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  1. Why don't you folks in countries other than the U.S. try one of the following: 1. Have a friend in the U.S. purchase it for you in the U.S. then send it to you. 2. Purchase from one of the on-line U.S. places on the net, have it shipped to a friend in the U.S. then have the friend send it to you. 3. Same as #2 above but instead have it shipped straight to you. This may mean you pay extra import tax or something in some countries, where as #2 above in those cases will be less expensive. 4. If your going to be in the U.S. (vacation, visit relatives, work, etc...) buy it while your here. Better y
  2. @croc, I'm sorry. I thought you were speaking about the price increasing AFTER it got to Australia, I didn't realize you were speaking about the MS set price. In that case it has to do with greed, or what MS thinks the market will bear -OK they are both greed, one just sounds more politically correct then the other.
  3. WoW! thats horrible. Its got nothing to do with a free trade agreement, what it has to do with is the Australian market place has increased the price. Its a $180 increase over the U.S. price. I checked, the import cost was around $10.00 (USD) per unit (each boxed copy), the rest of what you seeing is an increase that the Australian market place has tacked on. So its not Vista Ultimate screwing you, its the Australian market screwing you.
  4. (Not considering any 'work arounds' or 'hacks') I think MS disabled the ability to do a clean install from an upgrade version didn't they? Used to be an upgrade version of windows asked to see a previous version before continuing, then it did a full clean install, but I do believe this capability has been removed for Vista.
  5. I know a couple of software engineers in Australia who used the address of a friend here in the U.S., they received theirs, it was sent to the address of the friend in the U.S. - who sent it to them in Australia.
  6. @Tassadaru I'm was looking around for something that you might try for ICS, haven't really found anything yet. This is probably because there isn't really any replacement for ICS because ICS is a MS innovation that is built into the OS.
  7. Yes, some of these utilities say they do but they really don't simply because they can't really. What they try to do is disable the autotune which in the beginning people claimed cause the 4226. This was based upon something that occured during the beta when autotune wasn't working correctly (it was a beta after all). In the RTM these utilities do not increase the number of TCP/IP connections. Besides the way this works is there is no need to increase this as the limit of 10 in reality only affects connections that do not respond or time out during the TCP/IP hand shaking process - if all the
  8. Try installing logged in as the admin
  9. The website quit working after the enrolement period was over. I haven't checked yet if i got mine or not. the email said 6 - 8 weeks after launch,,,,so when is that?
  10. are you talking about a low level format? Thats a little different from a regular format. Most HD manufactures have a utility that will help out with a low level format. Have you tried the manufactures web site? I know WD for example had such a utility, and maxtor did. But...I think you are talking about a regular full format, aren't you? If so, when you boot on the DVD there is a way to get to the command prompt, I think thru repair, can't remember right now but its around the forum somewhere. Anyway, after you get to the command prompt you can do a full format from there. Or if you have a W
  11. There is a big difference between "It works" and 100% compatable or even just compatable. Yes, it works, so it may be 100% compatable with things like, it runs, it produces a window, it doesn't normally crash, basic functions operate without problems.... it isn't 100% compatable with the TCP/IP in Vista...as in a previous post - "net.max_halfopen == 4/default is 8, bt.connect_speed == 4/default is 20" - the ability of a third party application to change these values is NOT compatable with the TCP/IP stack in Vista. So lets qualify the term '100% compatable' - yes its 100% compatable as far as
  12. Sometimes, for some reason, don't know why, some drivers can do this. Something else too is indexing and defrag, Vista tries to run these when it thinks the machine is idle. One of the partial solutions for the indexing is to let Vista completly index everything, or exclude certain drives from indexing (not recommended for the Vista install drive). Go in and tell it to index and then just wait until its finished. The follow on indexing spurts will be shorter in duration and much less frequent, unless you do a lot of changes with adding, moving, and removing stuff. And...yes there is a way to
  13. Concerning P2P applications in XP and Vista; "theese lockups were NEVER happening on my Windows XP machine." You found part of the problem right there. Your P2P application was made for winXP which used a implementation of TCP/IP, while adhereing to the standards for the most part it was implemented differently. Just because a P2P application made for winXP installs in Vista and seems to work doesn't mean it does everything its supposed to do properly. As an example; "net.max_halfopen == 4/default is 8, bt.connect_speed == 4/default is 20" An application could do this in winXP, but an applic
  14. I didn't realize this was becomming such a wide spread problem for people. I think its important to understand something concerning P2P applications, the real issue is that a problem doesn't really exist to being with. By this I mean that, using Windows as an example (not necessairly Vista), or even connection and internet/intranet operating systems in general, when using these systems they function according to the standards used for their TCP/IP interfaces - drivers - etc.... There is nothing wrong with the TCP/IP stack in Vista. Thats right, i'll say it again - there is nothing wrong with t
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