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  1. Looks like you might have a virus... W32/Bropia.F!worm.im I would run a full system scan for all viruses/malware/spyware ASAP! Link to virus description and symtoms
  2. To set the workgroup: Right click my computer > computer name tab > workgroup should already be 'workgroup' unless you changed it. If not, at the bottom click the 'change' button. Depending on you're network configuration you may want to be careful when setting a static IP. If you're connected through a router or switch you may be getting an automatic address from the device. You could also, instead of connecting by static IP, connect to the share which you will create by using the other computer's name. Ex. \\compname\sharename At any rate.. to set a static IP: Control panel > network connections > right click the enabled LAN connection > click TCP/IP > properties > 'use the following IP address" If connecting through a router or switch, the default gateway should be the IP address of this device. You can find this address before doing any of this by going to start > run > type "cmd' <enter> > type ipconfig. To create the share: Right click the desired folder to share > click the sharing tab > create share name and assign users. Once all this is done, you can connect to the share from the other machine though windows explorer, the run menu, mapped drive... many options. You can use the UNC path which I said earlier... \\compname\sharename Wheew... break time after that one... good luck
  3. Are all your other USB devices working ok? Check to be sure that your USB controllers are recognized and working fine.
  4. I would first be sure to scan and remove all spyware/temp files, uninstall any uneeded apps and run a defrag. As Joe K suggested, you can disable applications which startup by using msconfig. As far as services, there is no *magic* service which automatically speeds up XP per se.. just know whats on your box, what apps you have, every process running and what its for.
  5. DO you have another vid card you can test with?
  6. Thanks for the info cluberti. As of now we are utilizing a proxy.pac file on our network... I wonder if i could just edit it to fit the needs of these particular boxes. I know nothing about creating/modifying them, but for the most part understand what you've posted in code.
  7. Since you're losing video... have you checked to make sure you have the correct PCI version for the vid card? Double check that you have the correct voltages for the pci, ram and cpu. Possible to try swapping with another HD to be sure you didn't get a DOA?
  8. You can't just type the name of company in the description portion of the meeting and then the meeting name? Or in the body of the appt?
  9. Not that I know of... someone else may be able to provide you more info on that.
  10. Obviously unless he's got 98se/XP running on a virtual box they are 2 diff boxes. ... ever heard of dual boot ? Unless there is more precision, the problem could be anything, answers are already mixing OSes use, burning programs, file types and different disc drives. Yeah yeah... same equivalent..
  11. Well it will tell you how many KB of info you have in bad sector after its complete. You could always just redirect the output to a .txt file and create your own log.. chkdsk c: > c:\chkdsklog.txt
  12. Well, first of all there's nothing to worry about with the whole knowledge thing.. these guys are "rent-a-cop" security guards with no basically computer skills. And as I said before I can't redirect them through another proxy as they have to connect to our network proxy to perform other tasks and run certain apps.
  13. The way I do it is drag all the emails into a particular folder under my Inbox, then just go to File > Import and Export... export it out to whatever file type I want... and there ya go.
  14. Heh... never knew that existed or I would have suggested it. I always only use the Classic Start menu and that option isn't available. Its the first thing I change on a new build or new-to-me-machine. But cool... hopefully that will fix it
  15. Everything seated perfectly? Can you get to the BIOS and check temps and voltages to be sure they're correct?
  16. How about the detect and repair function within Outlook?
  17. It shouldn't overwrite any files which would effect updates... try it and see what happens. I would also try reinstalling the app if that doesn't work. Are all these users in the same OU in AD? Last but least, hit up the boss for some cash and go all 2003
  18. All the machines are on the same workgroup in the network? How are you setting up the users on the share? Maybe you should try <compname>\<user> and then specify the rights individually that way.
  19. MMMMMMMM... very very nice indeed
  20. For anyone that's interested the Content Advisor is working like a charm! The only issue was with certain apps that had to access the web in the background for certain things, I had to allow the sites they were accessing. I guess I just didn't think it would be an issue since IE wouldn't be 'open' per se. Anyways... all the security guards are royally p***ed!! Haha
  21. Well... yah, I suppose that'd work too lol
  22. So this isn't happening to all the users in the network, just a select unlucky few? On one of the machines with the problem, have you tried running detect and repair? Reinstalled? Don't think would fix it in your case, but I've seen where deleting .ost files in the user's dir fixes a lot of weird issues with the calendar and other things.
  23. After a quick google search of Megamanager I came across this app... Maybe this app was once installed on your computer and is now corrupt. Check Add/Remove Programs Start > Run > appwiz.cpl and see if theres an entry there to uninstall it and then reinstall it. As for the slow boots I would follow cluberti's advice. Be sure all your devices are fully recognized by Windows and all your drivers are up to date.
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