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  1. LOL, thats the spirit !!
  2. use console to skin your cmd.exe file goto www.sourceforge.net and search for console, its a great app !
  3. Yes, I have tried RealBasic, and in theory its like using Visual Basic and C++ I've used it to make menu systems for Media centers and such
  4. Well, considering 2003 is for Servers, its probably only best used for that purpose only, maybe dedicated game servers aswell. If you need to use a Microsoft OS, XP should be used for general purpose gaming. I know thats not helping, but yeah.
  5. Erm... You CAN run games on Linux, and you CAN run filesharing on linux... not that i'm preaching or converting here peoples
  6. Just goto the Dyno and setup your car there, its easy to do
  7. Modding an Xbox is like modding a computer. Bring on the flames I say... lol
  8. Foobar2k for me But if your after a nice Library based music player look no futher than MusikCube
  9. Hahahaha, I'm pretty sure thats how the X-Box SHOULD have looked like.
  10. Paint to the rescue ! Ok, the last bit looks good, but I mean, just like what gamehead200 said, its a bit odd that you should put those four lines of text !
  11. Your answers are awesome, no doubt about that
  12. In my opinion, I think that XPlode takes the cake, and runs off with it and eats it before all the other ones find him... erm... Anyways, I've used both WPI and W.A.I.T and for me XPlode has more functionality than both of those (My opinion only peoples !) and its not that hard to learn simple XML just as what X-Savior stated, just follow the examples, test them, and wallah ! XPlode for me, but otherwise WPI and W.A.I.T are both very good programs aswell

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