There's probably a reason ATI locked the cards out. Then again, that reason could have been benevolence and marketing mumbo jumbo. Its a long road before I'll get the chance to see for myself. But if you happen to have an X1800XT (256) lying around somewhere then it could be worth a try.
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