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  1. Might want to check for updated USB Drivers for your mainboard. It could possibly be that the external drives require USB2 and you have USB1 onboard.
  2. Thats what we are here for! Its probably a bit late now.. but here is a utility that can disable USB for you automatically http://www.intelliadmin.com/DisableUSB.exe
  3. No, not really new. VIVO can be pretty much used by everybody, bust mostly multimedia enthusiasts or even the professionals.
  4. Looks to me like a cheap knockoff of a MoMo
  5. Or, if you want, goto the: C:\WINDOWS\INF\ directory, and choose the usbstor.inf and usbstor.pnf files and set deny to everybody in the security tab
  6. lmfao! Thats awesome, I wish I could afford a macbook Oh well, another time!
  7. er.. fyrefox?! fyrefox is a spanish muscle class...
  8. Here is mine... Sorry about the quality... Did a quicky
  9. Right Click... Properties... Click the Desktop Tab... Click the Customize Desktop button on the bottom, and make sure that the My Computer has a tick in the box. Click OK, then click OK once more, there you go
  10. I'm still lost... Parents sending kids to this torture place?...
  11. lmfao! Thats really good, made my day
  12. Maybe its different in certain regions... I called Microsoft and I got a wicked 80's synth beat
  13. haha, cowboy... CSC drinks anyone?
  14. If its a bad PSU, it wouldn't even power on. My guess is that the mainboard has blowed its stack due to a power spike most likely. Investing in a surge board is great!
  15. fizban2 is right, its alot easier doing remote installs

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