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  1. Really not much point in buying an old 6xxx series card when a 7600GT will cost the same and easily outperforms them, In benchmarks theyve shown even the 7300GT will match a 6800 card. nVidea 6 series of cards are very outdated now. If you can find a good cheap 7600GT card then go with that but otherwise i guess the 6800 will do, just dont expect to play all the new games on a v good res with AA+AF cause it just wont cut it now. Either of these will crush the 6800 card http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...7285&CatId=1560 http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...1188&CatId=1560 Just a Note, The x1300 cards are absolutely pants, if you want to play any newer games then that card is not a good choice, even if it does have a built in tuner. Youd be better off buying a seperate tv tuner card.
  2. One question, Why ? If your going pentium D get the 805 and do a heavy overclock on it, The guide on tomshardware shows it running at 4.1Ghz on air. http://tomshardware.co.uk/2006/05/10/dual_41_ghz_cores_uk/
  3. Sorry to say this phk but it seems you dont have the first clue what your talking about. Clearly another Intel noob fanboy who thinks they know it all. Id suggest you leave this topic for the ppl that have plenty of knowledge and experience in clocking processors. I have overclocked many AMD and many Intel chips and i can say the older Athlons werent brilliant overclockers, You should be able to push 2.3Ghz-2.4Ghz with some very good air cooling, Anymore than that and you'll need to buy specialist cooling equipment ( which would be a complete waste of money ) Also id be careful when it hits summer over in Aus if you still have it overclocked.
  4. If you want to convert the DVD into a DivX or Xvid avi file then the best tool for that is Gordian Knot Rip Pack, You will have to look for it though cause he stopped developing it i think, There is also a very detailed guide on how to use it and create a perfect quality 700MB DVD Rip. If your lucky enough like me and have a DivX/Xvid DVD player you can still watch them on it.
  5. Make sure you wait until after July 23rd when AMD will be drastically reducing the price of their processors by upto 60%.
  6. Good luck, You'll find you wont squeeze much extra out of that chip especially if you dont have a good motherboard
  7. if you get some AS5 apply that to the HS then leave it running for a day or two your temps should soon drop quite considerably. thats a nice HS/fan , Zalman do some nice stuff
  8. another vote for google. so conveniant having it built into opera.
  9. Just buy a new HS/Fan, they arent expensive at all. A top notch HS/Fan like the Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro will only set u back around £15 and will drop those temps down to low 40 even at full load
  10. You really dont need HDD fans as they wont affect performance and just end up making more unescessary noise. All you need is a well ventilated case which most Antec and Thermaltake cases are anyway.
  11. Isnt much chance anyone will even bother looking at this, seems to be pretty useless if u ask me.
  12. you would have to purchase a windows xp pro liceense in order todo it legally. The most you could do is try googling but the chances of doing it are very slim indeed.
  13. Well its antec so the airflow should be very good for it, cant say it looks very nice though. if you like it then sure why not.
  14. its best to keep the cables as neat as possible, if your using old IDE ribbon cables i would suggest you go out and buy some round IDE cables as it will greatly increase airflow and allow for a cooler system. apart from that there isnt really much else.
  15. why are you posting 2 1/2 months later, this topic was finished the same day.
  16. Everest Corporate Edition works wonders for me and is very well priced for such a good program.
  17. Didnt you mean to say. If i was spending 20k on a computer, it wouldnt be an Apple
  18. If your going LCD look for ones with <8ms response time. Also ViewSonic do some very nice LCD monitors.
  19. Theres nothing wrong with overclocking providing you know what your doing, the 3200+ is also good chip for overclocking, ppl have managed to squeeze 2.7Ghz out of them with good cooling solutions. unfortunately it will draw considerably more power and the PSU is most likely not upto the challenge. A good quality 480W PSU should be sufficient, but if you can afford something more beefy then go for it.
  20. Why would you want to, they are both the biggest piles of crap ever. Extremely annoying and degrade performance when playing games.
  21. does it do it when its at its stock 3200+ speed. If it doesnt then you could either not overclock it so high, or get a more powerful psu.
  22. I havent used a software firewall in about 4 yrs but i decided to give this a try a few months back , I got so annoyed with it barking at me constantly when i first set it up i decided it wasnt worth it.
  23. Also for graphics cards in terms of Price/Performance the 7600GT is the best there is.
  24. i rather like the Hiper Type-R 580w Modular PSU

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