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  1. sorry if this has been discussed to death previously 32 bit of ultimate on my pc runs pretty well, few minor problems and occasional BSOD's,firefox acts up alot..may not be related to vista, with games i'm forced to use no-dvd cracks as it wont read the copy protection from disk yet worked fine in XP. i've been googling 64 vs 32 bit the last couple of days with mixed results. one says theres about a 10% gain in performance as it can use more of your cpu's registers. another talks of its stability and reliability and some just bash it altogether. anyway i found all my drivers i need in 64 bit form, couple of em are still in beta but have been for a while, my creative x-fi and saitek p990 gamepad but have no real problems from its beta's on 32 bit, so thought i'd give it a go in hopes of better stability or something about it a bit better, if nothing else surely it cant be any worse. what is your guy's experience with it in comparison to 32 bit? also are there any good freeware apps written in 64 bit? like defraggers or anything?
  2. i have razor copperhead..it sux bigtime no vista support hangs sometimes forcing me to unplug and replug...happened in XP too. lights too bright so cant speak for death adder, but i have no repect for razors quality anymore and will never buy antoher go logitech, probably best there is
  3. if your willing to buy more ram, mobo's are fairly cheap but it all depends on what you need. if you feel you need more ram, then you need a new mobo, simple as that. forcing more wont do anything, likely it just wont read all of it if it works at all
  4. i'm a gamer but i prefer using the nostromo speedpad 2 over any keyboard, if you happen to be one then dont miss out, at least go to the store and put your hand on it, its so comfy and everything is right there, i wonder how i even played games without it, my BF2 score went twice as high each session my keyboard is the rosewill ultra thin, took a bit of getting used to but i love it, its far from fancy, no lcd screens or special ergonomics but its only used for light typing like this i think that denivo is a bit too pricy for a keyboard, maybe if you type alot of letters or something but the thinness of it takes some gettn used to, sounds nice n all but i cant see it. my mouse is razor copperhead...it sucks dont get it, no vista support, hangs sometimes, lights too bright. however the G7 logitech looks nice but i prefer usb over battery type i played with the revolution at the store...seems ok, probably not for gaming though so i had little interest. overall logitech makes great products,aside from speakers and gamepads but hard to go wrong with them
  5. i think theres 2,070 extensions, havnt encountered the problem of compatability as i browse through recent and popular ones, but i remember using widgets in opera, had quite a few and they were fine, but if i recall right it didnt feel embedded with the browser but rather a seperate app thing you had to click on, where the extension works or is there within the browser. like i have weatherbug, its displayed on bottom of browser, download em all is a single icon on my search bar, tab effects is another constant but again i cant recall how all the widgets worked but i think i had to always click on it to turn it on, i also really like firefox's bookmark toolbar and the remove permantly extension where i can right click on any object on a site and never have to view it again...great for forums and sites i visit alot so i can block all ads and any worthless text or object, makes sites easier to view. again its just a preference, you prefer a default out of box setup set to your liking or you prefer widgets its all good, it takes me a while to set firefox how i like it after a fresh install where in opera i didnt as much, but i think both are very good and fast i also used to like advent alot too, mainly its default setup but i found all the things from other browsers in firefox too, i just have to work at it to set it up, till i realized that i used to hate firefox
  6. thats purely a matter of preference, not science. those sites only prove that those who voted said that their opinion of it sucked, meaning either it wasnt for them for various reasons or a few people likes to hit the suck button over and over again. i used to like opera over firefox till i played with its settings and made it how i wanted, i chose it over opera cause i liked how easy the addons were and i liked the type of addons available, so there ya go, just one reason to explain 1 persons preference, everyone has their own and which one is more popular doesnt change anything since they all browse the same internet.
  7. i prefer thumbnail style of folder views but it always reverts back to its default view of details which i hate. i checked folder options, reset folders after reboot is not checked and always remember folder views is checked but i d ont think its working , how do i make my views permanent?
  8. i'd like to suggest no GUI boot option option to change the default views, i really, really hate the details view and cant figure out how to change it to tiles permanently. some way to install creative sound drivers
  9. i came across this, to me it sounds similar to vlite. i figured many here have heard of it so thought i'd ask whats this program about in relation to vlite and where can i download it, couldnt find link to it at ms site Windows System Image Manager is a tool for customizing and automating the installation of Windows Vista. Windows Vista significantly improves Windows System Image Manager, which enables easy customization of Windows Vista for deployment. These improvements include the following: * Script Windows System Image Manager from the command line. * Add, modify, or delete optional components such as languages, service packs, updates, and device drivers within an existing image using an unattend file. * Create and edit XML-based unattended-configuration files for automation of installation. The result of the improved Windows System Image Manager is that desktop images are easier and faster to engineer than previous versions of Windows. Windows System Image Manager provides more flexibility for adding device drivers and components. It lets you easily automate the installation of Windows Vista by using the unattended-setup answer file, which is now based on XML.
