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  1. its asking for the actual install disk contents....i usually just select all the cd's conents and drag them to a folder on my hardrive..same with sp2 and then select that folder in nlite
  2. has anyone actually ever gotten the activation files to work correctly? i used rockxp,tunup and followed online instructions manually put the files back in safemode and even tried commandline and it always....always ends my 30day trial asking for immediate activation, despite nothings different than it being a fresh install. i usually just image it all after i activate a fresh install, then use deepfreeze to keep it prestine like new condition there really should be no excuse as to why anyone should have a necessity to do a complete install once a month but if so use an image for godsake..its the same dam thing other than you have to manually apply hotfixes....something which takes less time to do than integrating it in nlite also heres a tip...when on the phone, talk incoherently to the computer a couple times and it will give you the option to talk to the representative saving you some time of going through all those numbers i did it again today and the whole process took maybe 5 minutes at the most
  3. no its not..its like the entire pinning anything to startmenu is disabled...however recently used program icons show as normal but i prefer to keep that off and just have static icons there of my choosing another odd note, i loaded up my previous session.ini with nlite and i noticed a few things i checked under removal section are now unchecked, i'm not sure if nlite didnt see those in my session or if somehow its automatically unchecking those somewhere during the process any ideas or help would be appreciated, i'd really like to figure out some of these odd happenings if their bugs or something that i'm doing another odd thing was my pics and music folders completely vanished even though i cant find any settings that might do that...i think it was from checking display as menu?
  4. after using 1.3, somehow i lost the ability to drag n drop shortcuts to my startmenu shortcut list even though i didnt change any settings related to it in nlite how can i fix that? maybe its just me but so far i've found the latest 2 versions of nlite to be the most troubling and frustrating
  5. i see, i'm trying out some of the other addons, hope booogy's wmp 11 works good
  6. ryanvm tutorial shows selecting .cab files under hotfix integration buy the pack i downloaded has no .cab files in it also does all the other addon packs integrated under the hotfix section of nlite?
  7. honestly, how hard is it to just run the installer like normal? click exe, validate, done
  8. Of course they'll allow it...................once I know people, let me clarify KNOW PEOPLE PERSONALLY, who have been told they can't activate XP because they re-formatted too many times who now have to use illegal means to make there computer work for a licence they bought LEGIT. This is just more of the same. i too have reformatted too many times and but didnt have to go to any illegal means, i just have to call tech support each time, they ask why i'm reinstalling and let me do it, i've upgraded 5 x's, formatted probably 500+ times, just as long as they know its on only 1 pc at a time, they'll let you do it regardless of what the license agreement states
  9. options to remove any and all of the services/programs and drivers should be first, i hate all the worthless apps they keep putting in, i mean not worthless to all but most have several M$ apps that never get used
  10. seems perfectly fine if they have a way to limit a copy to just 1 single pc at a time...but seems like for $400 i should beable to buy a new cpu and mobo anytime i want or reinstall vista as many times i wish just as long as its on 1 pc at a time i've read so far maybe 10 articles on this subject, they all say something different so doubt anyone knows, i'm sure if i call tech support and tell them i had to reinstall cuz of some virus or whatever or i upgraded to a faster pc they'll allow it.
  11. an arguement in another forum has many stating the license agreement mentioned in ed botts microsoft report saying that after first activation, your allowed one more activation on an upgraded machine and thats it..so for those who upgrade every year or so or reinstall alot are SOL. a sneaky change in m$ licensing terms i dont believe that could be true but is it? i found this part of an article mentioning this which makes more sense to me but seems all a bit confusing...on ultimate edition of vista, how many reinstalls can one make and how many upgrades can you do is what i want to know?
