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  1. wasnt sure were to post this but anyway lol. having a problem with my laptop again, recently its not been booting, it displays this when powered on. and will not boot windows, a few times it has started successfully.
  2. hey all, hmmm im wondering if anyone could help me, my laptop battery isnt charging, the only way i can use my laptop is if I have it plugged into the mains which is quite annoying seen as its a laptop and I want to use it outside of the house, im not sure whats wrong the charging light comes on and flashes but does not charge.
  3. nope not that i am aware of. tho i did block some websites as i dont want my brother accessing some of them as he has damaged my computer before with viruses and what not
  4. Has your router always done this (new wireless?) or is it something that has just started within the past day or so? its just recently started doing this, its been working great for the past 5 months since i got it.
  5. problems with msn messenger and also wireless -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- first of all my wireless, my wireless network isnt connecting as my router isnt transmitting signals as the wireless icon isnt appearing on my router, im not sure wat is wrong. my msn messenger isnt working when i connect to the internet throught a wired network the error code is - 81000306 i have opened firewall ports to allow msn to work but it is stil not working can anyone advise me on what to do, thank you
  6. hey all, i tested out the new dmachine today and im amazed at the speed and power of this machine. some specs - dual core AMD Athlon 64 4800+ nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX 1GB Ram a screen shot of the system information is below. for people who don't know who Dmachines are, they are a small PC company that are getting bigger and bigger. they currently only have factorys in Ireland but have grown over the past few years and are expected to open several factorys and computer stores accross the United Kingdom within the next few years
  7. WolfX2 ngot m3 to type with my no34 [ there we go perfect lol haha
  8. yay i got my National Diploma certificate in the post this morning yay i now have a BTEC National Diploma For IT practitioners (software development) with the triple grade of merit, merit, pass i completed Language and communications Computer Sytems Introduction to software development Communications technology computational methods website development systems analysis and design applications software development business information systems software development project programming concepts and practice visual programming website management human computer interface e-commerce system jusification expert systems operating systems and i now have a qualification in IT whooop whooop go me lol
  9. right well heres the story. my pc isnt playing any sounds through the speakers when ever i try and play something it says No Audio Ouput Device is installed. i know i need to install it, but i dont actually know what to install, this is what is displayed in my device manager pc info HP m7360y series Windows XP Media Center Intel® Pentium® D dual core processor 820 (2.8GHz, 2MB,800MHz FSB)
  10. hey all. ive just set up a wireless network in my home. and im having a few problems with it. first of all information about my wireless network is below - Modem information NETGEAR 54 Mbps wireless ADSL Modem Router, with 4-port 10/100 Mbps switch conecting using - 54 Mbps USB Adapter internet connection information BT phone line connecting via wanadoo broadband speed - 2.2mbps. this is the problem, i have it all set up correctly etc. works fine on my laptop and PSP. but im having problems on my desktop pc. I can connect fine with full signal. but whenever i turn my pc off then turn it back on windows says something about your wireless connection has limited or no Connectivity" then i click repair and it starts working again. i am using windows xp prof
  11. im wanting to sell my old pc, as i hate having it lying around lol. specs - Compaq Presario 5000 windows xp prof (with product key) microsoft office 2003 (with product key) and mcafee security center (with product key) 320mb ram 1ghz amd Athlon processor Compaq's 17-inch FS740 monitor (which includes a built-in microphone) monitor-mounted JBL Platinum Series satellite speakers (these can be removed from the side of the monitor) NVidia GeForce2 MX-based graphics card 48x cdrw drive dvd rom drive 120gb hhd, plus another 30gb hhd 4 usb ports, 2 front and 2 back. usb 2.0 brand new keyboard and mouse im not sure how much i would get for this. the pc is pictured below, but that isnt the keyboard supplyed
  12. i took it out of the caseing and installed it into my pc, it works perfectly. so i think il just keep it in there
  13. hi, im having problems with my external hard drive. it will not power up, then i plug it in and turn it on all i hear is a ticking sound. its maxtor hard drive
  14. hi everyone, here goes im designing a program for wooden toys ltd, but im so stressed out with family problems that i cant think. and i need assistance asap. i have two forms on this program, the first one you must enter a password the password at the minute is "OrderForm" i will change this when the program is complete, as soon as the correct password is entered a second form is loaded, this is an order form. i have some code already entered what im wanting to do is, the customer selects there account number and their address is displayed in a list box (which i have done), then they choose which product they wish to order which then displays the product information in another list box (which i have also done), i have also programmed the two clear buttons, then i want them to enter the quantity required then i want the program to add these up then add vat at 17.5% and then display the total price, then display all of this in a list box on the left. i have included my program in this thread, requires visual basic to run. if anyone could help me that would be great, thanks if you need anymore imformation PM me Wooden_toys_ltd.zip
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