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  1. Ahh, shoot - it's actually allright, when the icon looks good
  2. Is there a way to force the favorites' custom icons not to show whenever a site is loaded? I know I can set the default in the folder options > file types, but custom icons still show when loading a 'new' site. Thanks
  3. Some time ago I found a website through which you could login to your MSN Messenger account without having to install any software, but back then I just tried it out and decided to install the client instead. Now I could really use that website since I rarely use the client and don't want it running, but still want to be able to use MSN Messenger. So does anyone of you know of that site? EDIT: Actually, don't need it anyway. The MSN client doesn't use as much memory as I though, so I'll just keep it running logged off
  4. Allright. Besides not knowing what RTM means, - I get the point So it'll be good idea to stick to MSFN.org and read through the Vista issues etc. so I'm ready to make it work when time comes
  5. Hi, I'm looking forward to using Vista a lot and will buy it as soon as a final version is out, so for now I'm just trying to get answers to how tweaking works in Vista compared to XP. In other words - does the freeware tweaking applications out there, like TweakUI, TweakFX etc. work with Vista? Took a look in the 'Vista Tips and Tweaks' thread above, but that doesn't look too good when compared to tweaks available for XP... so not the same I guess ? - Jon

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