  10. when i disable UAC, security center nags me about uac being off so i disable security center...now i see a nag about it being disabled what service is this that annoys me to no end? and will this turn off Firewall? if so what good free firewall exists for vista that i can use alternatively? i've been waiting for a vista version of commodo but it doesnt appear its going to happen.
  11. dcyphure

    ie7 for vista

    it should show up in windows updates normally if you uninstall ie7...not using vlite, it nags you to death that ie7 isnt installed theres a registry tweak to block that nag btw
  12. have vista ultimate, think i'll try vlite and read many of you use in a virtual program i think i understand what virtual pc is, so i downloaded it. i take it its kinda like installing an OS on a hardrive but its within windows vritually? now what? it asks to select an OS..which one....how do i install vlited disc into it? should i select the size ram that i currently have? or is this just saying it needs X amount or what? finally it asks for a virtual hard disk...i'm stuck here, i only have one hard drive...this isnt seeming very virtual.
  13. i noticed similar when i run my registry clean tool, it says removed but scan again and their still there i'm guessing its a UAC thing? vista just doesnt seem to be for those who want to maintain a lean pc, but mine seems to stay optimized pretty well so guess i cant complain.
  14. tell that one to the people who walk by looking to buy a new computer..lol, i mean average people dont know that kind of stuff nor have a clue what your talking about if you stood there and told them. they would read the ad, look at the monitor and go back home. fortunatly i havnt really had much issues with vista...in fact this is the longest run i have ever had in an OS without reinstalling/reformating. so far its been well over a month and its running good, games run good but the copy protection wont read the disc forcing me to use nodvd patches. i have had a couple sudden bsod hardware errors..funny thing is i never got them with XP on this same hardware
  15. i found this amusing, pic of a pc running vista at best buy with the big vista advertising how great it is ..lol
  16. 2-4min startup? i have ultimate...not vlited, its the default install and with all the goodies like dreamscene and sidebar and and it doesnt take anywhere near that amount of time including bios time, but then again i'm on core2 4mb cache but i wouldnt think it would make that big of a difference....i guess if it does then ms shouldve changed their requiement specs and also explains why so many others bash vista. maybe its something you changed or tweaked or 3rd party perhaps.
  17. the newer honda civics are a HUGE pain to change head units or even get to the back of it but mine doesnt have preamp anyway...i had to dissassemble my entire rear interior including taking the rear seat out just to replace the 6x9's...plus some fabricating to allow room for the larger magnets on them..i'm not going through anything like that again. thanks lost soul, your right something like that is what i need however i think i found a more suitable model this morning...a kicker 2 way crossover that has high level inputs for left and right channels and 2 sets of preamp ouputs and 110 db signal to noise ratio and 18 octave slope..its an extra $60 over the one you linked but should be worth it, i need to cut some bass from the 6x9's anyway
  18. stock 2005 honda civic, i just wanted to beef up sound a bit without spending much money. bought 2 infinity reference 6x9's and an alpine t220 amp (50w rms pch) i'm keeping stock headunit but only has 2 speaker outputs for rear, so i used the high input connections in the amp. i have this older RF punch amp but only has preamp inputs, i want to somehow take my 2 existing speaker ouputs and produce an extra 2 ouputs for preamp while retaining 2 others for my alpine amp for 6x9's if i just wire 2 rca jacks together along with alpine inputs i get no sound, they mute each other for some reason plus i know its not good to have high ouput on preamp anyway..it pops on start. is there some kind of high ouput to preamp converter i can use? and how would i make 4 ouputs from 2 that wont mute each other out? i assumed wiring 4 ouputs to the original 2 would just split them all seperatly but is there a converter for this? also fyi i'm not exactly sure which head unit rear ouputs are + and - right channel is pink and blue/white other is blue/black and blue white if i recall and i really dont want or need another head unit.
