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  1. The DFI is the the best of the bunch followed by the Asus. There really isnt any point in upgrading to the AM2 socket as the performance increase is minimal.
  2. Downlaod Resource Hacker. Open shell32.dll then goto Action > Replace Icon. Also if you wish to replace multiple resources i suggest you learn about how you can use scripts todo so.
  3. i personally like GNOME, IceWM and KDE.
  4. Why dont you just give it a rest about the stupid WGA thread. If people want to remove it they can easily google it. Although i do agree that i dont think there was any need to remove it, its far safer too rather than have MS flexing its muscles and taking action against a great site with a huge amount of information that people rely upon.
  5. Advanced Micro Devices is going to fire back at Intel today in the enthusiast PC market. The Sunnyvale company will unveil a new socket for high-end computers today that will allow it to put two dual-core microprocessors side by side in a PC Full Story Sounds very interesting to me, i cant wait to see what they'll be like especially in terms of heat and power consumption.
  6. Acronis OS Selector is the biggest pile of crap ever, it did it to me when i orignally tried it. Never Again
  7. I think AMD have used good business strategy, I have seen the AM2 chip benchmarks and they arent that much more impressive than the skt 939. The thing is, that all the money to be made will be in the mid range and even if Intel do come out with the conroe chip which well may be faster than the FX-60. people would rather buy the top range old 939 than a brand new conroe. Also AMD is still using 90nm process whereas Intel have had to go down to 65nm just to even try and compete. I have a feeling when AMD go down to 65nm you will soon see intel being put to shame again.
  8. Scubar

    OS help

    You should be able to contact microsoft and inform them you have lost/damaged your original cds but have a legal serial number. I have a few friends who have done that in the past and MS have been kind enough to post them new install cds. Also you really should remove that link to the Isohunt website, it is considered warez and as nakatomi said it could get you ban from the forums.
  9. Since when have RAR and UHA been audio encoders. FLAC is a pretty good codec but it causes extremely large files, Ogg Vorbis is pretty good too. As already stated LAME is the best mp3 encoder you'll get, plus its free and fully open source.
  10. Well id say use something above 10000 but you could use any port providing its not a reserved one for a specific service. eg 21,80 etc etc
  11. Asking for people to give you approximate prices for the hardware listed is acceptable but offering sale of these goods is not.
  12. Trillian beats Gaim hands down. Its much lighter , more reliable. The only thing that isnt great on trillian is yahoo voice conference support. Mine has always been absoluetly crap when trying to use it for that.
  13. LAME is the best MP3 Encoder you can get.
  14. so long as you forwarded the correct TCP and UDP ports then it should be fine. Also its best not to use the default Bittorrent port numbers as private trackers tend to block them.
  15. Ask any Audio expert which format is better, they will all agree and say Mp3 is far superior. Dont you think if WMA was so great everyone would be offering music downloads in wma format and not mp3. The only ppl that try to get u to download wma are greedy money hungry corps that "attempt" to stop ppl copying music by using DRM (I Say attempt because its extremely easy to get around)
  16. You could do all that quite easily with just a batch script.
  17. Good on TPB, they sure are doing a great job of pis*ing off the RIAA and MPAA.
  18. you could just give them a slap n tell them to stop living in the stoneage.
  19. Resource hack sysdm.cpl in your system32 folder.
  20. you could do this by using runonce and get it to call a batch file to copy your licensed file over into the system32 dir, overwriting the original.
  21. Just seen it myself. I really hope they are put back up onto the web soon as they have done nothing legally wrong. Its once again just another ploy by the scummy RIAA and MPAA to try and stop people getting free music and videos.
  22. Just for all you ppl that havent installed it yet, i would advise you not to.I Installed it as i was curious to see what improvements have been made, needless to say there have been no improvements whatsoever. It is practically identical to WMP10 in uselessness, it just adds a few more useless features to make it a full featured waste of disk space
  23. why not just use Lame Encoder and encode them to Mp3, its a far better audio format than crappy old wma.
  24. One way i managed to succesfully get an audio driver working was i had XP installed on the same drive in dual boot, i loaded up XP and pulled the audio drivers from that and then manually installed them on 2k3. have you checked your event viewer to see if there are any errors in there that could be causing the audio drivers not to install.

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