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  1. just curious but why does either the install or image size matter? huge hard drives and storage media are cheap these days i have 300 gigs for $80, a 2 gig usb stick for $14 at staples just seemed odd to cut an os down so much it has little functionality, i thought most of it was why people bought vista? if not then maybe microsoft shouldve offered pieces and parts of its software for sale individually
  2. hey nuihi, with this version, when i apply and rebuild my image, after it finishes, my option buttons are finish and exit, when i click finish vlite dissapears, i've tried several times but it never lets me go to iso page, so i cant make an iso or burn it, nothing. so for a workaround, how can i make the rebuilt files into a bootable disk?
  3. there are some components like printersupport, sidebar..etc that i prefer to remove, so i'm informed that if i use the new performance patches i shouldnt remove those in vlite i havnt heard much about the patches....do they give any significant improvements? if so in what areas exactly? ...just so i know if its worth keeping those components and having to take the time to disable them manually after install. also i need to ask....i checked halo2 in the components to keep box, but halo 2 still wont install....the install menu just dissapears...what specifically should i NOT remove to have halo2 working? 3rd question while i'm here....where can i download all the hotfixes so i can integrate them into vista? i'm sure someone mentioned a how to here somewhere?
  4. i have 32 bit vista in virtual pc on my 64bit vista i'm trying to install a program (only works on 32bit vista) i have this program on my drive but i cant figure out how to access it within virtual pc...it only sees the virtual disk, it wont even show my usb hard drive, it wont connect to the internet so how are you suppose to install apps on this stupid thing?
  5. dcyphure

    1.0 final

    had a look and yep i did accidently remove media codecs tried the link but nogo, sad cause i didnt test wmp virtual and installed it on my system so i'd have alot of work to do just to fix that tiny problem thanks anyway...maybe add wmp to protect list nui if you havnt already
  6. anyone know how or where i can download a reinstall of WMP 11 for vista 64. mine gets memory execption error and says reinstalling may fix the problem
  7. dcyphure

