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  1. Check your Active X security settings within IE.
  2. I'm not sure how to yet either, but I've used and tweaked some of the following templates from M$.
  3. As cluberti said, I would back up all your important files immediately, the drive seems to be on its way out. Back everything up to DVD, external drive or other media.
  4. Are you completely up to date with all the SPs and hotfixes from M$? I've seen this before and a hotfix did the trick for me..
  5. You can create static routes for your 'ad-hoc' wired crossover connection by using the route command within windows. Link
  6. Well if you're talking about IPs for clients within a network then I would recommend DHCP. If, on the other hand, you're talking ab out IPs for devices within a network infrastructure, then static for sure...
  7. Are you an admin on this machine? Have you tried going into safe mode and deleting it?
  8. If simply trying to access a share, be sure all your users are setup correctly with the correct rights on the share. Be sure the server & workstation services are running on both machines. Check your SP2 firewall as well if using XP SP2.
  9. Does this happen with all of your Excel spreadsheets? I'm not sure a patch would fix it... Have you tried a detect and repair on Office? If still having a problem, I would just reinstall it. By doing that you'd most likely fix your problem and wouldn't have to waist tons of time finding the exact cause/resolution.
  10. I've used the route command command for this before... worked like a charm.
  11. Crippleware eh? lol ... And Jeremy, thanks for those apps... wanted a program like that for a while just to lazy to search
  12. Interesting... 3 servers huh? Makes sense I suppose, so many hugely used apps.. We'll just have to wait to see how it turns out
  13. Tampering sounds like hardware related, but I doubt thats the issue. As far as the software side there are many options out there now-a-days... I've used an app called 007 Spy Software and found it to be very useful in catching people ... however it costs a little money, someone else may have other solutions that are free... if this is indeed even your problem.
  14. ringfinger


    Welcome to MSFN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Question... why do you need 2 routers? Does the wireless router not have any ethernet ports as well? If it does, drop the first router, run the wireless router/switch to your ISP. As far as the static/dynamic question, no, you don't need to set statics on everything as long as you're getting a connection dynamically then thats all that matters.
  16. Uhm, I thought the point was to get the music OUT of the game?
  17. What an interesting question... lol... he must have meant something else...
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