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  1. Can anyone make me an addon of Audioshell 1.35 Link To Official Website http://www.softpointer.com/AudioShell.htm Thnx in advance...
  2. maybe he has a language problem dude.......everyone does not know english u know
  3. Can this tweak be added in nlite (I know it can be added by various other methods like runonce etc., but seeing this in nlite would be gr8) ;Places My Computer Above My Documents on Desktop [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103}] "SortOrderIndex"=dword:00000054 actually this is the only custom tweak i add every time i make an nlited OS, all the other tweaks i need are in nlite so it will be so kind of you nuhi if you add this in nlite :-) Thnx
  4. Can someone take this request Please? Subtitle Workshop BETA 4 http://www.urusoft.net/downloads.php?lang=1 Thnx in advance
  5. man i would love to know what software are u using to show that album art/album info and lyrics like that in xp, i also liked that toolbar thingy in xp.....what software is that? ur vista one is also mindblowing..... :-)
  6. Thnx a lot dude, i didnt know about that Cheers!
  7. HI, Ive got a feature request for nlite, Can we have a section where custom registry tweaks can be added? This would be an awesome addition....... Hoping this request will be considered.....Thanks
  8. Madhav

    uTorrent Icon.

    yeah geek is right...thats what i meant yeah and they are fine with me as well......but i thought matching those other icons/bmps (inside the program) with the same style which he used to make the above icon would make it look better......still okay with me though
  9. Madhav

    uTorrent Icon.

    that is so awesome, would love to see this in the next xpize version oh btw can u also make the toolbar icons, tab icons, status icons etc..?....
  10. i mean can i use any retail version of Vista (My friend's which is Vista Ultimate the same as mine), and then use my serial number and then use the above method to activate posted by neo.....???? oh btw neo the link to the utilities in that post doesnt work.......can you reupload?
  11. so u mean i can use any vista dvd and use my genuine serial number and my OS will be Legal?
  12. Hey Guys, I purchased a new laptop Compaq v3000 series with licensed windows vista earlier this year, i haven't received any recovery cd for windows vista, now i need to format my computer because of some reasons, can u please advice what to do, I have my original serial key.
  13. Downloaded and tested it yesterday, The stripped down OS is installed on my laptop and everything seems perfect. I Appreciate your Hard Work, Thanks :-) Take Care

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