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  1. Thats been out for yeeeears. But its the most hilarious trick you can do to a Windows user!
  2. HMMM.. unless your calendar has september before april... Read the date before you complain.
  3. hahahaha, i didn't get scared, but my colleuge got scared from the noise, lol
  4. Why not just get the program to look for the OS String... and then if it doesn't equal that it just says "nope, go away" lol
  5. "IF EVERYONE LIVED LIKE YOU, WE WOULD NEED 1.4 PLANETS" Hmmm... Is this good or bad?!
  6. You would think that wouldn't you Just kidding! I used XGL/Compiz for about 2-3 weeks... got bored of it...
  7. First off... Don't create 3 bloody threads!
  8. Who cares about if its fake or not, geez! Here is a diagram that will help you find teh funneh!
  9. Hahaha, seen this on tv in australia years ago ^_^
  10. Windows Media Center is an OS... not a program You can find billions of programs. Just search for Burn MP3 to Audio via google or another search engine. And another thing... your username... my gawd
  11. EchoNoise


    LMFAO... GodMode AllAmmo LevelSkip http://xkcd.com/c149.html This is my favourite!
  12. VideoLAN or Media Player Classic on Windows VideoLAN on MacOS MPlayer or VideoLAN on Linux/BSD
  13. Can you do one for Google Toolbar aswell Great Work!

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