  12. downloaded drivers for my upcomming asus mobo with intels 965 chipset theres alot of .inf files in there, i'm not sure wether to do multiple driver integrate or not as i think it may have some 64 bit drivers in it cause in release notes all versions of xp are listed including xp64. so if i do multi. then will windows recognize the right one? if not then does anyone know if F6 method is required for it to recognize my sata drive..its not raid
  13. are you meaning the power button on the keyboard? if so then check your keyboard options with nlite, i cant recall but i think in removal theres a driver for the keyboard that effects the extra buttons
  14. havnt seen a pc game that looks as good as GT5 or killing zone 2...so as far as it not being as powerful as a high end pc sure couldve fooled me as it always has been it takes a more powerful pc to match the streamline and sharing that consoles advantage at xbox for example with its P3 and geforce 3 have much better graphics than my old P3 with geforce 3 ti 500 which was barely able to get 20fps in GTA vice city...in fact try plaing halo 2 at low res with such system...it was unplayable and thats with my pc having the advantage of 512 mb's of ram. you cant point to hardware specs and assume anything cause they are both very different in how they function to play games
  15. Anyone running a Windows based PC can always benefit from a defragmenter. i use deepfreeze, no files are ever physically moved
  16. i know with diskeeper, if i used mft optimize with 64kb cluster size..it would totally screw up the os forcing me to reinstall i liked perfect disk, but have no use for any kind of defragger now though
  17. Deep Freeze is mine instantly protects and preserves baseline computer configurations. No matter what changes a user makes to a workstation, simply restart to eradicate all changes and reset the computer to its original state - right down to the last byte. it works very well, i used this after a fresh install and configuration so my pc never gets sluggish, no matter what i or anyone does to it, all i have to do is restart and voila! i recommend to freeze the C: drive and move "my documents" folder to another partition so any default gamesaves..etc are saved to make permanent changes or update drivers/hotfixes, simply use "Thaw" option and configure as needed then refreeze, never again be worried of viruses/malware or any other changes that could affect OS integretity, also you would never have to do routine maintanences such as adware/virus scanning or junk cleaning nor have a need to install such software also doesnt use all those gigabytes like imaging software does
  18. i have 52" hdtv ($900 at circuitcity) but remember you can easily play an xbox 360 on a computer monitor or a pc on a hdtv with a simple converter (mine was $50 but there are instructions on the net to build your own) so with that in mind theres no excuse to claim that a console would cost more having to buy an hdtv cuase you can play it on your pc monitor easily
  19. according to the specs it looks closer to 7800gtx pc's and consoles opperate very differently and devs can push propriatary hardware easier, pc's cant share and streamline all of its hardware power for one game for instance, xbox had a geforce 3/pentium 3...my geforce 3 and p4 processor could never push graphics like ninja gaiden or dead or alive 3...not even close, it barely ran the original gta 3 lol also for me to get oblivion to look and play like the xbox 360 version cost me nearly $2 grand worth of hardware, both have thier own advantages. i know some like to argue the fact that pc's can do more like surf the web and burn mp3's....but so can a pentium 2 and win95, so regardless cost wise and ease of use is likely why there are more console gamers than pc gamers
  20. thanks r3incarnat0r, i added registry entry and made sure i have # of programs set but still nothing showed nor does drag n drop icon work either
  21. since were both in the same boat, i say we tip it over and build a new one, hate to since messing with nlite takes alot of focus and time to make sure its the way you want it. i'm thinkn the files that nlite removes when you tell it to for printer service is not likely anything you can extract from orginal disk the time i've spent learning and using nlite is alot more than it wouldve been for me to manually do all the stuff it automates, i tell myself its not worth it but guess i'm determined to get a perfect copy of xp one day
  22. i accidentally removed the ability to have most often used shortcuts appear in the start panel along with the "pin to start menu" context link is there any way to fix this without having to redo nlite, like some registry entry or something?
  23. i unchecked oem preinstall i used latest nlite, i find these problems after first boot, os is locked up, reboot and everything but mouse works it takes 2 reboots to get mouse to work (same problem with rc8) my integrated audio drivers did not install i turned off windows sidepanel and used classic folders in nlite but it didnt work i disabled wireless config service but its still on auto after its installed i'm goin to redo it, should i try leaving oem preinstall checked? anything else in my session that might cause mouse to lock up like that Last_Session.ini
  24. yes i searched, there were no relevant answers i dont understand what it means in the info saying "installs from distribution folders (oem) i have integrated a few drivers i have sata but dont need to use f6 method ( why i dont know but its nforce 4 chipset ) so if i uncheck it then will it install my integrated drivers?
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    sorry but i dont have time to read forums every day and using search in forums isnt very productive but like i always say " a comment is not an answer to a question"

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