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  1. No I didn't publish my theme, I'll compress it and post it on here for ya ... Just PM me if you don't hear from me for a while, I'm very busy some days
  2. I absolutely love litestep, I actually have it installed on my 98 box custom made interface
  3. Uh.. my guess is that its a KVM switch Running multiple computers from the one monitor My guess is wrong... Wouldn't that be just like running some form of terminal service? And running dumb terminals... By looking at a picture on their site, it looks like it is some form of server and dumb terminal network
  4. In that case, worrying about a 24 bit card is useless. Thats just me though.
  5. The processing power of your pc to the 24-bit probably doesn't meet up to it, thats about all I can gather?!
  6. I can imagine how fast California Games runs in pure dos 6.2 when 80 cores comes out, tee hee!
  7. :| (yes yes, i know, stupid post, but still :|)
  8. hahaha, thats awesome!
  9. Used the search recently? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=73247 Thanks. And its Ad, not add Boy am I being picky today, OH WELL!
  10. There is a way to install it Remember the ol' "Install Live Messenger" on 2000 hack? Do the same with this file. Unfortunately I remove all installation programs when I'm finished with them I'll look around and see if people have done the same
  11. You should be able to do a simple upgrade me thinks
  12. Would anybody like some tea and scones? CAKE TROLLEY EVERYBODY!!!! ooh.. chocolate
  13. They use some form of cache or compression in one way or another, like that evil google accelerator program! It caches pages from links on the page your looking at, so it comes up quicker... Only downside is that it caches a whoooole lot more than what you would look up, mainly chewing up bandwidth and if you have a download cap, it might go over faster than expected. In a delightful manner of answering your question. No, they don't increase it. Only hinder it.
  14. I wish my mediagate could connect to my 360 I don't use my 360 for pictures/videos, although I put some of my music onto my 360 for in-game music purposes Mediagate + 500gig = happiness
  15. Twas on a site, that I heard it got installed via VS... I know its a seperate download sdcc.sf.net but still.
  16. Media Connect won't allow you to play videos, only music/pictures. You need a full-blown MCE box to utilise videos
  17. Wrong The xbox360 can connect to any pc that is running Windows Media Connect http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...ices/wmconnect/ I have it installed on a 2000 Workstation box, so it should work for a server
  18. SDCC is installed with Visual Studio, do you have that installed?

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