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  1. nope... vLite and sysprep dont work... at least not with a 64k partition... something in SP1 must break it... SP1 installs fine from a fresh vista install on a 64k volume however if its integrated with vLite or sysprep is used it fails (it installs HOWEVER when its doing the restarts for SP1 when its finished it fails... with winload.exe)... how unbelievably crappy of Macro$UCKS, although its really my mistake from expecting so much from a company who just used WinME for their example (yes thats right Vista=ME with a modified kernel and updated gfx... least thats what it seems like...)
  2. Hey, Does anyone know of a POST vLite alternative? I cannot slipstream Vista SP1 into my CD's due to my Cluster size on my OS drive... so i have to use a full install to actually get SP1 to install... then remove s*** afterwords (is it possible? i know they did it with XP... /cry this sucks) Thanks! EDIT1: anyone know if I just remove the languages will it still f-up the SP1 install? or does it HAVE to be Vanilla...
  3. im gonna go with... YES... im pretty sure you must have IE for WinBLOWS/M$OFT updates...
  4. REQUEST: MSFN... add a delete button FFS...
  5. I thought maybe I should explain a little... There is something wrong with the way vLite integrates SP1 or SP1 itself (will find out shortly...) HOWEVER upon the SP1's setup finish with it integrated I get a winload.exe error... now that sucks... spent a week on this only to find out it was SP1 integrated (or soon to be SP1 all together if this fails...) Used regular Vista Ultimate x64 with NO SP1 integrated and its online working fine... HOWEVER i did notice that with this Build, the only thing i removed was Drivers/Languages since I have 1GB of all the drivers for my system... HOWEVER it seems that I cannot find a replacement for the IDE to USB driver... so when i plugged in my HDD Caddy it looks for the driver... fails... and wont push on further meaning my USB HDD is now unaccesable, nuhi would you happen to know how i can strip it from full Vista and put it back in without a total reinstall? if so GREAT... cause another driver problem is now my G9 will not work... it lights up... works on my laptop and other desktop BUT not on my new build... so something in the drivers stops USB Storage and my G9 to stop working (didn't see any warnings about this in drivers otherwise i would have left it... ) nuhi u got anything? EDIT1: just to amend this a little, installed SetPoint software from Logitech and now my G9 works again! w00t... still not USB Storage support... EDIT2: also have UMB\UMBUS with no drivers... wtf? EDIT3: yep... all USB drivers what-so-ever are gone... crap
  6. w00t! WORKS... HAPPY TEIM (still had to have boot on a 4k partition but at least the main OS/Files are on a 64k Partition)
  7. like i said above its not vLite specific i just really dont know where else to put it.. my problem is i have a 34GB WD Raptor and I have tried every tool from Hiren's boot cd to format the partition NTFS/64k cluster size, and while it works fine when its attached as a secondary drive or in a hd caddy it works fine but whenever i try to install my Vista Ultimate it tells me none of the disks fit the criteria... i could swear that Vista could be installed with this setup... Google and a general search haven't turned up anything useful... can anyone throw me a life line here... Thx.. EDIT I also tried 32k and 16k cluster sizes with noo luck... wut am I doin wrong?
  8. lol... no i used my laptop that im working on and a VM to test this... when i make an nlited CD... the cdkey is invalid... additionally i cannot skip past this to enter the key later... as for the source... it installs fine with the cdkey... the un-nlited disk is the source that was used for the nlite'ed disk... so thats not a factor here...
  9. im gonna bump this... my XP Pro key doesn't work anymore either... and when i click on the "no" option during setup to enter it later it doesn't go past that screen and stays their... (like others when i do a regular install of XP with NO nlite the key works and activates just fine...) thx
  10. same .sif problem different file... its SP2.cab......................
  11. kane3162

    nLite problem?

    I used nLite on 10 PC's that I use at home (i host Garage LAN's ) one problem that i have encountered is it seems that now im being told that my password is going to expire, in nlite i selected no expiration and that i couldn't change the password so what should i do?????? let me know if you need more detailed information.........
  12. son of a b**** it appears that Vista x64 doesnt like nlite or RYAN update packs...... i swear to god.... Vista SUCKS.... (well i used to love it until i started hard core working and editing on it then it became a pile of s***... thus my transition back to xp x32
  13. right so........ I hate vista.... nlite 4.0b has worked fine for the 4 builds i have done today.... go to make a 5th..... and i get nLite has stopped working...... OVER AND OVER AGAIN.... it seems to happen when it hits the RYAN update pack............ but none the less even with an older build it still does it...... still... its p***ing me off....... Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: nLite.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 466fbce4 Fault Module Name: StackHash_be8a Fault Module Version: 6.0.6000.16386 Fault Module Timestamp: 4549bdf8 Exception Code: c0000374 Exception Offset: 000aa0fb OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: be8a Additional Information 2: c73240bd5e2c1e851b19386491d8cb09 Additional Information 3: cacd Additional Information 4: b7f4e05169830576986e723cecfdf732
  14. thats the think.... i want to ship OOBE..... just like i do with XP as OOBE makes me want to kill a goat... and not in the sacrificial way....... i want to select the partitions and walk away..... not have to set every **** setting...., EDIT,.....: nuhi.... is their anyway that the next release of nLite can have the wonderful Printer list as il listrated here so I can leave only the ones I want and not have to dig for every brand and type myself and copy....err basically use nLite as a one stop shop tool..... K ThX

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