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  1. WUDSS (Windows Unified Data Storage Server) is somewhat a pain to setup. You have to run certain component installer and registry keys (yepp, that is the official way) in order to get the "Unified" part of the Storage Server, which includes an iSCSI target etc. I have tried to simply add each component in order 2003 R1 > R2 Components > WUDSS Component A > WUDSS Component B > WUDSS Component C and so on, but that doesn't do the trick. Anyone experience with this ?
  2. I have downloaded AIK here : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en And run it from a server 2008 machine (x64 Datacenter). I am trying to create an answer file but when opening the windows image I receive the following error : http://i35.tinypic.com/2n7o4yv.jpg Any hints ?
  3. As I said - I have tried the memory bug patch, I have slipstreamed ALL available hotfixes ... Anyway - no I won't run 32 Bit .. I need the amount of memory which is not supported by 32 Bit ...
  4. I can't say which patch it is specifically. But since SP1 does fix it I would try slipstreaming all of the updates that have been released so far to your install dvd. Here's a link to a website that has an update pack for vista x64 and x86. http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5698 Let me know if this works out for you. One of the updates in that pack should fix the 2GB problem. If that doesn't work I would wait for SP1 final to be released since it seems to fix the problem. That was the first thing I have tried - slipstreaming all hotfixes for Business and Ultimate - no go .. when you check the list of hotfixes from SP1 - half of them are not even available for download .. Yea - looks like I have to wait - I just hope I can install SP1 over the SP1 RC1 .. if not, I will have to reinstall And I don't think I would have the same problems with Home Premium as Business works just fine ..
  5. Well, its been weeks now and I knida solved it. Basically I can install Vista Ultimate perfectly with SP1 slipstreamed. Another option is to install Business with less then 2GB Ram, install patches, more Ram in, install servicepack and upgrade to Ultimate with slipstreamed SP1 DVD. For weeks now I am trying to get Ultimate installed in a different way .. its just a no no ... So WHY Ultimate ends up having a bluescreen every boot ? I don't kow ... Why does SP1 fixes it ? I don't know (cannot even find a related patch inside the SP1 which mentions this behaviour). All I can do now is waiting for SP1 included DVDs on the marked to buy and then I can make a clean installation ...
  6. Considering that Vista Business is fine I don't think it the Ram per se ...
  7. Hardware : Intel Quad 6600 8GB Ram Vista Business x64 MoBo: Asus Extreme Striker First I had the problem to install any version of Vista using all 8GB of Ram (2GB sticks). The googling for days shows that there is apparently a bug which makes it almost impossible to install Vista on more than 3GB Ram .. although not everybody seems to have the same problem. Anyway .. installation (any version) also failed with just one 2GB stick ... The only way I was able to install Vista Business (was the only license I had that time) was using 2x1GB ram sticks (same make), run windows update and patch and then reboot using the full 8GB .. Right .. so Vista now runs rock solid since then... Now I bought a Ultimate license to use it was Media Center as well .. Running upgrade .. finished successfully ... reboot ... bluescreen ... Only 2x1GB Ram sticks .. bluescreen ... rollback option (wonder why they put the option in the boot menu lol) .. reboot .. solid ... Well ... Question now is whether this has something to do with the MoBo .. consdeirng that all the available driver are almost a year old ...
  8. Maybe you didn't get essential updates before you are verified / activated ..
  9. Hiya, I have a company PC installed with Vista Business x64 and now got the full version of Ultimate and wish to upgrade. However, upgrade is apparently only possible through the Anytime DVD .. But this would require purchasing another key as for some reason it does not accept the key from the new Ultimate copy. The Business one is from our MSDN account but the Ultimate is RTM .. so maybe that is the problem. Another problem is that for testing purposes the C-Drive was converted to a dynamic disk which gives me now problems to use imaging software to make a backup. To the actual question. Is there a way (not sure whether I can use the Vista backup function for this) to make a backup of the system, install Vista Ultimate and copy that stuff back ? I have just too much work stuff related installed which I certainly don't want to re-install and configure (not to mention 120 RDP connections plus SSH connections etc.) Also is there a good / save way to convert the dynamic disk back to a basic one ?
  10. Ok, one CD, SP2 splipstreamed into R2 -now I fire up WUD and get all the hotfixes .. What will happen now when I use nLite to integrade them ? New files will be overwritten by old files etc. ?
  11. Why it is so hard ? Because companies want to have stupid money for traffic ..
  12. I am from Germany (Berlin) and moved 2001 to Ireland, from Ireland I went to Spain, then I worked in Gibraltar and next month I am leaving Gibraltar to work in the UK (Essex). So I MIGHT be able to tell you something Healthcare : One good thing has a bad thing. The good thing : When you work you are automatically insured as you don't have a choice whether you want to insure yourself or not .. You MUST do so by law. IF you go for a private insurance depends on your salary. The bad thing : You pay by percentage .. For example : AOK cost 12% of your salary where half of it (6%) is being paid by the employer and the other half by you. (Was like that until 2001, since then I never worked there anymore). I got a redundancy package once (100k German Marks = 50k Euro) - so now take 6% our of it Tax: I don't know about the UK, but depending on your salary, you most lkely pay 40-45% of your salary which includes Social wealthfare, Tax, Health and so on. You have also additional stuff like social bla bla (don't know the word for it in English which is used to build up the Eastern part), Pension and soooooo on.. Language ... well the Germans are quite arrogant (I am allowed to say that since I am German ), most of them refusing to speak English simply because they don't speak it (English in school sucks big time) and therefore they don't want to be ashamed of speaking. You can send me a PM if you are interested to exchange MSN so I can try to help you any time
  13. Create a user on the server 2003 with the same credentials like you use to login on Windows 98 ...(including password)
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