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  1. What media player do you like? Personally, I use Amarok whenever possible, but it only works on UNIX-like systems (e.g. Linux). When I'm on Linux, I use either iTunes or WMP, depending on my mood. Poll edited. Winamp added. --Zxian
  2. Sounds to me like Vienna will be no more than what they hoped Longhorn to be in the first place. Blackcomb's been in the works for a long time (e.g. 1998 or so). It has always been seen as a huge upgrade of Windows, much bigger than win95. There's an old video (circa 1999) on YouTube of the 3D interface Microsoft was hoping to put into Blackcomb. But now, with it being renamed to Veinna, it may not be as big.
  3. Discussion/promoting cracks is not allowed here. I am reporting this thread. Hopefully it will be closed and the original message edited.
  4. you really think we still have such an old build running here on msfn...? IPB is nearly finished developing version 2.2 and we are running 2.1.x here on msfn... And another thing is... that site is using a lot of hacks... and those hacks might have exploits... So the statement that all the IPB boards are "providing" a virus to its users only applies to that site. I hate when they do that... using 1.3 is really taking your life into your own hands, especially on a big board.
  5. I've been a bit curious lately. If memory serves, I think it was about this time in XP's between testing and RTM stage that news began to leak about "Longhorn". Now that Longhorn/Vista is almost out, has anyone heard anything yet about the next next version of Windows, codenamed "Vienna" (formerly "Blackcomb")?
  6. I've been a member of BetaPlace and then connect for a few years and have tested a few small projects (like Microsoft Graphing Calculator, which I think is now bundled with something or another, and Windows Live Mail from the start [you should have seen it a year ago compared to now]), so maybe I'll be lucky. And I surely hope it goes to beta before 2010... they promised they wouldn't take five years to do this again! According to everyone's favorite wiki, it is due 2008-2012, but I doubt it will be before '10 unless they get on the ball real soon. But anyway, being an early CPP tester of this and a very long time tester of the new Hotmail, maybe they'll invite me. And I checked the Connect site more than once... but there was never an option to try out for Vista.
  7. Maybe I can get on with Vienna when it goes to Connect Although the chances of them doing this with Vienna are astronomically low...
  8. Dang it. I jumped on at Beta 2... not via connect, though. And I didn't really test it until 5536, and by then, it was hard to find actual bugs
  9. Considering that on OpenOffice.org, I believe that I read it takes 1-2 hours on a good modern *nix machine to compile, I'd say 12 hours for an OS like Vista with its ultra-complex code and thousands of lines of comments But just a guess
  10. WBHoenig


    And apparently the entire world has the crack to make RTM work with RC2 keys (not me). And the poster of this message could have an MSDN subscription, couldn't he?
  11. lol I think xper saw this; he posted it today on MSFN. http://www.msfn.org/comments.php?shownews=18740
  12. Saw this on a website a few minutes ago... For those of you using Firefox, go to the about page and click credits. Look at one of the guys in the 'C' section:
  13. Yes, I can. Piracy is unacceptable no matter how expensive it is. Just because I can't afford a private Learjet doesn't mean that I will steal one. By no means is Vista a necessity; that low-wage hacker could get a full blown Linux-based OS for FREE, and it would probably be higher quality that Vista anyway. By the way: if I am correct, promoting piracy violates the ToS. I didn't even try to read your second post, so I can't comment on it. Sorry. I do agree though with the logic that cheaper prices = less piracy = more $€₤¥ for Microsoft.
  14. That's absurd! Over $700 right now; $300 more than the US price!
  15. I don't mind it that much at all and I don't see why people are starting flame wars over Vista's start button. It did take some getting used to, however. But I really like the new start menu.
  16. I don't think there is anything you can do in boot.ini as Vista uses a whole new system. It should have put its system in place workingly, though. What Vista build are you using (please don't say RTM/6000)?
  17. Either that or his XP installation is slow because of huge numbers of autoruns, disk not defragged, cache is filled up, etc. Hehe, I'm on a two-year-old high-end laptop (so now low-to-medium end) and Vista runs much faster here and I keep my installations nice and clean (e.g. reformat every month). Needless to say, I've never gotten along very well with XP. 2003 is a great OS, though, and the kernel is very similar to Vista's.
  18. Ugghhh... I hate piracy.
  19. I don't really care (whichever one wins is what I'll use), but if I had to take sides, I'd choose Bluray.
  20. Once a month or so. XP is about that (because it is the worst OS ever) and Vista is usually just when a new build comes out that I can legally get (once a month or so, although no new builds are coming out besides 6000). I can easily get away with 3-6 on Ubuntu.
  21. Ogg Theora coupled with Ogg Vorbis video - or anything that DOESN'T support DRM.
  22. Of course it's real! Just like the one where Bill Gates emailed me from his new business-partner center in Nigeria saying that if I forward this email to ten people, he will know he can trust me and dump quadrillions of dollars from a foreign account into my account
  23. Apparently Thurrott thinks that they will actually be... get this; I don't think I'll be saying this again any time soon... ON TIME!!!
  24. Been running it for a while - so much better than IE7 - but I think I like FF1.5 better. The old theme is better (although I just changed themes) and it just seemed more stable. Also, I liked RSS better the old way. Great browser though.

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