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  1. You can buy a reliable switch for like $20...
  2. That is a weird one... I would normally suggest reinstalling drivers... but if it works everywhere I wouldn't think that would fix it. How long has it been happening?
  3. It could be due to a proxy you're going through if you are. Thats my problem, I have an Oracle app at work that I can only run with IE as it has to pass though our network prxy to connect whereas Firefox completely bypasses the proxy. If you find a way I'd like to know what it is.
  4. Did you call me? Heh... Yes, I suppose I did lol
  5. As nitroshift suggested I would map it. If you map them a drive which reconnects a each logon and specify their user names as having full control on the share you shouldn't have a problem.
  6. Dumpel which is part of the Windows Resource kit should work for you. Run it from command line and check out the syntax.
  7. Are you sharing an internet connection through ICS on the computer your connedcted to with a X-over? Is this why it's a problem when the other computer is off? If this is the case, why not do like the other have said and use a switch?
  8. Obviously unless he's got 98se/XP running on a virtual box they are 2 diff boxes. If its 2 different drives, maybe the one drive doesn't like that particular brand of media. Does the drive thats throwing the errors read data backed up on a CDR fine?
  9. Indeed... I don't even use IE all that much, prefer Firefox 2 but IE6 still serves me just fine when needed. Just be a smart surfer!
  10. And even if it was every single person that found a vulnerability... cmon man, it's M$... they have tons of cash!!!
  11. probably have already checked this, but is your date/time within Windows correct? How about daylight savings time? Is this a standalone POP3 or connected to an exchange server?
  12. Here's a new LCD upgrade for ya http://news.com.com/2300-7353_3-6147893-4....?tag=ne.gall.pg
  13. Indeed... sorry... forgot about those guys, I usually just copy everything from a ripped DVD and drop it in that 'Video' folder, which would include the .INF & .BUP.
  14. Is your friend an admin on the network or are you guys just trying to something for the greater good?
  15. I know this is probably quite trivial, but have you tried cleaning the DVD players and/or the DVDs you're trying to play? What are you using to play them with? Possibly a driver issue?
  16. yes, they are Well... thats why you're getting that msg... you're loosing your connection to the other machine when it turns of therfore your netowork cable is unplugged.
  17. Just use Nero, create a DVD movie, drop the .vob files in the Video folder... burn.
  18. how did you know my IP and ISP !!!!!!!????? It's the MSFN aliens!! Ahhhhhhh... runnnn
  19. ringfinger


    Welcome to MSFN!
  20. omg, any clue where i can get it! Been looking at the Optimus for a while, I was trying to get one before this past xmas because I remember reading a loooong time ago that it should be available by xmas 06. Ya, well... it wasn't.... and all indications are that the Optimus is going to be INSANELY expensive... entirely way to much for a kb. Screw that **** keyboard anyway, I want the 108' LCD!!!!!!
  21. Yup, put the KB to use earlier... thanks for the link. I would use the proxy idea however they will still have to connect to our network's proxy due to the 2 pages that are still required. Alrighty then! Well... thanks fo all the suggestions, tomorrow the hammer is coming down! Muahahaha... gotta love being an admin
  22. Thanks for the suggested app, PageDefrag... I'll put that to use. FYI - I too have my pagefile enabled to 'system managed size' with 2GB of PC2 6400... just a good idea to have one IMO.
  23. And they don't.. and couldn't modify it even if they did. They're locked down... DigeratiPrime... do you think Content Advisor is a good way to tackle this?
  24. Hahaha... yeah... Fire what? Porta what? USB what?
  25. Overheating or under/overvolting possibly too.
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