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  1. avg_free_stf_en_90_707a1765.exe /HIDE /KILL_PROCESS_IF_NEEDED /QUIT_IF_INSTALLED /PROGRESSONLY /NOAVGTOOLBAR /NORESTART /NOSTART /DISABLE_SCAN /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSurf /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSearch I found /DISABLE_SCAN Thats meant to do what you want. More details are in the Network Edition doccumentation here: http://download.avg.com/filedir/doc/NETWOR...uma_en_90_1.pdf Thanks for your post, google spotted it and let me continue to search for some of the command lines you used to discover the rest in a PDF.
  2. I am not sure all them tweaks will get applied!!! I noticed most of your comments don't have a ";" before them eg Speed up instead of ;Speed up A way to test your reg file is to double click it and add it to the registry. . if it errors out then it won't work during setup either. Just letting you know this INCASE, chances are it's just your post without them.
  3. Thanks for providing the BEST installer for a great app. . . Good work!
  4. Thanks for the links they are mostly what I need (except Keyboard Layouts) BUT I was hoping I could have the basic layout (pre sorted) Language (from nLite) - ID Code (from that list for use in winnt.sif) . . . AND Keyboard Layout - ID for layout (used in winnt.sif) . . . pretty much drop down list from nLite copy and pasted, only someone with nLite source can have this and the matching code it generates for nLite. I could do it using your list OR by selecting it in nLite and generating a winnt.sif opening the winnt.sif in a text editor and copying the codes out. . . Problem is I don't have that much spare time At the moment. I guess nuhi is the onlyone with his sourcecode so I guess I'll have to prey he can give me the Data I need OR find alot of time to re-build it myself.
  5. nuhi I need your help! Programmer to Programmer. I am building a winnt.sif editor and the only thing I am having troubles with is finding information on is the Regions and Keyboard Layouts. Would you be able to give me the Tables/Data you use for your Unattended section help within your Combo Boxes??? The three circled are the ones I can't find information on. I have a list of Languages.Keyboard Types but no ID codes to go with them. Please help me find some answers. Thanks Nightwolf81
  6. ooooooo I hope this does get updated I am a HUGE fan of Flashget but v1.80 has been the buggyist version released - this pack made it 100x more usable but the bugs still like to poke their head in from time to time. . . I'd be happy with an ETA?? as long as it's only a week away at the most Keep up the good work.
  7. I didn't do that Graphics either (I can't draw a stright line) sorry I can't help ya there (technical help only).
  8. I am new to this but it's what I stare at every day: post edited : please don't directly put the image; link to it using a thumbnail. such big images are long to load and get distorted.
  9. The direction will be UP!!! I love this pack. . . Has more potential than alot of Expensive apps can give! Thanks and I'll be watching for the opening of your source.
  10. 52 downloads and not 1 thank you? Does anyone like this or is it something you wont use?? I have visited everyday incase of questions but nothing. No matter I'll just enable email notification from now on. ask away if your stuck.
  11. I have attached an example of how to use my install fader. (well not attached as it was too big). Just run wpi.hta and press begin. NOTE: it doesn't really install anything and is 100% safe. NOTE: it needs reg access to show the progress bar (some firewalls/anti spyware will ask before allowing it access), you may need to enable this access to see the fade. Download: http://upload2.net/page/download/J4oIufka5...wolf81.exe.html MD5 # D1DB0CBA4E59DC53BB87709C70AC93E4 Size: 749kb Let me know if it needs any more work or anything. These are my graphics and I ask that people create ther own before re releasing the fader with their installs. Feel free to do what you want with the actual fade.exe and installerfade.exe as they can be used for many other purposes.
  12. I have an even easier Idea but it is a far away from WPIw as I would like to admit. I have written a VB6 equivalent to WPIw that loads faster and runs on the GUI part of the text mode setup. It uses the config.js from WPIw (as I just made it to test the concept of using the wasted time during windows install to select the applications you want after the install (works perfect). . . I was hoping to get some time to learn how the installer.hta is called after a reboot to make it use this to actually install the items but I have yet to find the time to do this). MSHTA isn't too bad but the dependancies are a pain in the. . . Well you can see where I am going and I am best to keep this project under wraps until I can offer the community somthing a little more than TALK. as it seams I am not the only person to notice that the GUI part of the windows setup is a waste of time (Will be nice to have something better that reading them stupid microsoft WindowsXP is blah blah blah. . . I got my Games quicklauncher that makes it slightly more interesting but I would rather have it constructive time instead). Anyone else here know some vb6 and want's my code just PM me and I'll send it to you (I am still VERY busy and don't have time to play). Nightwolf81
  13. I have seen this white screen since the first WPIw was released. . . I mentioned this in these forums earlier. Anyway the causes of it - The main cause of white screen delay (it will come up eventually). . . Is internet explorer 7. also depending on the ammount of items in the list will increase this time (5.6 has reduce the time of the white by 75% but as the catagory bug exists I am not ready to update mine yet). There isn't a fix about for it yet, we'll both just have to pray the guys here find a way to make it black or show a pretty splash screen while constructing the page. I made a list with 407 items in it and let's just say I had time to make a coffee and check my email before the white went away. The reason things are quicker on VM is that it loads the files quicker than without VM. remember to pray (we'll need to help them anyway we can). as I want version 5.7 to be perfect and as I somtimes get to early test this project will try my best to do more than pray.
  14. How about adding a feature where it does a file check to disable (or change color of installed apps) eg inst[p] = '%ProgramFiles%\ahead\nero\nero.exe' or atleast add an invert or unselct defaults (as I like to run this after my main install to get access to other apps to install. . . I just let the defaults go on first time round' as such a tool this is can you add a way to turn off the timer when it's being called :- command line (probably not possiable with mshta) file check (%SystemDrive%\notime.ini) delete this on exit of the app (that way I can batch the file creation before I call WPIw (from autorun.inf, Batchfiles etc) No problems with the app here in 5.5 (major anyways) although I have moved the Install button seperate from the rest and put it in the bottom right corner (makes more sense to me)! I can't hardley wait for the theme creator to be done! p.s. is there a way to make the background black while it populates my list (cause bright white stands out)! Takes a while to do this as Bashrat's Driver finisher seams to run 2-5 seconds after my RunonceEx has called WPIw????
  15. Does anyone know how long vista takes to Build?? I built a reactOS version myself and it took just under 1 hour (and thats a bare bones OS. . .well so far)! I would think microsoft would have Battery Backup on their build machines (last topic I read about them having a power failier). . . I feel like I am past the point of suspense of vista and now just annoyed at how long I've waited (but it really won't be that usable as a replacement until I can buy a license to go with it in January)!! I have been part of the Beta programs and now I am back to XP (cause of hardware issues) and BOY I miss some of them new features!! . . I feel like I do when I jump back on a 98 machine from XP!!!!! AND has anyone noticed how UGLY Luna theme is. . . :Cringe: Well thats about all I got to say today!

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