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  1. I have followed the many tutos on this site to the "T." Everything installs properly, but I am still asked for a reg key!!!! I exported the zonesettings.xml file, the reg files, and used the /lickey switch. Where could the key be stored???? Help. EDIT: I looked for all the files (.dat and so forth) and came up empty. They must have changed where the key is stored.
  2. Install everything the way you want it in FF. Use SOF and create an sfx from %appdata%\Mozilla. EDIT: I am having problems with FF and SOF. I am still using the sfx method.
  3. I know I can use a graphics card and 150GB Raptor. X-mas is coming?!?
  4. You should google b4 asking here. Run the installer with /r /f1”c:\setup.iss” After the install is complete, grab setup.iss from c.
  5. create your setup.iss. Put the installer and setup.iss in a folder named JAD, then use winrar ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=%temp% SavePath Setup=%temp%\JAD\install.exe -S -f1%temp%\JAD\setup.iss Silent=1 Overwrite=1 I asked around how to do this for quite a while when i first started here and NEVER got an answer.I came up with this method after some trial and error. And if you dont feel like doing it yourself, Get it HERE OR HERE (this is NOT warez... it is Jad basic (freeware version.)
  6. ms is founded on piracy... making it the biggest pirates of them all.
  7. Vista was purposely leaked. It's cheap advertising. The (internet) media eats this stuff up... everyone from the little girls crying about not getting their MSDN copy 1st to the raving pirates on torrent sites and newsgroups knows that vista is about to be released. And, to be honest, if you plan to buy the OS when it does come out, what's the harm (besides it being [technically] illegal.) Mr Bill Gates (and his nifty MS team ) even provided the temporary crack and key
  8. I have an Asus A8N-SLI Premium. EDIT: Just installed XP Pro SP2 with same results. I am going to flash bios with the latest (beta) version. EDIT#2: Installed beta bios and WHAM!!! I could not oc prior to bios update. I am at 2.8 and 34c. Noticed a HUGE difference. thanks for advise uvmain.
  9. I didn't ask for help with my terminology..... let me be as anal with it as I can... AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 / 2MB Cache / 2000MHz FSB / Socket 939 / Hyper-Transport / Dual-Core / Processor In addition, I updated bios, looked for vista drivers, and reinstalled vista. Now, I am asking here.
  10. yesterday, I had an AMD x2 4400+ installed and recognized by vista. Today, I have an AMD x2 FX-60 and this is what I see Any suggestions?
  11. thanks for answering my question...... I could have done without the lecture though.
  12. I recently started using MCE. I love it so far with one small exception. After opening MCE (on my secondary display [TV,]) I cannot get mouse control back to my primary display (Monitor.) I would like to perform more tasks than only watching a video or flipping channels. Is there a hotkey to get my mouse back on my primary desktop, or am I stuck with the mouse in mce until I close the application? Settings include: svideo connected TV (secondary Display) DVI connected LCD Monitor (primary) to get MCE to open on my tv, I simply opened the app and drug it over onto the tv. (I am running a duaview setup)
  13. SOLVED: I bought a (long needed) Antec 550W PSU, and brought the water cool unit out of the woodwork. CPU temp is way down, and no more overheating video card. All issues have disappeared. Thanks for all help and suggestions. seems that vista is just a bit more demanding than xp, so my hardware was working overtime. watercooling my cpu, video card, and hd was just the medicine it needed. I was barking up the wrong tree with driver issues.

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