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  1. hi, I found one named TextAloud, which is available online via dit torrent downloader
  2. Hi, All, I would like to know some of the best text-to-speech software which read texts out of webpages or texts. Cound anyone suggest to me any? Thanks
  3. Usually, clicking on the "draw table" button (which is the icon that is a pencil with a line) in Word and release the click and move the mouse, the mouse pointer will change into a pencil. I recently found that after clicking on the "draw table" button, the pencil pointer only remain for less than 2 seconds, then disapears. So I could not even fix the point where I want to draw a line before it actually disapears. Does anyone have the same experience? Could anyone help me out please? Thanks.
  4. @all ---- thanks and, forgive my inaccuracy: Zone Alarm sets pagefile size at each reboot, rather than locking the pagefile size. I've checked the date info of the pagefile and found it matched the time as the win os completed booting up (the above content was posted about 30 minutes ago) I'm now using the tools you (Cluberti) suggested monitoring system activities. I've been wondering how antivirus/spyware software functions and controls system activities but only got the faintest idea. now, sysinternal utilities suggest somewhat how. Also, I've been collecting infomation on process injection and hijacking. (whisper: I want to be a hacker)
  5. thanks for your precious and efforts
  6. @ Cluberti--- Just as you said: it's AV software that did this. After a whole day's trying and searching, the bad guy finally revealed itself: Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite though all Zone Alarm related services are disabled from starting at boot up, it still changed the page file size to system default by dumping extra needed memory into the page file on the very first reboot after its installation, as any antivirus software always does, and lock the pagefiles size. Most uses would not notice this subtle change. I chose "Diagnostic Boot" and "Safe Mode", both of which made the pagefile size intact. Yet I still didn't know which application changed the size. then ghosted my backup os (without any anyvirus software installed), the pagefile size became again manually controllable thanks again for your help and suggestion. Now I'm trying to solve this problem and further suggestions, if any, will be appreciated
  7. @Cluberti: thanks for your consistent help. there're 3 cases: 1> Check "No pagefile": then the system won't create a pagefile 2> set pagefile size manually: 2.1> in Normal and Safe modes, the reg value remains the same 2.2> in Safe mode, the actually pagefile size matches the value set in reg 2.3> in Normal mode, the actually pagefile size matches 1.5 time the ram size I've searched online again and found posts saying that some had this problem before, yet none gave a solution. only your suggestion gives an inspiration. I'll post progress.
  8. thanks for all your help but none worked there must be a ghost in my os
  9. no optimization tools were used. I've searched online for relevant information, but none gives a solution.
  10. Thanks, RMS and Cluberti I've tried "No pagefile" option and set pagefile size via registry both in normal and safe modes, the pagefile size still goes back to 1.5x RAM. I've also checked services and applications listed in Startup panel via msconfig.exe, only mandatory system applications and services are allowed. items of win.ini wer also checked. No antivirus software are allowed to startup when system boots up (ZA, F-secure), all av software services are set to start manually. The registry value at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management Paging Files C:\pagefile.sys 400 460 remains unchanged but the actually page file size is 761m. Weird enough. Why does this happen?
  11. thanks but i've done this carefully it automatically reset the size
  12. recently I was troubled by the automatic change of pagefile size, each time I set pagefile size manually, the system will change it to 1.5 times of the size of the total memory size after reboot. OS spec: Win Xp Pro Sp2 Lenovo any help Thanks
  13. thanks for all your replies indeed unix/linux has an ip mask function that hides ip from a requesting webpage.
  14. say, when you open a webpage, your ip address will show on that webpage. then, how to hide your ip address?
  15. it's well known that Unix/Linux could hide the ip address of a pc by "mask" its ip. but how could win xp manage to hide ip address without using a third-party application. it seems that most such applications will use a proxy scheme, obviously such scheme will slow down surfing speed if the target proxy does not have a broad band to share, is there a more direct way? thanks

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