  19. just before i installed vista on this pc, i installed x3, a starforce protected game and the first/last starforce game that my newer Plextor dvd drive experienced. since then i've done a complete format and installed vista. i have not installed any starforce crap in vista btw, first i noticed several of my games an error message informing me to please insert the orginal cd (all legit and worked fine with this drive before) pretty much all my games with cd checks or copy protection do this under vista. however if i use a nocd cracks they work fine. then i noticed i cannot burn anything i tried to burn a linux distro to cd, vista tries to format it and later says it cant. so i install 3rd party apps that work in vista...none can burn to it, some ruin them with disc being blank after attempted burn yet no freespace virtual drive 11 couldnt burn the linux data to it neither, said for me to please insert a blank disc despite there being one in. i tried a different brand cd...same results i tried a dvd +r...same results finally i tried update firmware...nope, same problem its a plextor 755sa btw i've heard starforce can damage some drives, but cannot know if its vista or if my drive is no longer able to work properly.....it does install games fine, i can read files from it fine, it can play dvd movies.
  20. no coma...because you can also run newer games with new possibilities and features, now you can insert your "Period" but as example lets also say softs run X speed with Y hardware, then you upgrade to Z hardware and software is now A speed...there comes a point where it cant really go no faster or it becomes irrelevant (games for example: medical books specify we see up to 60FPS at 75-80mhz...after that its irrelevant) so the result is that you have a mega micron 3 trillion ghz CPU running WMP 11..do you really want that? lets all live in the stone age why dont we that depends soley on who you ask...are you asking yourself or someone who thinks that elephant in the back seat is cute and fun to have? i like the options of features vista ultimate provides despite i dont use all of it but i learned years ago my tastes or needs/wants may and will change over the years as do many common pc users, you might not think you need Media Center now but never know when you suddenly want to record a tv show with it...just an example theres nothing ms or anyone can do to keep everyone completely happy no matter what the product is. true it takes both hardware and software, the lower end of the hardware you scale the lesser difference you'll see in performance, when it comes to computers, hardware is the real performance factor. i cant expect everyone to have the same experience as i'm getting do to all the variables..hardware/drivers/apps, but what i'm saying is dont blame the OS unless EVERYONE is having the exact same problem. so you say its slower, i say its faster...whats the cause? perhaps hardware or other should be investigated. well gee your using an OS with a different kernal...well different everything pretty much, why not compare mac os memory to vista's since that would make the same difference but equal nothing. right on, do with it as you wish, no one should be a dictator of how your pc is used, however some people remove things in the name of performance when it actually doesnt help improve it, removing services for example will only help some people with certain low end specs...even then i've yet to see before and after scores that differ greatly. i dont think ms releasing a new OS every 2 years will solve anything...especially for the perfectionists and especially if they keep upgrading the software to user higher and higher requirements each time...then some will really whine. even if they add a wildly new interface thats totally different than vista...people will still whine and complain...theres no pleasing everyone, its impossible. to them i say use linux, build your own from scratch and name it bob's OS and distribute it.
  21. I really wish I knew the logic behind an OS taking several hundred megs of RAM at idle somehow being "better memory management" than one that takes a fraction of that at idle. XP in 1GB of RAM is happy. Vista in 1GB of RAM.. "does better in 2GB." How is memory being managed better here? If Vista could do everything it does with the memory footprint of XP I'd be extremely impressed. The way it is now, I'm definitely not impressed. the logic is...UPGRADE your not forced to do it no more than your forced to use the latest CPU, when you upgrade hardware in future you can upgrade os to its equivalance. its called futureproofing, 2 gigs in 3 years from now will be the same as the thought of having 256mb's now. so whats the logic to upgrade hardware and always use the same software?? you take advantage of nothing, theres no inovations, no potential features to take advantage of. so what do you want? a new os thats limited to older hardware? whats the point of that. you obviously havnt used vista on higher end hardware...i can tell you its literally twice as fast as xp was, wmp 11 took 3-4 secs to compltely load on my rig, in vista its instantaneious, the time i say "one" outloud its done loading and playing. i have ultimate edition so i have lots of services...games benchmark exactly the same as they did in my heavily Nlited XP.....UPGRADE before using upgraded software, common sense
  22. xp also runs like crap on 128mb's vista has way better memory management than xp and its very noticable no matter what your running. if ms stuck vista with 128mb's still, then whats the point of moving ahead, pointless to have computer technology get faster if software wont follow, if that was the case we'd all still be using tandy computers or something
  23. perhaps i'm a bit daft but what does this thing do exactly? backup drivers? i use driver genie for that, works perfectly
  24. eraser is only for wiping free space isnt it? i want to do the whole drive through floppy or cd, kill the os and all data on it

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