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  1. so why is the start button so ugly in vista. I mean, heck, ms could have payed 500 to someone to do better than that. heck they could of got a whole new ui that no one could come close to for free by someone at deviantart....what gives why are they so....boring with the windows ui....doesn't make since and appears as if they took 5 min. deciding what it would look like and 1 year getting the transparency to work...grrrrrr...atleast ALLOW us to change the ui with custom themes by default!!!
  2. correct syntax is "expand ntoskrnl.ex_ ntosknrl.exe" this is if you are in the current directory in a cmd promt. if not and running it from the run dialog then you need to type "expand :pathtofile:\ntoskrnl.ex_ :pathtofile:\ntoskrnl.exe" you don't need to specify the I386 folder for expand since it is in the system 32 directory and is part of the path variable. hope this helps
  3. forgot about windows file protection. yup...will need to do the pe thingy. I usually disable wfp so i don't have to wory about changing the file any more that i already have
  4. Just make sure you have the pallet changed in the kernel file and one thing I did once was use infranview to convert image to bitmap after using photoshop. although you might see changes in the image after the conversion.
  5. This the in the gpedit.msc options. you can turn off the popups but leave them on for other users. check out....this and this...
  6. it is not always in driver.cab. sp2.cab is the one that holds it for me. but it is possible for it to be in driver.cab sp1.cab and sp2.cab. check all *.cab files to bee safe
  7. great !!!....hope it is VERY stable....although I would like to have it
  8. probably because there is the correct version on the computer and it is reverting to that....I would suggest just replacing the original file (all occurances...might check driver.cab and sp?.cab files) on the xp install before burning to a disc. That is what worked for me anyhoo. good luck
  9. No...first of all. I didn't double post. I dunno how that got there. that is why I wrote. Second...and just where does it tell you the pallet offsets and the progress bar offsets in the cosmetics section. bootediter is nice but I prefer to do it manually. Doesn't take very long for me that way. Just about 5 min. for both files.p.s. bootediter DOESN'T detect the progress bar locations for the newer verisions of the kernel. sooooo it doesn't work !!!
  10. why don't you just edit all kernel files. I never have problems with that. with or without windows file protection. never get error or anything. and there is no way to replace the file because there are no other files to replace it with. just my $0.02
  11. @tap52384 this is so you make a custom boot screen manually using hex editor such as ultraedit. the image I posted is what shows instead of the xp logo with the little blue progress bar. Mine has a grey progress bar. Here be my boot screen
  12. here are the verison 2780 kernel offsets. next I will have to work with the pa kernels so that I can have a clean verision of all of the . ntoskrnl: PALLET = 75088 prtop = 3205E 346F0 3477C prbottom = 34772 320DC ntkrnlmp: PALLET = 78808 protop = 34A0F 36232 3624C probottom = 3488c 36242
  13. well i figured it out on my own !!! **Updatedcode after usage bug found...path wouldn't take spaces** HKCR,".in_","",0x00020000,"expandfile" HKCR,".dl_","",0x00020000,"expandfile" HKCR,".ex_","",0x00020000,"expandfile" HKCR,"expandfile","",0x00020000,"Compressed File" HKCR,"expandfile\shell\expand","",0x00020000,"Expand >" HKCR,"expandfile\shell\expand\command","",0x00020000,"expand -r ""%1"" %1""" for some reason you cannot use ,,, for the default you have to use ,"", ...that doesn't make sense to me. can anyone explain this. also you can dd more HKCR,".??_","",0x00020000,"expandfile" to
  14. I had this working before. I added to nlite.inf and it would add Expand > only to the files I specified. Not to every file you right click on. I cannot get it work anymore. reg or inf. I am confused as to why I used the """"%L""""... etc. Can anyone help clear up my confusing. been looking on the net for about two hours now for sintax definitions or somethin. tired to looking...can use another methoad that will put expandit on right click of every file but dont want to do it that way though. HKCR,".in_","",0x00020000,"expandfile" HKCR,".dl_","",0x00020000,"expandfile" HKCR,".ex_","",0x0002
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