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  1. Hmm... without .htaccess it is impossible to enable register globals... What is your host (just wondering)?
  2. It's similiar to Wikimedia, but very different. I wonder if he programed it himself? Probably the best part (although these forums are close) of MSFN.
  3. http://www.100webspace.com/ You get PHP and a MySQL database
  4. I used to run XP Pro on my computer but switched to 2003 because it seems far more stable (actually much faster on my hardware). I used to use Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition on XP and really liked its features. When I switched, I just gave it up. However, I just bought a Pocket PC for my new cell phone and would like to use the Plus! features for it. Does anyone know how to do the Windows 2003/Plus! combination?
  5. My friend and I just recently started a new forum at http://TechTalkToday.co.nr and invite you to join. It is a community for discussing the latest in gaming and technology. We don't need moderators yet, but if we start getting a good bit of members, we will hire! Come and join!
  6. I think I'll wait till SP1 to use IE7. Stick with Firefox before that.
  7. Thanks! I used the first suggestion; the second wouldn't work for me. I tried to type this message out using IE7, didn't work. Stopped letting me type in the middle of this post. I am back to Firefox. Besides, I didn't like the layout of IE7. This forum offers better support than all of Microsoft combined.
  8. I am currently a FireFox user and am happy to be one. However, when Paul Thurrott said that IE7 Beta 2 was an excellent step forward and that it was now publicably avalible from the MSFT website, I decided to give it a shot. I am running Windows Server 2003 SP1 on my laptop (excellent performance... for some reason better than XP ever did) and it doesn't want to install. It will only go on XP SP2 systems. I tried looking through the extracted files for some 'setup.msi' file or something to put on XP compatibility mode (rarely works... but thought I'd give it a shot) and couldn't find one. Has anyone tried to do this, also? And possibly gotten it to work?
  9. I use it on a laptop but that laptop has a 3GHz Pentium 4.
  10. Wolf7448, it is fixed. It is being balanced by Harry Potter. And I don't have the money for a new computer. God knows I want one, though.
  11. Now that I have my computer going again, I recently (today) decided to install Win Server 2003 on my computer for many reasons that I care not to elucidate on right now. I followed the MSFN guide and it all worked perfectly. Now, I am having a different problem. We are sharing a printer (Canon i550) among our workgroup. I installed the printer and print sharing, and shared the printer. When I went over to the other computer, the printer was there from the last installation and had connected. I went to word and tried to print something. It acted like it couldn't connect to the computer and obviously didn't print.
  12. If that doesn't work, I'd just re-format and re-install XP. Or use your OEM disks.
  13. Actually, if one of the chips is bad, then it'll bring down the whole system regardless. You'd have to check one at a time to see if one or the other is faulty. Regardless, it doesn't sound like a RAM problem. Like others have said, it's either a heat or power supply issue. Oh... actually on second thought, it could be something else entirely... This is going to sound wierd, but hear me out. I just googled that model number and saw the pics of what it looks like. I had a classmate who bought a model that looks the same as that one. He said that he had a problem with random shutdowns/reboots as well. To make a long story short, apparently Toshiba had failed to properly shield the metal case of the laptop from the electronics inside. Simply touching the metal where your wrists would lie might throw the computer off and make it hard shutdown. A call to Toshiba and a (free) shipment to the repair center solved the problem (they replaced that top panel). I think that it is the overheat problem. Right now I'm running McAfee (one of the programs that shut the thing down) with my computer being balanced (watched closely by me) by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is working just fine as of now.
  14. Pretty much normal, although now that you mention it, the fan has been a bit louder lately than usual. I doubt it is a bad ram chip, as I have 2 256mb chips. Unless both are bad, then I should be able to fall back on the other if one is bad. That narrows it down to two.
  15. I haven't posted here in forever, so here I go. I hope that this is in the correct forum. I have a Toshiba P15-S420 laptop with Windows XP Pro (it came w/ XP Home, but I formatted my HD and installed pro the very second that I got it). I have been pretty happy with it for the 1.5 years I've had it. Over the last three months, however, it has been very problematic. It started out that whenever I was on my final approach with Microsoft Flight Simulator, the computer would just turn off. No shutdown dialog, no blue screen, just gone. It has gotten worse. Lately, whenever I run a program that takes any sizable amount of power, it does the aforementioned action. Today, it has gotten exponentially worse than even that. I thought that if I run the original recovery disks and upgrade to pro, that might help. While backing up my data, it went off. I looked for viruses (although I doubted there would be one; this same thing had happened on my last installation of XP); it shut off (McAfee). I run spyware scans every day and it has never found anything. Does anyone have anything that might help or should I dump this thing on BestBuy with a warrenty certificate? My specs are as follows: Toshiba Satellite P15-S420 laptop 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 HT 512 mb ram 80GB HD Windows XP Pro SP2 Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  16. 1280x800 I have a widescreen laptop
  17. Go to BetaPlace (beta.microsoft.com) Do the first survey (guest id: "betareq") Wait for Microsoft to e-mail you with a beta guest code to koin that beta, or look up guest IDs on the internet.
  18. Microsoft Update is Windows Update, with one major change. Instead of just Windows updates, it will have Office, SQL, and exchange updates (more to come). It is currently a technical beta but it is nearing the end of this stage. I am currently testing it.

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