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  1. I've come across some apps: Wondershare Time Shuttle, Returnil, Comodo Time Machine (makes snapshots) Acronis True Image (makes images) Returning a previous system state can be done with both a snapshot app or image app. What are the pros and cons of either? Thanks.
  2. I am not a programmer. Is there an easy+free app that tracks activity (specifically of an .exe file). Thanks
  3. I have used Acronis with no problems for a few years. I like how it's easy to use. However I've read lots of reviews about issues with reliability, and I don't want to be with the others on bad luck. What are the most reliable, and easy to use, imaging apps for saving an image on a hidden partition?
  4. Hi, I would like to help some older people burn CDs. What is the most simple and user friendly burning app? BTW: free is good. Thanks!
  5. Well... It's hard to keep my list just 10. 1. NOD32 2. Ace Utilities CCleaner 3. Adobe Reader 4. Alcohol 120% 5. Azureus 6. Diskeeper 7. Firefox 8. Java RE 9. WinRar 10. Xvid Then I eventually install these, when the situation calls for it... Power DVD Quicktime VLC Media Player Winamp EAC Nero Paint.NET VMware
  6. Hello, I'm doing a Blackberry Enterprise Server Installation. I need to install Microsoft Exchange System Manager on the Win 2000 Server... I've looked: Add/Remove Windows Components > IIS > Details... There is no Microsoft Exchange option... Where do I install the System Manager? Thanks
  7. Hello, I was wondering what options are recommended for a portal/intranet type of application. I'm just interested in publishing/sharing documents, calendar options (to see people's schedules and booking of the meeting rooms), and simple announcements that can automate email announcements. Thanks for any help
  8. Hello, I was wondering how identical+multiple scheduled tasks were handled. Lets say I had 100 defrag jobs (defrag1, defrag2, defrag3, ....) set to go at 1PM. From what I've seen (task manager), just one instance runs, but on the "scheduled tasks" window the "status" column says all of them have been run. (these defrag tasks are automatically set in a logon script) Thanks
  9. Since this is a log-on/log-off type of script, dozens of scheduled tasks will be created each week on each workstation. Will multiple+identical scheduled tasks cause any problems?? Thanks
  10. OK. I've done what you've said, and I've attached a picture of what I've got. I set it on my Win2000 Active Directory Server. I set the script in "gpedit.msc > Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)" But it doesn't go out to the whole network. There is a command to define a single remote computer... \\computername Specifies a remote computer. Commands are scheduled on the local computer if this parameter is omitted. So... The AT command is only setting the script to run on the local computer. I would like to schedule this for every computer in our network: at 1:30 /every:Su %systemroot%\autodefragc.cmd
  11. Hello, Given an IP or computer name, is there a command to show the logged on user, or last logged on user? Thanks
  12. I just found out that Dell Dimension workstations use proprietary power supplies. Now I have to return my ordered PSU to Tiger, and wait for slo-mo Dell to ship out a weaker, yet more expensive, replacement. I was wondering what other value added resellors are customizing thier workstations to get us stuck in ordering thier replacement parts (and what parts are they). Anyone have experiences/tips to share?
  13. OK. I kinda get the idea. I've attached a screen shot from an XP virtual machine (I will really be using it for Win2k server). Am I going in the right direction? Thanks
  14. I was wondering if someone could please explain further...
  15. Hello, I was wondering what is the best way to set up many workstations for an automated defrag. I do have a .vbs that runs defrag, so I was just thinking there must be a registry entry (to set up the scheduled task) that I can put in a batch file. Or maybe there is a script that will enter the scheduled task for me? Thanks for any help

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