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  1. http://www.windowsitpro.com/windowspaulthu...rott_94132.html Wow. Do you trust Paul Thurrott?
  2. RTM stands for Release to Manfacturing. It is the final build of Vista; the version that eventually ships out to the public. According to Paul Thurrott, it is scheduled to be created next week (possibly tomorrow, even), but not distributed yet. Welcome to MSFN
  3. Good ol' Microsoft. Heck, ENIAC could crack the password, however, the US would probably be on a different electrical voltage system before it did crack it, rendering ENIAC's effort useless
  4. Erm... no. But I do use Windows Live Mail, and I have since it entered private beta testing and Microsoft sent me an invitation. I might look into this. Thanks for posting
  5. I used Ubuntu Linux as my primary OS for about three months and loved it. My only two drawbacks are Dreamweaver and Microsoft Flight Simulator. But actually, the new EULA is not like people claim, because that number of '1' is refreshed every time you transfer it. Basically, it ensures that you cannot install it on one PC, then uninstall it from there and reinstall it on forty-seven different machines at once.
  6. RC2 is by far less stable for me, too... what's up, Microsoft? This should be near RTM "quality"! From what I know, by the way, RTM will be bumbed up to 6000 so it looks better. And the version texts on all these are kinda funny, e.g. 5782 was listed as 'RC1' in the text in the bottom-right area of the desktop, and the EULA still says RC1, yet this says RTM.
  7. I haven't noticed any difference yet between this one and 5728... or for that matter 5600 or even 5536.
  8. I'll check my hotmail vigilantly, then - I have a history beta-testing with Microsoft and they tend to send me emails as soon as these things open up. Or maybe I can be really lucky and get onboard with the Connect program tonight.
  9. Ooohh... Need to stay tuned for the next couple of days!
  10. PHP for me - but I don't know much Python. I do like what I do know about it, though, so my bias for php probably comes from that fact that I am fluent in it.
  11. yep Click Here Sorry, I meant can you even make it your default browser? I run PFF on my flash drive!
  12. Microsoft has gotten me temporarily away from Linux with these near-RC1 builds, which I thought was impossible, and really impressed me. They deserve credit for that
  13. Portable Firefox? Can you even do that?
  14. I've noticed that for a while - probably because Dell is a local buisness here. They're based in Round Rock, which is a 'burb of Austin, where I live. I can't say that Dell isn't evil, though! Their laptops are the worst! Their desktops are okay; all school is filled with both Dell desktops and laptops. They have the desktops running just fine and honestly they are some of the best XP-based computers I've ever run, but the laptops are pure ****.
  15. I believe it will work until March-ish time next year and no, it wont work on RTM Regards Nath I meant for the buisness versions.
  16. No, one build since RC1, but 128 higher build number. And the build number I believe is computer generated and doesn't per se mean a lot was fixed. In fact, this build is a minor update from 5600. Don't expect the sidebar to be fixed at all come RTM... especially since RTM is expected for next month. This is quite possibly the last pre-RTM build.
  17. Thanks! Downloading right now.
  18. For remote desktop, the procedure is identicle to that of XP.
  19. My Paul Thurrott RSS feed in Firefox updated with a screenshot gallery for the latest Vista build, 5728. Does anyone know if it will be avalible to CPP'ers?
  20. They already ran out. They are coming up with more, somehow.
  21. I think Microsoft will start giving out keys soon again.
  22. I'm pretty sure you can't, but in case you haven't already figured out that username and password are your username and password on the remotely access computer.

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