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  1. 2GB isnt all that much ram nowdays, certainly not for those of us that do alot of multitasking and use ram intensive apps such as Photoshop, video Encoding, VMWare, aswell as a few other things.
  2. Vista 32bit = Pointless , If your going vista then 64bit is the only way to go
  3. Yea thats what bugs me, I dont want to get it and then upgrade a couple of parts in my system only for them to tell me to F off.
  4. Hi Guys I am considering getting a copy of Vista Home Premium 64Bit OEM and was wondering a few things, im due to upgrade some of my system soon but wanted to install Vista now. I will only be upgrading ram to 4GB kit, CPU to a Quad core and GPU to a 9series when it becomes available. Will i have any problems with activation with MS either online or over the phone with it being OEM and all ?
  5. ITs ok ive backed up all my data onto 2 of my other drives and ordered another 500GB drive aswell. I am really paranoid about dataloss, especially when its 445GB worth of it. I will then finally have my drives setup how i want. 150GB WD Raptor Enterprise - Boot Drive 320GB WD Caviar - Misc Files Drive 2x500GB WD Caviar - Raid 1 Storage 2x500GB Seagate - Raid 1 Storage
  6. Figured i would probably have to do that, luckily i have JUST enough space left on 2 of my other drives to put all the data on.
  7. Hi Ive currently got a Raid 1 array on my eVGA 680i SLI board, I have recently just purchased myself the Asus Blitz Formula motherboard and want to transfer my Raid 1 over to that. They arent boot drives simply storage for Movies/Music, Should i disable raid in the bios and boot into windows first before i change the motherboard and reinstall windows ? or Should i just turn PC off pull out motherboard put new one in and reinstall windows ? Im not sure if the nvidia adds any information to the drives that will cause it to f*up if i simply switch them to the different mobos raid controller. Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. the most it can address is 3GB of memory
  9. UltraEdit is the best Text editor i have come across, nothing even comes close to its functionality and ease of use. You have to pay for that too though.
  10. I completely forgot about the limitation of 32bit with 4GB of memory, that just made my choice a whole lot easier because i will put a 4GB matched set of ram in soon I think i will go with Home Premium because i dont need any of those extra features because i already have True Image and use VNC for remote desktop and im not paranoid or stupid enough to need BitLocker. Not going to buy OEM anymore after reading their crappy a*s Agreement, I swap my hardware out every 4-5months so it would be pointless and Vista sure as hell aint worth £195 of my hard earned cash to buy the retail.
  11. I do lots of gaming, video encoding aswell as quite alot of other multimedia stuff. Ill have to check out driver support for a couple of new parts im getting for my rig soon, dont wanna fork out a load of cash on mobo, cpu, gpu only to discover crap driver support for 64bit.
  12. Ive decided im going to buy Vista at the end of the month and cant decide which one to buy. Vista Home Premium 32Bit OEM Vista Home Premium 64Bit OEM Vista Ultimate 32Bit OEM Vista Ultimate 64Bit OEM Cant decide if i should bother with Ultimate over Home Premium and whether or not i should go 32bit or 64bit , have 64bit drivers improved all that much yet or are they still utter crap. Whats your opinions ?
  13. Flo really needs to add tab support so you can have multiple docs open in the same window, Other than that its the perfect notepad.
  14. This is ancient news that i heard well over a year ago.
  15. Vista has most likely made itself the Primary Active partition in which case you will need to edit the boot options in Vistas god awful boot manager. I despise it.

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