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  1. I reconfigure things, bring the LCD brightness down... turn off and unplug non essential devices... tends to save lots of juice
  2. Depending on the make and model of you RAM the amount recognized by certain software and Windows itself may be skewed. I have, as well as many others I'm sure, have seen this all over the place. And you're asking how many GB 352MB is... exacly .352GB 1 GB = 1024MB
  3. Interesting... I'm an admin over a 800 user network and my users have no problem using jump drives. And let me tell you AD is locking them down beyond belief. They have no admin or power user rights what so ever. I personally have not seen this box you speak of which requires an admin logon to install the new deive. Let me read up on it and see if I can find a reason...
  4. OMFG THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! I usually stray from YouTube, but wow.... hahaha... that was great!
  5. Welcome to the best forum on the net. You'll learn plenty here... see ya 'round
  6. You signed off Zxian! Oh well.. thanks for the link... exactly what I was needing! For those who would like to know ... Winamp Forum Link
  7. I believe it's one update behind being current. I'm hesitant to upgrade as I don't want to lose my 'History' information within the media library because that info is priceless! Only plugins are a couple visualizations.
  8. I mostly hibernate my machine instead of shutting it down and when I come back from a hibernation Winamp isn't there. This has been happening ever since I began running Winamp. Just wondering if it happens with anyone else and if so do we know the reason why? All my other apps come back just fine, but Winamp isn't even open anymore... no tray icon, nothing. Thanks guys!
  9. hehe Just like in Networking... layer 1 baby... always check the physical stuff first
  10. The Onion Routing wiki looks pretty interesting..
  11. Dude, you're making this way more confusing then it has to be. You are right in thinking that it could be considered a middle man however. Think of it this way, your at work... they don't want you looking at porn, active directory forces the networked users to pass through x.x.x.x proxy server. So now when you go to the net, you're authenticating to the proxy, its saying ok you're good to go, depending on the server it does a many-to-one translation and pushes you out on the public side of the network. All the while blocking and only allowing you to see what it wants. People commonly use anonymous free proxies to spoof their true IP on the net, I suppose it makes them feel like they're in the NSA and high tech or something. Lastly, no... you're not using that servers particular 'bandwidth' so to speak.... you have your cap on your connection as does this server, wherever it may reside. You are using a portion of the bandwidth while it processes your requests, but would never be 'inheriting it's speed'.
  12. Sounds and looks like spam to me boss... why don't you get off our site and stop spamming. I feel a locked thread coming
  13. I hear that! Me too... Texas just passed a law which goes into effect on the first which will increase cigs $1.00 per pack and $10-11 a carton!!!! I like !@$#%#$@
  14. Wow... looks way diff obviously, but still pretty cool! Thanks for the link. I wanna go full screen though, freakin box is tiny.. gettin like ~450 FPS though
  15. Agreed. In this day and age, whats +/- 2MB... I mean c'mon
  16. Are you ripping the CD to this location originally? Once deleted do the contents of the original folder come back? Maybe related to temp files being stored?
  17. You can also try Driver Cleaner Pro in safe mode to clean out the old driver in safe mode.
  18. Have you reinstalled? This is a highly evolved app here, requires great skill level & a super powerful computer.
  19. As far as coding what you want to be done into the archive I don't believe it's possible. You could however compile the SFX and then create a scripted .bat file on the disk and use WinRAR's command line to extract the archive where you want.
  20. If you've swapped the drive with another and get the same error then that would lead me to believe it may be the firmware on your mobo for the IDE controller possibly? There is a new firmware update TS02 for your Samsung drive... I would start there.
  21. I'm reading this now studying for the 640-801, although I have a background in networking already, TAiN is right, this is an amazing book and lays out everything in an easy to understand way. However, being that its a Cisco book, it is geared towards networking in the way that "Cisco wants you to learn it."
  22. Do the programs not even open, or open and then crash with some error. If so, what are the errors? Have you checked the event log?
  23. It's already listed at the bottom of the main Forum page... If it was my birthday that'd be plenty for me
  24. YOU MOFO!!!!!! I was getting worried too... LOL Equating the meaning of life.. Debating.. Done.. NICE

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