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  1. alright, last noob thread from me for this version of vlite...scouts honor i learned about how you can get SP1 integrated into vlite using the reverse integration method and imagex. here is my question after i install vista oem to a secondary partition and restart into audit with the sysprep window pop up. could i then actually go through vista and do some customizing like install some apps and tweak before i use imagex? and after all that when i use its iso for Vlite and remove all the componants i dont want, will those install apps and customizing i did before be ok? second, if i were to install a file manager like xplorer2 or whatever during the above in audit mode and made the iso...etc could i safely remove windows explorer and html? i'm thinkn the xplorer2 app would simply replace it of course so no need for explorer to be in there right? if so, how do i remove explorer. edit*: i developed a 3rd question. forgetting about sp1 reverse integration for a moment. i'm wondering with the future arrival of SP1 officially and how it wont install with a vlited install. is there a list of things specifically that i should not remove that will still make SP1 install ok without failure? i ask cause as bad as i want to remove all the junk i dont use, i really want to install sp1 when it comes out officially.
  2. no nuhi, it doesnt break WU. i'm saying it will still install hotfixes for components that i removed. it will then attempt to install which of coruse it will fail. the problem is during its attempt to install, it will retry 3 times (3 reboots) to install before giving up and telling me they have failed....thats rather annoying especially if i forget which ones they were and accidentally download them again later. this is what has happend with your last two released i'm aware of....not sure about the new one yet so thats why i keep asking about this yes all those services are running as i have said in the past. all the ultimate default services are on and were never removed. i'll give an example. if i remove IE7. WU will still show all the hotfixes for IE7 and attempt to download if i choose auto. while i can manually deselect them, some dont mention what componant they are for or sometimes i forget to uncheck it....its really more of a serious annoyance more than anything see what i mean? thanks for responding btw. *edit: can i ask, is there a list of safe folders to delete in Winsxs that wont hinder WU? its a very large folder, mine is almost 7 gigs. would like to cut that but prefer to keep updates
  3. hmm, says i need permission and open as administrator is not shown as an option i feel like the guy in one of those apple commercials.
  4. i use windowblinds themes is it safe to remove aero theme since i'm using windowblnds instead or will windowblinds require it?
  5. hmm, well here is a simpler question. if i integrate all the x64 hotfixes into latest Vlite. will it auto disable all the hotfixes for components that i removed? this didnt seem to be the case for ealier versions as i always had problems and had to redo it without hotfixes integrated. cause honestly i dont know what hotfixes are associated to what componant...some i can by its identification but others cant, so i cant really ween them out manually.
  6. been out of the loop for a bit. wanting to try latest version my question is, with beta 2 and earlier, when i removed stuff i often times get failures with WU. which is fine cause i know i removed that stuff but what i hate is that WU reboots my pc 3 times in attempt to install then reports it as failed and will do the same thing again next time and i often forget which files i need to uncheck to prevent it. so thats the biggest problem for me with vlite. is this still an issue with latest version? is there any way i can prevent WU from even trying to install updates for components i dont have? is there an auto installer somewhere with all the latest update packs for 64 bit vista that would install only what i need?
  7. sorry to bother you with more noobism but i didnt understand what you mean in that part. do you mean i must integrate it in Vlite first before removal of anything? or you saying i'd have to wait till SP1 is officially released and purchase the copy of vista that has it integrated before i can remove anything in Vlite? i cant afford that just to beable to remove components. i dont see a service listed called bits and managment although i have WMI which is running if thats what you mean, but WU is already running, i havnt disabled anything manually since i installed it. so i'm a tad confused, is sp1 suppose to work with vlited installs or not.
  8. thanks, however i need the X64 version if you have a link for it i'd apreciate. but can you or anyone verify that it installs correctly for vlited. public rc1 release is next week, i kinda figured others here would have already posted concerns of it
  9. read it wont likely download/install under vlited installs and dunno bout anyone else but download under update always fails for me. i dont know how install would go if i got it outside of updates. can it be integrated? anyone have any answers/solutions? is there something specific in vlite that prevents this?
  10. ok thanks, i didnt know that, i did remake one and burn it to DVD without hotfixes and it now boots up properly after a reboot. which now leads me to a new question entirely. what do you guys do when you remove say "outlook" and you run windows update and theres updates for outlook? if it downloads it, pc reboots 3 times trying to install it and ends up failing. obviously for those types of updates i can click "hide" but is there a way to prevent it from trying to download them? it sucks cause sometimes i cant tell if its an update that applies to my vlited version, like the ones that say "cumilative update" Is there an alternative to windows updates that will only download and install what directly applies to what it can update? i know there was an alternative website to update for windows XP, like windizupdate.com or something like that.
