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  1. Just to answer my own question, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS\ShowStartSearchBand=0 will set the companion as default instead of desktop search.
  2. After a 6 month trial on a P4 2.8GHz with 2GB RAM and a GeForce 7800, I re-installed XP a couple of days ago. I liked Vista, but it just wasn't fast enough with my older build. And there's still something wrong with file copy, because every now and then, a very small (kb) file will take minutes to copy. I'll install it on my next system and see if things go better with a multi-core processor.
  3. It used to be that when I would right-click on a directory and select "search", I'd be presented with the standard Windows search. However, after installing Desktop Search 4 (I needed better search functionality in Outlook), I now get the Windows Desktop Search. I then have to scroll down and click "Click here to use the Search Companion." I want a right-click on directory to go straight to the "Search Companion". I don't want to see the Windows Desktop Search. Anyway to do this?
  4. I need a software that can backup a large directory (~25GB) to multiple DVD discs. It sounds easy enough, but I'm having a hell of a time finding anything that actually works. I tried comodo backup, it sucks. I tried AceBackup 2, it didn't work either. Both of them will write to one DVD, then stop without asking for a new disc. I need incremental support, and the files to be backed up non-encrypted and not compressed. What is there that actually works?
  5. The problem turned out to be a drive emulation mode (SATA->PATA) in the BIOS. After disabling this option, windows once again claimed the C: drive.
  6. I'm installing Windows XP on a new motherboard with a new HDD. It is appearing as the H drive. I want C drive. Any help?
  7. This is Pro, SP2. And both users are part of the administrators group.
  8. I have a deskjet 3650. I have a problem that when duplex printing, after the even numbered pages are printed, the dialog to re-insert the pages appears on the wrong user account. It appears on the first user account logged in rather than the user that is printing. I contacted HP support and they said it was a permissions problems and that I need to: The problem is I do not have a "securities" tab, so HP says it can't offer support.
  9. I have Vista's outbound firewall turned on. I can't get Media Center to connect to the Internet. It works if I turn off outbound protection. "Media Center Extenders" is checked in the exceptions tab. ehshell.exe has full access mcx2prov.exe has full access The system is given access to remote TCP port 10244 svchost is given access to remote TCP/UDP ports 2177, 1900 Any suggestions?
  10. I agree, which is why I am posting here before trying any of the above mentioned applications. Can you be more specific? Basically, I need to be able to print to my home office printer from the road, and access a drive.
  11. How can I access my files and printers from my home office over the Internet while on the road? Of course, freeware solutions are always preferable.
  12. EDIT: Actually, the drag and drop doesn't work. It simply states "If the files in the existing folder have the same name as files in the folder you are moving or copying, they will be replaced. Do you still want to move or copy the folder? [yes] [yes to all] [no] [cancel]" If I click no, the operations is aborted.
  13. I have a folder with lots of subfolders and lots of files, called folder1. I have a copy of the above folder, with additional files, called folder2. I want to copy the files from folder2 to folder1, but without replacing existing copies in folder1. How?
  14. I'm running RC1 and absolutely love it. I'm running a 2.8 Northwood with 1GB DDR and a ATI9800Pro and the speed is superb. Things I don't like so far: I had problems with IE7 displaying overlapping text while scrolling, but I am a Firefox user anyway, and only used IE7 to download FF. I also don't like the redundant security dialog boxes. A dialog will pop up stating that an executable is being blocked, then another dialog box will pop up asking how to deal with the problem, and a third box will pop up asking for the Admin password. Ugh. These kinds of alerts really need to be consolidated into a single dialog.

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