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  1. Thinking of getting a new laptop but baffled by all te processor types available. A opinions to which would be the most reliable and give good performance. my old laptop is only a couple of years old and shows signs of age (slow compared to my core 2 desktop! Budget around the £500 mark Thanks
  2. i too was constantly annoyed by the incessent interuptions of User Account Control so i downloaded and installed the http://www.replaceuac.com/ utility recommended by noguru. however i have uninstalled this as it was interfeering more than M$ UAC!!
  3. Pen and paper - write it down. store it somewheres safe! or try http://www.lostpassword.com/word.htm
  4. I'm .cgi ! Clint _ I had trouble copy and pasting also so i cheated and uploaded a gif file as attachment - works for me!
  5. So how did you manage to do this as well! I am intregued!
  6. plugged the hdd in the spare comp. started it up nd went straight to BIOS nadia it just listed the spare comps drive. zilch on the second dead hd yes I did set it to slave !! guess its a gonner RIP!
  7. jaclaz Thanks for that info. What confuses me though is the disk worked fine as a back up BEFORE i used disk defragger. so wonder if its hardware or software related issue???? i'm gonna try what you sugested to see what happens
  8. Thanks guys No its a desktop 3 1/2" I'll try and hook the disk as a slave to my dev pc and see if that does anything. any sugestions a sto data recovery tools available? Thanks
  9. FI-NO –noun a pale, very dry sherry of Spain.
  10. I backed up my desktop files to a external drive via USB cable. all went well. dont know why but i defragged the external drive. now the drive will start to spin, then fail. I cant see the drive in 'my computer' on the desktop do you think the disk is now U S? Is there any way of recovering this data - except paying an arm and leg Thanks I have googled this and no joy - hence trying here
  11. LIDO A term meaning resort often used to describe a particular deck, usually where pools are located. cruises.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Cruise_Ship_Vocabulary
  12. JUDA nounan ancient kingdom of southern Palestine with Jerusalem as its center
  13. RA-SA Pronunciation Key - [ruhs-uh] –noun (in Hindu aesthetics) flavor, sentiment, or emotion: regarded as one of the fundamental qualities of classical music, dance, and poetry. [Origin: 1790–1800; < Skt rasa sap, fluid, essence ]
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