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  1. like i said, the first post was fine on its own, make a review with links but its only an opinion and not everyone will agree with you just like you probably dont agree with me, if one works for me and all my games, i use it, i'd recommend it for trying but wouldnt try to force it. game jackal is very nice, its quick n stuff but i have a few games i play that wont work and another prog does, so not a tough choice for some like me imaging is only done once, if anyone is in too big a hurry to image a game then likely you might want to loosen up your schedule a bit gj takes seconds but also takes just as long to start a game with it lots of cons and pros with all of them but would hardly consider any essential cuz these progs are for us lazy people and i'm one of them but switching cd's and taking proper care of them isnt hard and i could live without any of them if i had to since ive done so since the sega cd days. whats also not essential is how most progs like this get abused by everyone borrowing someone elses game and playing it without cd and ever buying it.
  2. DOH i made the same mistake once too, i dont understand why .net exists, its an annoyance more than anything
  3. i use ms antispy and it monitors any changes made to anything on ur pc, so if i install something and see something else pop up as well i can block it. freeze.com screensavers suck, but i worked around that...one time before i formatted, i installed a bunch of those, what they do is the first download is the spyware, the second download is the actual screensaver so i set the screensaver exe aside and burned it to disc, so now they dont install spyware when i run them...not sure if all work like that but the few i downloaded did.
  4. i really miss hot persuit 2...is it as good as that one? from the pics ive seen, the course design looks bland, like industrial buildings and things like that, is there actually any natural scenery to this game? dunno why so many hate EA, the only thing i dont like is all those d##ned movies you have to watch when you start to play any of thier games but i give em credit for one thing though...all thier games work flawlessly,no stutters,no wierd issues... for me anyway
  5. yes we hear you, ive known about it for a long time...its crap cuz i have games it wont work with and latest v2 is no exception no matter how long i profile a game for it, i own several including that and alchohol120 and for myself i prefer gamedrive 10...dont take it personally. so are you like some kind of wierd gamejackal fanboy or are do you work in advertising for them? i mean your first post was fine, let ppl know how well you like it but dont preach about it, not everyone has only games it will work with.
  6. i prefer gamedrive, it has the highest compatibility with games and burns to hard drive alot faster than alcohol does for me, i mean alot faster
  7. likely its still the driver that needs fixing and the makers never addressed that specific problem yet, possible they never will, likely all you can do is send S3 a tech support email, maybe they can help further but if their like nvidia then dont hold ur breath on that responce.
  8. the windows activation file can be a bit tricky, once you have a copy of it and you reinstall windows you need to go to safemode ...simply tap on F8 key while pc is booting untill a menu appears, you can choose safemode or normal and other options. in safemode you need to open command prompt and use the copy commands to copy the activated wpa file into the proper windows directory...i think its system32 folder cant recall. reboot and it shouldve worked ...at least thats the only supposed official way to do it....but if not then you'll just have to reactivate it again which shouldnt be diffucult
  9. you may need to find an updated driver for your S3 maybe this link might help..goodluck http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageI...60&SubCatID=112 if thats not the one you need then search using google This is the 13.94.33 build. for winxp (Or, if you prefer, the version.) This expects DirectX 9 to be installed uninstall old driver before installing a new one. be sure to create a restore point beforehand.
