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  1. i know about active diskill, but its kinda slow and not as fast as iolo's drive scrubber, which i like but dont wanna pay for it as i already used 30 day trial before. is there anything else thats freeware and fast as possible like disk kill?
  2. cool, this time i'll install then immediatly activate and image it before installing any drivers or updates that way i can restore that activated image and have a clean install
  3. i gave up trying to fix some of the things that suddenly quit working in vista for no reason whatsoever so think i'll reformat and be more careful has anyone figured out for sure what exactly is the activation # limit for ultimate retail full? i mean i know its limitless but like in xp you had to wait 120 days after you used up all your activations and had to call them up which is annoying. i heard limit for vista was 2 and i dont know within what timeframe, i activated once and would kinda hate to waste an activation so early as i'm sure i'll be reformating alot just as i did with xp
  4. thats for like itunes music n stuff, protected content which i believe allows transfer to 5 computers or something, even so its easy to use recording programs to record the protected music as you play it. i had no troubles ripping dvd's to hardisk and coping to another dvd as i always make backups of all my season sets which are protected. hi def dvd's when played will have standard resolution due to licensing restrictions from media creators, however licenses are granted to some 3rd parties such as windvd or powerdvd, so when available you can see hi def content with those vista does nothing else to block pirated content, only prevent pirating of itself
  5. why not just disable some services..same thing http://www.speedyvista.com/services.html
  6. dcyphure


    i liked it so i just bit the bullet and paid for it, much easier that way and price is reasonable
  7. this drives me nuts...i cant get shadow copy to work for nothing..its suppose to create shadows for files when i create a restore point right? i have many and none of my files seem to have shadows for themsevles i used backup and restore but of course it doesnt backup windows files which is where the photo ss file is that i'm trying to restore...i'd hate to reformat just for that stupid idiotic screensaver, plus i dont like not having shadow copies cuz thats a feature i wanted when i got vista ultimate system protection is on, there must be something
  8. i havnt found any of ultimates default services to be any performance hinder, games run same fps no matter what idisable
  9. for no apparant reason the photo screensaver quit working. error message: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly...it hasnt worked since firefox suddenly stopped producing any audio, like when watching a video on there or anything but audio works fine for everything else. pc came out of sleep mode the other night, nothing was running or scheduled...thats very annoying, i prefer the old standbye, my pc wouldnt come out less i pressed power button. any way to make it work like that? shadow copy doesnt work, nothing is being backed up for it...i have ran backup and restore plus several restore points...i can only assume its broke. hope i dont have to reformat all the time like i did in xp just to get everyting working perfectly again...geez how do i export all the event viewer info into something like a text file to post for troublshooting?
  10. i imported a .vob file in movie maker2, it displays a thumbnail pic but shows a blank when i preview, so i published it anyway and was still blank..i'm mainly trying to get it transfered to another file type like mpeg or .wmv, the .vob wont play in media player and isnt protected i will note it does preview fine when i import to windows dvd maker but i dont want it on dvd but hardrive
  11. lol, hey it finally quit...guess it was just heavily fragmented...geeeeeeez, it only ran for about an hour this time...i guess its previous 14 -/+ hour helped, dont think i'll be using this tool too much
  12. hmmm....f* it, guess i'll just let it run till it quits, maybe my drive is just very badly fragmented
  13. i have that one, but it wont execute in vista, i forget the error message i used it in xp and really like it but i'm trying to go without much 3rd party software this time round...i just think windows runs better over a period of time like that. however i would like to know if vista's defragger works fine for anyone else
  14. i have never seen a defragmentor take 14 hours and still going, xp's never took that long with 50 gigs of video data and i'm only using 10 gigs atm. some kind of graph or timer would be nice to at least let me know its working anyone know anltyhing about this?
  15. last night was the first time i ran the updates on vista, there were only 2 extras, the only one i wanted was the dreamscene i saw on bill's keynote and it was shown on some other site does ms have a list of what will be available and when? i did search their site but i could never find anything specific with their crappy search engine
  16. i havnt tried out vlite yet, but if vista has limited activations (last i hear its 2) then how is experimenting with future vlite versions and activations work? like say i activate vista and want to use a newer vlite so i'd have to reinstall everything and activate yet again when i did it in xp it was no biggie after 120 days i could activate online again, dunno how that works in vista, plus many of my nlited installs i'd later didnt like or want the features of a newer nlite so i'm curious as to how you guys are doing it?
  17. well i do have a problem with the whole "bloated" arguements against vista technically everything can be changed in windows but vista basic is not nearly as bloated, plus you have vlite to remove whatever you wish, then thing is many replace it with 3rd party apps many of which install lots of registry entries, force startup by default, force auto update and who knows what else its sending, i prefer not to use any 3rd party apps if i can help it. thanks for replys, very informative..seems both has advantages or disadvantages, i got vista the other day, havnt installed it yet, i dont mind if its buggy, have to expect it out of any new software or game, i'll report back with what i liked and didnt liked, shame i'll probably never get around to trying linux but we'll see what happens when the next gen of os's are ready
  18. most forums now are packed with vista vs linux threads, i never reallly used linux but researched it quite a bit lately linux users do put up some good arguements, enough to make me think really hard. things like XGL with its window fire effects n stuff is kinda cooler than Aero from what ive seen. claiming no maintanence because i'm a gamer and wine & cedega would be alot of trouble to mess with i chose vista and preordered retail today(still wondering if i wouldve prefered linux and cedega for gaming as i prefer to do it all in 1 os) i think alot of people these days are heavily considering a switch due to the negatives of vista in the press...like DRM/uac annoyances, licending/price...etc. its hard if not impossible to get non biased opinions, especialy with linux users around, so admist the flamewars...and as unbiased as possible what do you guys think of Vista overal and in comparisons to Linux for those that used it?
  19. i just ordered from www.staples.com/vista if you order now you get free shipping and a free 1gb vista certified flash drive so with taxes the ultimate was about $423
  20. everyone jumps around like rabbits in that game, pretty boring to run jump and shoot imo
  21. i call this piece Mcvista XP http://img359.imageshack.us/my.php?image=desktop1yo1.jpg http://img441.imageshack.us/my.php?image=desktophl5.jpg your right, os is a tool or medium for using tools, not a toy, but toys are fun i have to ask though, what does your computer look like...the old style beige square box? ms, apple and everyone else has to make things look modern,cool or edgy to make money, i admit cant take my eyes off a glassy stylish case or edgy looking os, eye candy attracts so i'm curious what about it you dont like
  22. i think what you want is linux...try xandros or something, also lots of distros that are 100% eycandy free and small, they can do everything you can do in windows plenty of alternatives so there should be no excuse for complaints against windows but most people in general want thier OS to have everything out of box, you can dumb vista down to look like a win95 if you want, once nlite for it comes out then you can have it all automated so i dont see the big deal
  23. i removed outlook with nlite long ago, always have but now i really need it cause activesync will not install without it apparantly which i need to have installed so i can link my pda i downloaded ie6 which is the only download i could find that has outlook express in it, but it says i already have newer IE6 installed what can i do?
  24. noob to pda's, i want one powerful enough to run emulators like mame, and i'll use it for music/video/ html and other text files any recommends? also whats the difference between windows mobile 5 and win ce? i think most emulators and games are for CE arnt they?

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