  11. first i tried my new vlited iso in virtual pc. this is the sceen i end up with after the inital "windows is loading" screen i do infact have a 64bit cpu (core2duo) and have 64bit vista on it now so i dont understand the info message in the error. second problem: so i burned iso to dvd. reboot and it never tries to boot from cd (yes bios set correctly, original vista disk is detected and asks if i want to boot from cd screen as normal) with this vlited disc i'm not seeing the "press any key to boot from disk" screen. infact i had this same problem in first beta, all other boot disks work fine in this regard. is all this cause i included the hotfixes? i remember having to not use any hotfixes the last time i used Beta 1 but cant remember my problem. here is my preset file ; vLite preset file [information] Version = 1.1 beta 2 on 2.0.50727.312 Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0 Target = Windows Vista (vLite) ULTIMATE 64-bit - 6.0.6000.16470 - English (United States) [Compatibility] Halo 2 Author's recommended Aero Glass System Restore [Components] ;# Accessories # Accessibility Mobility Center Speech Support Welcome Center Windows Sidebar and Gadgets [Options] DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Disabled (AlwaysOff) UAC (User Account Control) = Disabled Paging Executive = Disabled Power scheme = High performance Hibernation = Off [Protection] [Drivers] [unattended] AcceptEULA [Hotfixes] C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\KB929777v2x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB905866-v13-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB925902-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB929123-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB929399-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB929735-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB929916-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB930178-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB930857-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB931099-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB931213-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB931573-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB931770-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB932404-v2-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB932406-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB932471-v2-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB932596-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB933360-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB933579-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB933729-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB933928-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB935280-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB935807-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB936021-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB936782-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB936824-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB936825-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB937123-v2-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB938123-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB938127-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB938194-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB938952-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB938979-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB939159-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB939653-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB940105-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB941202-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB941229-v2-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB941600-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB941649-v2-x64.cab C:\Users\Vista 64bit\Downloads\FVUP_1_1_9_x64\Windows6.0-KB941651-x64.cab [LanguagePacks]
  12. i'm going to use the new commodo v3 final that was just released after i do a new vlite. is it ok to remove the vista firewall? will it cause problems if i remove it? how does commodo take over vista firewall, like does it shut it down or do they both run? cant continue my vlite till i make this decision thanks
  13. waited for this one for a while, it is quite immersive and definitly looks like the full version is goiing to be fun. great graphics but even the best rigs cant run it playable at max everything. but the one single thing that had me in awe was the sound, best sounds i've ever heard in a game, you can even hear the foilage when the leaves brush up against you or each other. all the most subtle sounds are crisp and accurate. i was pretty suprised how decent the A.I. was, on delta difficulty mode at least.
  14. i just press on my scroll wheel on my g5 mouse and it works, alot faster and convenient than hitting keys anwyay
  15. ok thanks it makes sense now....are these files that i can create myself and just burn those 2 or somehow copy to the disk. my vlited copy has both those files but maybe thier corrupted...can i just copy from stock disk and burn those or could they be different
  16. i thought originally this would be a simple question when i searched google for answers but now has been rather aggrevating can someone explain whats different on a dvd that can can be booted from after a restart vs nonbootable and why i need 3rd party softs like nero7 dvd bootable option? i'm asking cause i ripped vista and i vlited it, vlites burner isnt working for me for some odd reason, so i burned it myself using vista's built in dvd burner option it burns the files perfectly but it wont boot after restart like the stock dvd does. you know where you recieve the message asking to "press any key to boot from disk" so i googled around info on how to make it bootable but all i find is 3rd party softwares that can create bootable disks.....(emphasizing question here, not yelling despite aggrevation) WHAT ARE THESE APPS DOING TO THE DVD TO MAKE IT BOOTABLE? if its nothing then why isnt my copy of vista booting? bad burn maybe, i tried several times its that answer i cannot find, are these apps adding files to it? if so cant i just add those files myself? i asked this on another forum but the responders said they had no clue what i was talking about with one saying i need it to be an iso file...which my vlited vista file already is
  17. still havnt figured this one out, but i think i narrowed it down to the hotfixes, i knew i shouldnv integrated ones that i removed components for
  18. when i boot to install vista ultimate x64, where it would normally show my hard drives with options to format..etc i get a message saying the installation media is missing cd/dvd drivers and gives me an option to browse for them manually, i'm never able to find it never had this before with 1.1 beta on my previous builds i rebuilt it 3 times i burned it and wasted i'd guess about 6 or so dvd's, same thing each time cause i figured it might be dvd burn errors but now i'm not sure i reinstalled my original vista disk no problems, so its not my drives themselves the only additional things i've done over my previous builds was i added more hotfixes/patches and i removed superfetch/readyboost and didnt remove dvd maker, so thats the only difference anyone confirm if this is burn error or a vlite bug or a problem with a hotfix integrate?
  19. snap, thanks jamieo i can now make a new copy with peace of mind
  20. my current vlite install under windows update will list 2 hotfixes that always fail to install but it would be alot easier to just integrate all of them, i'm hoping vlite only integrates what i need but before i make a new one i wanted to make sure whether its safe to do so or not...too much trouble to nitpick, i'd rather just use update otherwise thanks for you input booogggy
  21. zonealarm didnt work in 64bit yet, comodo seems like it will never release one...any good ones or should i keep vista's and use that vista firewall tool whatever its called i'd also like a good zip program that unpacks .rar...etc besides alzip and 7zip doesnt have a 64bit version
  22. if i remove alot of stuff in vlite, how safe is it to integrate all the hotfixes, like if i remove IE7 and theres hotfixes just for it, will that hotfix cause any issues?
  23. oh i take it your all talking about ram usage, i thought meant iso size and install size vista has excellent memory management, i benchmarked some games that use up alot of ram like oblivion/stalker..etc with default vista ultimate ram usage and it never changed after i vlited and cut out all the services i could via blackviper and tweakguides services guides maybe helps on slow computers but looks to me like old old habits being used on a different OS with psychosematic results, i havnt seen any numbers crunched that changed...hdtune/3dmark/pcmark..etc
  24. thanks, i did rerun it quite a few times and rebuilt it each time and still never let me to iso page, a reinstall might do it but i'm goin to try to just burn the rebuilt files myself, still trying to figure out how to make it bootable though, i dont see the option to do so with easy cd creator like i did when i had nero....which i dont have anymore also i noticed the second time i rebuilt the files, under Accessories in removals, some of the files i had orignally checked for removal like wordpad were still there and it didnt remove the first time and i'm positive those were set for removal btw...it did the second time though
  25. i may have misunderstood, i didnt notice anything of kb838194 or others of the leaked patches, i just read in post somewhere saying i cant disable printer...etc if i use those when i used it with the registry file fix for 64bit it the hotfixes caused bsod and i couldnt boot

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