  10. i have dial up, and actually most games i've played online play really good, i can play UT 2004 without any lag, sometimes i do die without seeing reason but considering its not bad at all, farcry isnt bad but someone was cussing me for slowing it for everyone else, i wouldnt mind playing mmorpg's but between losing connections and having my phone line tied up all the time would suck. sad is that i'm only 1 mile too far from having cable braudband or dsl, not even a full mile actually
  11. but the repair option is never there, i saw it one time...i just wondered what specifically calls for it to be there and what made it decide to make a new windows folder instead of overwriting the old one when thats what it usually does, that just seems very odd to me so there must be something on the drive that it reads to decide how its options to the user and how its going to install...but that again doesnt make much sense. i really liked the repair feature, left everything exactly as i had it before, i think it just rewrites some of the main system files and boot files. so would be nice to know what its doing in deciding wether or not to give me that option
  12. few hours after a new install my pc froze up i ended up having to use the xp cd, i ran setup and after selecing C: drive to install on i had an option to press R to repair, worked perfectly...later had problems but this time i didnt have the repair option, so i chose leave file system inact...it worked the same as repair, all my configs and everything was as it was before.....later again a problem but this time when i chose leave file system intact it instead of overwriting system files it created a windows.0 folder and now i have 2 seperate windows boot options for C drive i've never seen this behavior before...what happened to my repair option, and why did it make a windows.0 folder instead of overwriting the old one as it used to??
  13. lol, i tried adjusting some of the settings blindly and my whole pc froze up. this mobo makes it impossible to overclock even with low ram timings, i think its cause of all the other ram settings i didnt have with my old p4 pc, best i ever get is a 5mhz increase then it lockups, voltages or no other settings matter so i think its the ram settings or this mobo just sucks
  14. A64 4000+ sa epox nforce 3 mobo (stock high performance settings, timings are tight i believe 2,2,2,5 but everything is set to auto in 2T mode whatever that is 1gb dual ch. corsair xms ddr 400 raid 0 raptors 6800gt i googled corsair xms a64 memory settings and mostly came up with corsair info on vairous ram and forum threads but didnt see much as far as optimal settings or what each one means
  15. i have corsair xms dual channel theres 24 settings....benchmarking configurations is like trying to crack a lock with 24 digits..isnt there any help tutorials out there so i know which ones i should most likely adjust?
  16. what should all the settings be for optimal performance? the only settings i understand is ECC and CAS latency
  17. if i were an AV company employee at a position to make a bonus off of products sold and thought to myself if i release a good virus and a cure soon after, sales would likely increase and so would my bonus...hmmm things like that are common, and its not usually the company itself but the few employees that have money to gain, for people that know what thier doing with viruses, it would be almost impossible to gain evidence and that would be an expensive investigation assuming you find outside evidence for an investigation. plus not that many virus makers ever get caught..ive only heard of a few and all those guys ended up getting job offers from high tech companies
  18. i just use nlite and slipstream sp2,hotfixes,drivers and use unattended setup, still faster than any other method. unless of course you use an image, 5 minutes and your done completely.
  19. dont you think it wouldve been faster in the longrun to install from cd, i mean you wanted it to install faster but you couldve had it done along time ago lol
  20. certainly not impossible, if you pay much attention to the news you can see how many companies get caught breaking the law in some fashion when money is involved and no doubt some employees of av companies code such things on thier own. most that can code elaborate viruses have good jobs in the high tech industry.
  21. you only use whats relevant to activity, its impossible to use 100% cause then you'd be having an orgasm while solving a math problem,excersising, remembering your moms birthday, whistling,fantasizing....etc all at the same time. the combinations of chemicals reacting in the body alone from that would probably kill you. no one knows how much of einstiens brain was used...do you think they had cat scans back then or something? genius is not how much of your brain you use, its how its wired, some aspects can be wired very efficiently and some have alot more conections to elsewhere in the brain therefore better comprehension of information...not % there are retarded people who do genius things...like the guy that cant dress himself but can speak 20+ languages perfectly. or the guy that can feed himself or talk yet played mozart on piano at age 3
  22. i suspect even the AV companies themselves nods for one of their programmers to create and release viruses once in a while since its funny how some companies have a cure almost immediatly...perhaps to sell more products.
  23. Aside from looks how is Vista compared to XP overall in terms of features and performance..is it bloated with useless apps? How does it perform in games,any bench comparisons? does it handle fragmentation any better, will it likely still need lots of maintance and are there any particular cool features that vista has thats goin to make it worth paying $200 when its released?

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