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  1. My microphone is too soft for skype, dictation, etc. It used to be fine. Is it possible for me to have stuffed sth up with nLite to make this happen? Tried a new notebook and it's the same thing. Again with nLite XP. btw on 2 pcs it's soundmax and realtek audio. With realtek I got the notebook internal mic 'boosted' but noisy. soundmax is on a desktop I can't boost it any...?
  2. plus the popular DotNetFx_All_In_1_Addon_v2.7z doesn't include 3.5 sp1
  3. what's that? Is it the same as what nlite's doing? or does it complement each other?
  4. Sorry, it is the synaptics touchpad driver ! If after dead XP I remove the synaptics touchpad driver then the mouse moves!(?) argh. I dunno what to do. I checked the drivers from the synaptics page again, it's fine. unless either my touchpad isn't a real synaptics or sth wrong with the latest drivers
  5. yes it works with a FULL cd. Unless it means including the synaptics touchpad driver is bad? When I do driver folders, eg Intel Chipset with 50 infs, does it matter if I add it as 'single' or 'folder', and which inf I choose? Cuz when I choose the folder, it doesn't list many infs, but just the directory name. I remember the old version would show a list of items to choose from?
  6. I did one with no 'hardware support' removed. Still no good. Even if I re-install the synaptics drivers after XP. Note that synaptics touchpad is broken, but USB mice works fine. Does that mean anything? In device manager, it shows 'synaptics ps/2 port pointing device' as the only under mice and etc.. and no errors shown there. resources shows IRQ12, no conflicts Is there a way to change the USB polling patch value in my 'installed' system and see if it can be fixed?
  7. Here it is. It's hardware support section right? Not services - I deleted a few of those too? Last_Session.ini
  8. I made an nlite disk for my netbook. The synaptics touchpad works DURING install, but is broken once WinXP finished/boots. Any idea what I did wrong?
  9. keyboard shortcut underline and some other 'tweaks' options don't work or have no effect. After install they are still the XP defaults. Is this normal?
  10. it would keep going from HDD seemingly, even tho BIOS set to boot from the CD. In the end I just put orig XP CD in anyway, and it completed. Strangely, auto login etc from the nlite applied, but components - i dunno. Also the touchpad doesn't respond. But now at least I can reinstall again.
  11. My nlite install on my netbook fails due to the 'registers components' issue. Even after restart it gets to the same place and hangs. So I want to try a non nLite install. But every reboot it doesn't get a 'press any key' msg, but starts winXP immediately, and tries to restart setup, regardless I put a different disk in. How do I start from scratch again?
  12. I see this is the answer to almost any problem. But if nLite always needs a fresh copy then that in itself is a bug. If I told you your doc files need to be written in 1 session from scratch all the time, is that reasonable? Or your movies must be watched 100% at a time, no pause/ff/rwd?
  13. Birds

    XP Setup Froze...

    I get this as well. I've never had problems with nLite b4, and even this ISO works fine in VM. So I suspect it's a but in the new nLite.
  14. yours and redxii's are both Mar 09, what's the DirectX for Managed Code AddOn on redxii's page? do you have it within yours?

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