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  1. This morning, I started to download 5536. It is only my second build of Vista to ever use, so please keep that in mind. I downloaded it on Linux and copied it over to Windows using an ext(2/3) file system driver for XP. Copied over the ISO to Windows and created a VMWare Player vmx file using a utility I found and installed (because http://easyvmx.com is down). I loaded up VMWare. It got to the stage where it said 'Windows is loading files' and went through. When it got to the end, it stopped and nothing happened. I decided to download it again (luckily it still was up), thinking that the transfer to Windows messed it up. No luck still. Here is a screenshot: Anyone having this problem other than be? If so, any tips?
  2. I use xampp also; it doesn't even need you to be on the internet! The latest version has all of the following, according to their website: There are versions for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X.
  3. I'm open to suggestions Like I said, front end is my weakness
  4. I don't think you can upgrade XP at this moment, and at any rate it would be inadvisable to run it as your primary OS. That might be causing your errors.
  5. I dual boot XP and Ubuntu. They worked together without a hitch until I re-installed XP, and the installer 'accidently' killed the boot loader.
  6. Erm... All I see is a google search box
  7. I don't think he means a VM. In webhosting, a dedicated server is your own server, usually hosted and maintained by a webhost. A virtual dedicated server is shared hosting, BUT you are sharing with very few people (mabye 20 instead of 5000)
  8. Invision ain't free anymore... It costs $70 for a yearly license and $185 for a perminate license. As far as installation of PHP and MySQL, you can host it yourself (I don't recommend, however, you doing this for any reason other than testing... ) You can use Xampp. It is preconfigured Apache server w/ php5 or 4 (you choose) and MySQL (to configure it, you press one button and load phpMyAdmin). Are there any good ASP/ASP.Net forum solutions out there? I don't want this to turn into a PHP -vs- ASP debate, but it kinda shows how people (devs) like php better than asp(.net)
  9. Download BartPE and burn it to a disk (Google it; very easy software to make the disk). Boot off that disk. Load up the command prompt on it and type: format X: /fs:NTFS
  10. MKPortal looks nice... But most of the fun is coding it by hand, IMO. I'm hosting on iPowerWeb (although eventually I might host it myself; got a few old computer that'd work just fine on Fedora for the job). I might give MKPortal a shot.
  11. I switched from XP to 2003 (following MSFN's excellent, amazing guide to make it XP-like) and will NOT switch back to XP ever. I run my games on it just fine - and, on my hardware, it runs faster.
  12. I just have my one laptop and don't have any clue why I'd ever need more... However, I'm contimplating pulling out my old, old, old Dell from way back in the last millenium and using it is a Linux server.
  13. Outlook all the way, so I can manage both Hotmail (my public email) and Gmail (my private email).
  14. My (one) computer: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition The VM within that comp.: Various *Nix's, mainly Fedora.
  15. RoadRunner - when there is one 5-minute outage per year and your IP changes once every 6 months (and speed is absolutly amazing), you have a good ISP.
  16. I just got a PDA (Windows Mobile) and love it... But I can't browse MSFN, burn DVDs, develop PHP, and do all other tasks I do on a PDA. I use my 'desktop-replacement' laptop for that.
  17. Same here... 13. I joined when I was 12, though.
  18. I'm gonna install it on VMWare this weekend. Thanks! Can't wait; love that Linux!
  19. I know, the backend programming in my strength; the design is not.
  20. Okay, I just completely started from scratch and overhauled the site. Check it out!
  21. It's good (on IE standards) but I still like Firefox 100x better. I HATE the layout, but other than that...
  22. PM me with all registration details (except for the control image) and I'll add you in via the Admin CP.

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