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  1. joll69

    Nlite in Vista x64

    @mara- i beg to differ..the nlite issue and wmp11 issue didnt start until i installed sp1 on vista.. [rant] as a side note, has anyone else noticed that 'search' is no longer in any context menu in vista sp1? and it's been removed from the start menu as well. Sure, the old quick search is still there, but where did the rest of it go? I find that i'm unable to search in a specific folder anymore, and it's missing whether sp1 is installed on top of rtm, or i use the sp1 pre-integrated iso from msdn. i'm not looking for a way to add it back, i'm just wondering what msft was thinking. Now the only way to get that search window is window key+F.. [/rant]
  2. joll69

    Nlite in Vista x64

    i get similar errors every 3rd or 4th time i run nlite, the file in the message changes each time. Vista sp1 x64 here, with .net 3.5 installed. it might be unrelated, but booogy's wmp11 slipstreamer hits a wall quite often as well. The source isn't hosed after it, as nothing had been modified yet, so i just exit and run the program again until i get a success. both the nlite and wmp11 slipstreamer issues occur regardless of whether i'm using xp, server 2k3, or xp x64 as my source. never had this problem before installing sp1. Perhaps a problem with .net?
  3. from what i've seen, there's no difference in regard to cpu/mem usage whether you disable or remove a specific service. If you just disable the service, it will still take up disk space, but that's it.
  4. i'd recommend spinrite. I've had success reviving drives i thought were dead, and keeping my other drives in good maintenance. -joll
  5. all i know is that it's not a vlite bug, it's probly something u either left in or removed that's causing it. i'll attach mine and let u compare it to what u remember when u ran vlite. other than that, i dunno what to tell ya. -joll Last_Session.ini
  6. yes, i did skip user creation on that. tested it in a vm too. i didnt get a prompt to create a new user. the last session.ini is in the vlite directory (it keeps a history of them), and a copy is also made in the root of the install, so if u still have the burned dvd or the iso, it's in there. -joll
  7. i havent seen that in the 1.1 vlite beta, and i just made a vlite'd ultimate x64 for my dad. it might help to see ur last session.ini. and please, post it as an attachment, don't copy and paste it all in ur post.. i really wish ppl would stop doing that... -joll
  8. i'm running x64 ultimate here, and the fix works for me and just so it's clear, is the problem fixed by integrating the hotfixes first, then running vlite on it? even if i remove a few of the components listed previously?
  9. @Inc0gnit0 I think it should look something like this...(the C: drive icon)
  10. @ThunderNor does it look like the attached image? cuz that's part of the visual style, i think...
  11. @ThunderNor I had that same problem. The workaround I found is to kill the drive status installer, then setup should finish normally. I thought that would mess that part up, but the status bars work just fine. Weird, huh?
  12. @IsLNdbOi that is correct...that account can be renamed once setup is finished using security policy... hit window+R to bring up the run dialog, then type in secpol.msc...the option's near the top of the Local Policies -> Security Options page.. note that this won't rename the Administrator folder in C:\Users, it will just be a superficial change, like in the start menu... it's also a very good idea to reboot right after; i thought i broke something cuz i couldn't get the control panel to open, but i rebooted and it was fine...
  13. an e6600 for $290? who the hell pays that much? now this is more like it! @XL-DJK95355 if cheap is the idea, go for an am2 board and a 3600 brisbane core... if performance and upradability are more important, go core 2 duo, anything that's a conroe core with 4mb L2 cache...
  14. i just got that same relocated DLL error...i hadn't had any problems til now...i'm running energize rc1 in my xp test vm, and got a shell32.dll error when i tried to install office 2000...uninstalled energize, rebooted, and setup runs fine now...i guess this is why it's not being called 'final' yet
  15. i hadn't made up my mind, actually...just wanted a bit of guidance...i make mistakes too

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