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  1. Your best bet would be to google around untill someone who knows about this replys Only saying that because i haven't got a clue mate lol
  2. What a good accident Welcome to MSFN
  3. If you want my opinion go for the MCSA mate i am trying to motivate myself to get it aswell i have just got hold of some learning software with movies so i might start soon because i dont just want to read text all the time Maybe take a cisco exam if you are interested in networking as well Hope that helps
  4. Hey guys, Been a long time since ive posted hope your all ok Anywho, i need a quickish response if possible I have an audio track which has singing over the top of it, pritty much a normal song Is there any software out there when you can keep the beat and tune in the background and get rid of the singing Cheers Guys
  5. You might be better off posting in the Windows XP Forum. Some people have been able to remove the genuine tool in Add/Remove programs If it isnt in there then i dont know because i dont have that problem
  6. Will this stop tasks that are in Windows own Scheduled Task Program?
  7. Me again, I have a scheduled task to run at 09:00 Monday - Friday Say i have a day off and i dont want it to run is there a VB or a shortcut or something that i can click that will skip todays scanning and let it continue as normal the next day Thanks
  8. I have been hunting around for a while now and i cant seem to find the answer. Can i run my VBScript that has the shell.sendkeys command in it when my pc is locked? Thanks
  9. Yeah ill keep that in mind. After opening it many times it always seems to be in the same place. Thanks for your help RogueSpear
  10. Tryed that autoit couldnt work it out. I know you can do mouse moves with a macro so unless i just make an exe macro and tell it to run that So the vb opens another vb that opens a macro that runs and then closes. Sound good?
  11. Basically i want the mouse to move to a certain place on the screen say xxx,xxx then perform a left click in that area I then will open up a right click context menu by doing shift+F10 and use the arrow keys to make my selection Does anyone know some code that will move the mouse to a place on the screen and then click the left mouse button. Thanks guys
  12. Hey guys, I have made a VBS that will run an application then tab its way through the options to start a scan of my system off. I am after a box or a notice or something that will sit on my screen telling me how long it has left (How long the VBScript has left not the program itself) I have used the WScript.Sleep 1800000 so my machine will allow 30minutes for the scan to complete and then tab through the options again to close the program. Because i know the VBScript it is set to last for 30 minutes then close the program and end the script i know that it wont go over that does anyone know of any VBScript code that will allow me to have a timer somewhere on the screen that counts down from 30:00 Minutes when the script is run? Thanks alot
  13. This might seem like a long shot I have made a macro to do certain tasks and then restart. When I log in another program runs to do a final check. Basically I want to be able to make something to log the system on at 15:00pm do the check and then I will make a scheduled task at 15:30pm to lock the machine. Thanks
  14. I am doing a project for my studies at college, I am finding out what people use their mobile phones for this is mainly aimed at people in the UK as the prices are in £ but if you want to convert it to $ or other currencys please do. Thank you for your time. Link
  15. I use, Other - google.co.uk But really sometimes you use what ever search engine works as sometimes i cant get onto google but mainly i use google because i have Gmail as well and their google search inside your mail is good it saves me so much time

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