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  1. Hi All, Maybe you guys can clear up some confusion for me. In the past I have used sysprep to create images and used RIS to deploy them via PXE boot. I understand we now have a new tool called imagex, my understanding is you sysprep the machine, boot into WinPE and the run imagex to capture the image. What are the advantages of doing this versus the way I have been doing it? By the way we are deploying XP and not vista. Greg A. Profitt
  2. They are local (non-roaming) profiles, and yes we plan on migrating the machines to the new domain.
  3. Hi All, The company I just started with has domain A which is disappearing as we have purchased this company, we currently log into domain A. I have zero admin rights on domain A but we are going to create our own domain. I am assuming when the user logs into the new domain it will create a new profile. How do I move over the new local profile so it's retained at each workstation when they log into the new domain? I thought I remember seeing a registry entry to fix this. Thanks, Greg
  4. Has anyone went through all the steps of deploying XP with the new BDD/WDS setup? I'm a little lost. How has it worked out for those who have tried it? Greg
  5. Hi, I have installed the WDS tools included with Server 2003 SP2, how do I build an XP WIM file. I can't locate any instructions on how to do this. Thanks, Greg
  6. Currently we have no VLAN's at all. Corporate wants us to use the address scheme 172.18.152-159.x when we redesign our network. Currently everything is Class A, I'm not fully sure how to segregate the network traffic, I know how to physically seperate it. How can I isolate a particular range of IP's from other traffic hitting it.
  7. HI All, I need some help. First of all i'm no network guru, I don't understanding subnetting or subnet masks. I have been given the task to redesign our network. I know currently our network is all Class A, 10.x.x.x, addresses. We have one router which connects us to our facility in Alabama. We have a Juniper box which connects us to the Wan. The other day someone looped one of our IP phones and basically took down the whole network until I found it. We have Dell switches which I want to replace because quite frankly they suck and offer no management options. I know on a few Cisco switches we have it disabled the ports on them because of all the traffic. Alright enough complaining on to my problem. We have about 15 IDF panels in our plant, all of them have one switch and fiber connections that go into our server room. My main issue is nothing is labeled and they have ran cabling from these IDF panels all over the facility, in other words it's not a safe bet to assume they ran what would be obvious runs to the appropriate/closest IDF panel. I am assuming because of this VLANs would be very hard to implement. How can I segregate all this traffic and get everything off the Class A network scheme? I understand Class A is a big con. How are the Procurve line of switches? Any advice or sample maps would be great. Thanks, Greg greggap@comcast.net
  8. Hi All, Recently someone recommended Solarwinds for Network Monitoring. I'm looking for something that will do an automated discovery and monitor port level traffic. The company I work for has everything very disorganized. I can't tell what connect to what, etc etc. It's definetly a big mess. They have mainly all Dell Switches throughout a warehouse area, it's all on a Class A network with no Vlans. I'd like to be able to find out exactly what everything is connecting to and document it out. Doing it manually would take forever. Thanks, Greg
  9. HI All, I need some advice. In the past 5 years i've been mainly a server and desktop hardware guy. My boss wants to me to start studying more on the network side. Can anyone recommend a good beginner book, I don't understand decimal to binary or which class addresses can communicate with other classes, subnetting, subnet masks etc. I know our network at work is badly designed as a Class A 10.0.x.x network but i'm not sure where to start but I definetly need to understand basic design principals and understand ip addressing. Thanks, Greg
  10. Hi All, I need someone who is familiar with ISA Server 2004 to give me some help. We are switching from the ISA server to a Cisco Appliance. I am trying to get a list of the network setup in ISA server into a format for the Technician assisting us with the install. Apparently ISA encrypts the XML file because when I open it up in excel it looks encrypted. How can I export a listing of the firewall rules etc in a readable format? I'm assuming they do this for security and only ISA server can read the files. Thanks, Greg
  11. Hi All, We are looking for a Network monitoring tool that monitors uptime, bandwidth and other parameters for our Cisco routers, switches etc. We would like something that will show graphs of IP traffic from particular IP's etc. I'm more of a network administrator instead of an engineer so we need something that's easy to understand and setup and hopefully low cost. Thanks, Greg
  12. Hi All, I have a huge excel spreadsheet of about 400 computers and a lot of applications. I have been given the task to uninstall any application that doesn't meet compliance. We would like to do this as cheaply as possible without buying SMS, etc. I tried using MSIexec in a login script but apparently you have to know the GUID of each application. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Greg A. Profitt
  13. Hi, I have a question, the company I work for names all the machines the Asset Tag/Serial number of the machine using WMI. The problem is I don't know the owner of all of the machines as they have various profiles on them? Is there a script that will give me the total logins for every machine in Active Directory that is user based. For instance: Machine:JXKURN Joe Brown:426 logins Steve Smith:20 logins Mike Smith:2 logins I can easily assume this machine belongs to Joe Brown. I can't think of anyway to accomplish this. Thanks, Greg
  14. Can anyone recommend any good books for the MCSA tests. From what I hear the Microsoft books are not that great for study material. Anyone have any good practice tests or sites?
  15. Hi All, I have a quick question, how exactly do I backup Active Directory?

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