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  1. Mouse Focus Problems

    You could try Tweak UI from MS Powertoys
  2. Missing Program Files Folder

    There is a setting in "Unattended"/"General" tab titled "Program files path". Did you perhaps change to a "custom" path?
  3. Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]

    It is not Freeware.
  4. I have not done this but I think you have to edit the MST file, not edit the box in the wizard.
  5. Driver installation help

    For these drivers:- NVIDIA Forceware 93.71 WHQL ViewSonic LCD Monitor Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 VIA VT6105L Ethernet Driver which have more than one inf file. just select any one of them in the folder and nLite wil sort it from there. If you try to select another inf in the same folder, nLite will inform you that all the inf files are already selected. For things like:- Logitech Dual Action Gamepad HP Deskjet 3840 I install after installation as I don't know how to integrate them. Eddie.
  6. Office 2007 prices at Amazon.de.
  7. Amazon pricing at Winfuture.de:- * Windows Vista Home Basic: 259 € * Windows Vista Home Premium: 329 € * Windows Vista Business: 419 € * Windows Vista Ultimate: 549 € Office 2007 prices at Amazon.de
  8. Vista RTM has been faked...

    I'm with you. I want my CPU to put 100% into starting the OS, not running fancy graphics.
  9. Integrate and remove drivers?

    Thanks Nuhi and thanks for nLite.
  10. Integrate and remove drivers?

    Every time I use nLite, I integrate LAN, SATA and Graphics drivers. I also keep them in the Components/Drivers section. Is this necessary? Thanks, Eddie.
  11. Need some help after creating image

    Yes, the ISO is bootable. I do not use Nero but I would think there is an option to "burn ISO" Eddie.
  12. Update for XP SP2 Audio

    Hi, Only if required- "Audio playback does not play the audio file from the correct position after you pause it, and you randomly receive a Stop error message when you try to play audio files in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)" All the information is in KB article Eddie.