    1.0 final

    i dont think i removed anything different than usual with the final version of vlite but now when i open WMP 11 both 32 and 64bit versions, i get a "cannot read memory" type error along with a missing .dll file error after that as well so where can i find wmp 11 for vista...all i can find is the XP version at ms's site.
  8. i always wanted a good services tweaker..perhaps include auto modes that correspond with blackvipers vista services tweak site and an auto reset to defaults mode
  9. i read about an advantage to having it off, i cant remember details but had something to do with certain apps not executing i had this problem in vista with just a very few apps and most of my games returned cd check errors so after i disabled it, every game and app executes fine, so i always disable it now, but if you want more details try googling
  10. i got a couple of wd re's 160gb and want to run them in raid 0 will i beable to install vista as normal or do i need to insert a floppy with raid drivers? i downloaded some raid driver from my mobo manufacturer, just wanted to check if i actually need it to make them raid 0 or not if so how?
  11. i let my g/f's teenage boy borrow it, got it back today. i inspect the case...yes no cracks all disks inside....yep look good, no scratches manual?....aw SH** my CD KEY!! i calmly asked him, "where in the holy F*** is my cd key? he shrugs....minute later its like "didnt have one in it" "dont know" "my sister was messn with it" ......just a few of my favorite responses now i'm thinkn, frisbee's, coasters.....ah, i know...microwave! defrost or popcorn? but before i do, the game is installed on his pc...i checked for key but its encrypted! i made copies of the bf2 registry entries just in case i had a brainstorm or something, i could also copy the programs folder its in and copy to my computer and bow down praying to the EA symbol that it will magically work now what can i do with this encrypted key?
  12. thanks i didnt know that
  13. i have the problem and its not realtec, i have x-fi and uninstalled all drivers and CP never opens. this isnt nothing with Vlite cause it hapened to me on 3 other installs that were from original disk. i can reinstall it and it starts acting up the same day, usually works every so many reboots till it never works at all. nothing in CP shows under search nor functions as well now when i open it, i get a blank white window once i can find the new RC vlite download i'm going back to 32 bit
  14. the downloads page says 1.0 beta...wheres RC?
  15. heres mine Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
  16. i searched around on google and lots of people are having issues with vista remembering the folder views with no answers to the problem i just want one thing, to select a folder view and have it defaulted for all folders and folder types....how can this be done? surely a registry tweak does this.
  17. see i'm glad you mentioned, cause i was just about to make a new one today and i wouldve been P***** to come home after work tomorrow and see a new version sittn there cause naturally like most i want the latest one, especially if it has new features like something new to remove or some added tweak. so i think the % done thread is a nice idea even if its not released on that date at least i would have an idea if i want to redo my vista install or hold off.
  18. theres no secret, the sizes info is available all over the net since its standard ATX patterns, hole sizes and drive sizes. or of course just use your parts as measurements by marking them on a template(cheap piece of cardboard works well) some people often use things they already have, i've made one out of the original Nintendo case,a PS2 from instructions on the net i did a nice one that was large made from a TV stand with huge benefits in cooling and was completely silent. i couldnt find any pics of mods i made from scratch but here is a more pricier mod i did using a small HT case with higher end componants, hard to believe it was overclockable http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/428695-...ase-gaming.html
  19. does a custom case count? i mean i can make my own case for like $10 and have it however large or small i would prefer.
  20. i only have 3 thats not microsoft, all are Alzip...a zip program i'll give try no that wasnt it. not sure what to try now except revert back to 32 bit and suffer the occasional driver bsod and other small nuiances
  21. thanks i'll give a try funny last reboot last night it worked fine and not today its not, but i really havnt much installed, mostly codecs/alzip/objectdock and a couple of games. ok shellexview is showing me a huge list of files, most of which is from microsoft, i see 2 labled control panel, both say same info when double clicked. i dont quite get it yet, what do i do with this app? this is what CP says when i double click in shellview Created by using ShellExView Extension Name Disabled Type Description Version Product Name Company My Computer Desktop Control Panel Filename CLSID File Created Time CLSID Modified Time Microsoft File Extensions File Attributes File Size Control Panel No Shell Folder Windows Shell Common Dll 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205) Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Microsoft Corporation No Yes No C:\Windows\system32\shell32.dll {21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} 11/2/2006 8:13:58 AM 11/2/2006 11:28:17 AM Yes A 11,314,688
  22. core2 duo e6600 2 gb corsair dominator ddr2 thermaltake 750watt psu nvidia 7900gt asus p5b deluxe mobo 300 gb maxtor drive plextar sata dl dvd just pc gazelle case saitek 990 pad nostromo speedpad 2 rosewill keyboard x-fi platinum sound card creative labs 5.1 "unkown" brand diskette drive samsung 19" lcd really like some help cause this is the only problem aside from dreamscene but is quite a hinderance compared the all the various little problems with 32bit version i cant even find windows update, cant use system device manager...nothing thats in CP...usually before it would come back after a couple reboots but hasnt so far this time. it literally happens on the same day i fresh install it. is there any registry keys associated to it i can check?
  23. with 64bit ultimate, my control panel quits working, on 2 different standard installs and 1 vlited install i encounter the same problem within the first day i click cp and nothing, i reboot i may see a blank window open, after several reboots it sometimes comes back then may quit again a reboot later heres the other odd part...everything within CP doesnt even show up on search, i cant even direct access things like folder or mouse options each install was formatted, as far as drivers i only have to install 2, video and audio and i already updated those with my last install atm clicking on CP a blank box pops up and disappears...what could possibly cause this? i changed to a different video driver, cant really tell how it could be driver related but every other window opens fine, i dont understand what it is thats changing on reboot that causes it to work or not work? anyone?
  24. i didnt have too much trouble figuring out services, its fairly well explained although doesnt cover specifics as i assume no one really knows exactly everything a service might be used for, k but it takes forever to read each one, decide if you'll ever need it but i kept my .reg file in my backup drive so hopefully i never have to do it again. also i noticed if you try to remove a service that vista normally doesnt allow, you get error complaining it couldnt import all keys, no biggie and good that its safeguarded i guess also that site doesnt cover all the services were blackviper's does, but theres quite a few services i noticed that BV recommends not to disable yet the other site says its ok to and doing so i had no problems. i went from 40 services to 21 with vista ultimate....how many you guys got goin? despite it saving some ram, i havnt noticed any increase in performance...anyone else? you should always make a backup of your registry first and keep it somewhere. i usually just open regedit in search box (searchbox works the same as run command btw) and export all my registry to a safe place, then if necessary i can import it back..i think system restore does similar?
  25. as one who tends to reinstall and fiddle with tweaks often, i came across this and thought it might help ease the pain of having to configure every single service individually. just go here and select which services you want disabled or whatever, afterwhich it can generate a .reg registry file so next time you reinstall or want to go back to previous changes you can just click that file once and its all taken care of. i recommend you create one with your versions default as well, perhaps several different ones depending on what services you may need in the future, properly labled thier always a click away, can save tons of time http://www.speedyvista.com/regGen.html go here for a list of services you can disable. http://www.speedyvista.com/services5min.html i prefer this one over blackviper's site personally

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