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  1. not needed for windows updates either... http://windizupdate.com/ - firefox + their extension
  2. may well NOT be related to nLite, i'm just checking. can someone with xp and nLite 1.3 or one of the 1.3 RC builds check to see if they have this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy\History does the "history" key exist? are you getting a 1047 error in event viewer in the application log?
  3. nuhi rox! features for 1.4 eh? tweaks: display local zone (my computer) on the security tab of the internet properties UI ability to set basic default security options for IE (low, med, high, etc) for all zones ability to make the "search for file and folders" app search for text strings in ALL file extensions (see method 2 here: http://www.petri.co.il/windows_xp_search_bug.htm) set default save location (instead of having the "save as" dialog go to "my documents" all the time) and for the big finale... get rid of that blasted "my documents" folder shortcut that's on top of the list (split pane view) in every explorer window you open. would be good to be able to set the default directory when you run explorer too instead of having it start in "my documents".
  4. @Borec - you say you do not use IE. If you happen to be using Firefox and you want to keep your installation up to date, you have yet another option, see: http://windowsupdate.62nds.com/ WHOOPS!!! Strike that! Only works with english version
  5. i don't thinks so. he's getting a typical "this app modified that one", which is a typical alert. i understand exactly why in some instances, but not others.
  6. you're probably going to get that a LOT using Comodo (i use it myself). pay particular attention to WHERE it's sending the packet. you can always do whois. i only understand these messages partially; for instance, if you open your email client and click on a hyperlink, the client will launch the browser with a parameter and Comodo will warn you (depending on how you have the alerts configured). in your case, i don't know what's happening and i suggest going to the Comodo forums. this is something i need to research myself because i get a lot of similar warnings. Comodo is really a decent up and coming firewall/malware tool though. i like it a lot.
  7. http://www.liberatedgames.org/ http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/ http://www.answers.com/topic/list-of-open-source-games http://action.cubers.net/
  8. i heard it put best by a fella who said that the OS is supposed to run the hardware not the other way around. no, i will not be "upgrading".
  9. atomizer


    it would be a nightmare i think, unless you're only referring to windows components. if you mean 3rd party s/w, OUCH! i gotta say that i love the Linux installers though, like you said, with some you start with the minimum and then build on that instead of the other way around. with windows i'd guess it'd be a lot harder though because of all the dependencies. that's one of the things that's always bugged me a bit with nLite; you actually HAVE to read the descriptions in order to prevent removing something that something else depends on. for instance, you can easily remove IE, then keep something that needs it, so you just broke that app. if you start with nothing but the core OS and build on that, that would make it more of an "intelligent" app, if you will.
  10. i think that refers to either the "Remote Procedure Call" or the "Remote Procedure Call Locator" services. check those.
  11. just a reminder to nuhi if you want to fix this... if you boot the OS and don't log on before the screensaver, you can't log on at all and have to reboot. also, something is screwy with the screensaver and password protect -- i can never get the password option to work, even though i don't set it in nLite (as i think you suggested a while back). also, question: do you HAVE to format the partition if you set 'documents and settings' to another physical drive?
  12. i do, yes. i forgot about this post i think what might of happened is that i ran nLite on an already nLite'd directory by accident. i have it working fine now. still stumped as to why i couldn't create permissions on the registry keys though. never had a problem there before. thanks nuhi!
  13. this is a first... Several times before i integrated drivers for both my VIA and Promise SCSI/RAID controllers and never had a problem. This time nLite generated an error for both drivers because it was unable to open the 2 associated registry keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\NliteTempReg\ControlSet001\Services\fasttx2k HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\NliteTempReg\ControlSet001\Services\viamraid There were no permissions set for any users of either key. Although nLite didn't offer the option of setting up permissions before continuing the build, i tried to add system and administrator permissions manually just to make sure i could and i was not able to do so. I just integrated both drivers successfully a day or 2 ago using the same build of nLite. The only thing i did different this time was to remove a LOT of windows components (i'm building a USB mem stick installation). I checked the driver entries in 'last session.ini' against the 'last session.ini' from the install i did a couple days ago and they are identical. The only thing i can think of that may have triggered a problem was that i selected a driver for integration, then changed my mind and deleted the entry (from the UI, not from the actual ini file). see attached While i'm at it, i had another error the other day when i was working with nLite. I had just started and i think i forgot to integrate a service pack or something, so i did that with Ryans' tool, then went back in nLite and refreshed the source files view and it generated a memory error (i think) and crashed. LAST_SESSION.INI
  14. heh, i didn't think of that. the hashes match sorry for the trouble.
  15. i d/l'd that earlier today and there was no directory list functionality, force delete, and others were missing. i d/l'd it again and the contents of the archive were the same. uninstalled/reinstalled and all the functionality is restored. this is on a fresh xp install. the MD5/CRC signatures never match those posted however. this is mine: BB13F647E786CF6743A7F36DB4C060C5

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