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  1. Been Testing this a couple days and its working for me as an Administrator. Now installing in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local. Made some improvements to Trackwatch and still looking for faster compare Jump2RegTen1.2.3 Links in my Sig
  2. Close registry window when searching on Windows 11. Replace all the old icons. Fix System Restore not working Jump2RegTenInstall1.2.2 Links in my Sig
  3. Yes I hate that desktop thingy way over there on the right so I use that shortcut thing. https://www.repairwin.com/add-show-desktop-icon-in-windows-10-8-or-7-taskbar/ Using on Win11 currently
  4. Trip you are right windows search has been a problem with Win for some time so I use a separate search app and have been using it for a long time. Right click on any drive folder whatever. Does file contents also but when I am doing that it works better to put quotes around "Cortana" You can install and use the Free version FileLocator Lite https://www.mythicsoft.com/filelocatorlite/download/
  5. Search Reg was not working on Win 11 Jump2RegTenInstall1.2.0
  6. Se7en_UA - RunOnceEx Tester still working with Win 11 2022 https://www.mediafire.com/view/j5u9sm0idjyuy0t/Win11RunOnceEx.png/file
  7. What else are you running as far as anti vir? That may be the conflict Gotta be a reason it is hoggin the ram. Defender is actually now days rated ok so it better to run that rather than not if you don't have anything else installed. I run it with malwarebytes
  8. From what you saying looks like you thinking of getting into building these cheap PC's? Yeah I ran on internal graphics for many moons before it messed up and figured out I could add a card. Now can't stand a slow PC like I deal with at work but am dealing with baby at and dos in some cases. Added 128mb ram to 4 of them and dos does run faster. Agree with Trip
  9. Update to 1.0.9 Minor improvements.
  10. Well I have nothing to hide and out of a billion I'm probably not worth looking at. I've experimented quite a bit with many of their OS and hacked on them. If anyone that afraid of MS seeing what they have then why are they not running Linux? I run those scripts to remove the stuff for 1 main reason, speed the PC up. I run doze cause that's what we use at work and I stay on top of my game cause I'm a maintenance electronic tech who work's on PC also.
  11. Yep I'm one of those billion but with no problems whatsoever but after 40+ years working I also run a good enough system. Usually run Noels script since he got it going and it was still working although I modify it a bit but this time around trying the Decrapifier. Don't care if MS is spying on what? I care more about china or other hackers trying to get into my system and use it for whatever so I focus on that.
  12. If it see they are different especially in size then it will try again to copy. Could setup a longer time delay so you can what is happening. /W:20 Maybe just post the robocopy command?
  13. I'd vote for Using many years even when I paid for it. - Windows firewall control ( which improves native windows firewall ,I'm using it for years and now it's free since Malwarebytes own it ) https://www.binisoft.org/wfc.php
  14. Update to 1.0.5 Adding TrackWatch to this under ? icon where I export before and after of 2 Drives and all Registry settings. Then do a quick export of settings that have changed between the before and after. Its not where I want it to be but still working on it. I am exporting the Results to Temp folder so you most likely want to do a Disk Cleanup removing all files from Temp also because it gets really big. Its my replacement to InstallWatchPro that expired.
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