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  1. From what I heard it was a voltage spike the led to his laptop.
  2. No wonder my GF's cat sleeps on top of my laptop! (mind you the lids closed) 110% Funneh!
  3. Whats your point clampet??... The bidding has ended, and its pointless and seems like your spamming the boards with your ebay item?? Or are you interested in acquiring such an item??
  4. Try WhatsUp Gold. It detects all the servers and computers and places/connects them on a diagram, and you can also detect errors and such too YAY
  5. I never set out to try to 'emulate' anything. It just so happened that the visual style I liked had an Apple logo on the Start button. I actually don't like that (not that I have anything against Apple computers, I'd just prefer to either have a Windows logo or none at all). Personally, I find it funny when someone posts stats for some role-playing game trying to impress people. **** Straight, and I'm proud of my stats too!
  6. *cries* Sigh.. I dont' really want to do this, but I would like it to be done... undeadsoldier was taken on Xbox Live, and so I had to go back and use my good ol' trusty username... Which is.... EchoNoise I would like my username to be changed to that please, thanks very much. Done.
  7. What about releasing it for other people to explore and expand XPero? I for one would be happy to do replacing/coding, I'm not much chop at graphics, but I can help wherever I can!
  8. and to think you were spamming the boards
  9. That made me laugh a tiny bit... I've seen it before, and to be honest... It's a tad old Sorry
  10. EchoNoise


    Folder customisation and sometimes system folders have them to show up a warning. You might want to hide these files by going into folder options via control panel
  11. Looks like ClearType is already enabled, by looking at that screenshot.
  12. Sorry atomizer, but I just need to ask you something Was there a big interest for you to spark this thread off? I actually don't mind reading all of this, but yeah. I haven't read even 50% of this thread (sorry!) but do you mention anything of Australian interest with 9/11 and the Iraq war? I wouldn't mind getting some information about that, if you can find some that would be great I hope I didn't say anything wrong!
  13. I find it funny that people still try and emulate apples OS
  14. Don't go for cheap knockoff's or anything like that.... trust me
  15. How about this... Try the timedate.cpl from vista Vista TimeDate.CPL EDIT: Nope BUT, here is an idea, somehow get the graphics from the vista TimeDate.CPL clock and pop it in... It looks nice
  16. Err.. How is that image possible?, There needs to be atleast some form of non-moveable files in there. On closer inspection, it looks like jipped.
  17. Hey, I didn't flame you did I. I'm sorry *cries and runs away*
  18. So the line "EA is supposed to be making a statement soon" is a trademark?!... HA Too bad if your playing offline then hey...
  19. Assuming your on XP... Right click My Computer >> Properties >> Hardware >> Driver Signing >> Click the Ignore setting >> Click OK >> Click OK again. Done
  20. OMG.. what a cute evil looking doggie!... Can you do evil stuff to pets, just like you do to the sims?
  21. I think there was a major issue with it. I forgot why but it was a big hassle.
  22. What the hell are you on about? Whats this Mickey... Mickey Mouse?! EH?! Registration?! I don't play CS, so I have no idea on this... High Knowledge Response Users only?... Sounds like a group! To me, this is so **** confusing, the reason why I responded? Because of this: There is a significant amount of RSI that comes from using a standard mouse (the vertical mouse doesn't have much at all!), and the reason why acceleration exists that high, is because of that, I have my acceleration set to the highest possible, because of the 3 monitor setup I have. I hate picking up the mouse and moving it back and forth to get it from one screen to the other. So that pretty much sums it up. Either I have said something useful, or I am dribbling information out of somewhere. But to me it makes sense.
  23. Wow.. 160gig of ram :| should run fine! Seriously, upgrade your graphics card, and then if it still doesn't do anygood, buy a new pc, but buy a custom computer and then you have your brand new graphics card

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