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  1. FAILURE to read the manual or instructions on screen: PKUNZIP -d WOW.ZIP :thumbup :thumbup
  2. No problem. WinZIP is and always was obsolete. I use 7-ZIP. What irritates me instead is GIMP. The GIMP (open source) guys were the first who dropped pre-2000 versions ... :realmad: ??? PKUNZIP (DOS) does NOT support "folders", but it supports directories ... isn't it good enough ? BTW: Latest version of PKUNZIP is 2.50 ...
  3. BUT I can check the "flat" points for minima, and if all of them are >0 then the fact is proven that no usable (real numbers) solution exists. BTW: A flat point does NOT necessarily bring an extreme ... check "y=x^3" function. Anyone can generate and post the graph of the function on left side of the original equation, so we can see what we are trolling about ?
  4. "shaddam" wrote Thanks. Is FASTVID the same as MTTRR ? Does the CPU write 64 bit at a time instead of 32 ? How to find out where the video memory is ? My Gooogelling for this thing did not generate any useable results in the past.
  5. Hmmm.... If you are a good programmer you could have a look at FreeDOS FDISK. It is mostly done, it works (I tested up to 10GB), and full LBA48 support up to 2 TB (if anyone needs this, I don't) should be easily doable if not yet present. It unfortunately seems to lack a maintainer by now. BTW, FreeDOS FDISK fakes the (slightly silly) M$-FDISK design ... and does not have advanced features like partition resising without data loss. BTW: The newest FreeDOS DEFRAG 1.2.1 should support FAT32 now !!!
  6. WDE disk editor !!! Be warned: It is a DOS programm, it is 15 KB in size, and requires some tricks (LBACACHE) and some care when used. But it does what it should and is free
  7. Yeah ... the thing is great, all sticks up to 1 GB worked for me so far ... but: There is a serious BUG resulting in data corruption. Corruption occurs in following situations: 1 (always?): Defragmenting the stick and click "Abort" button. Data is corrupted. Aborting Defrag on the HD does NOT suffer from this bug. 2 (?): Performing several write/erase/write operations while free space is low (<20%) or even touches 0.
  8. I do care about portability and open source.
  9. "Best Program used to compress files" 7-ZIP. Also useful: PKWARE2.50 (DOS), TUNZ (DOS), KZIP, INFO-ZIP.
  10. WOW ... trying to remember about algebra ... SORRY but it definitely IS the (a smart one) calculator or PC. Well, since the highest exponent is 6 and divisible by 2, there is the risk that there is NO solution at all ... The number of solutions may be 0 ... 6 . There is a good method to solve equations of order 2 (possible result: no solution exists). There is a bad method for order 3 (exact solution for any equation) But there are NO (exact and universal) methods for order >=4 !!! What one can try is the brute-force method: test for solutions +1, -1, +2, -2, ... and reduce through polynom division ... works for "artificial" "school" equations with low integer solutions only Otherwise, make a graph (preferably with a PC ), and then use an inexact method (tangent method, ...) to approach the solutions. BTW: If someone has the result (PC math prog) please post ...
  11. YEAH ... it works, but not lightweight ... and NOT bug-free. ... http://ghosthunter.true.ws http://ghosthunter.6x.to Quickburn & BurnISO. - free and far below 1 MB !!!
  12. RC4 has some weaknesses. 128-bit: minimum. Check 7-ZIP: Rijndael algorithm, 256-bit key, 256K hashes with SHA256.
  13. I had a look and was NOT amused. WRONG. It DOES contain M$-files. It seems quite "complete". No idea why itrequires the CD nevertheless. It contains a huge number of files from different sources: Windows 98, M$-DOS 6.xx, FreeDOS, Win 3.xx, ..., ..., ... having different licenses (proprietary, shareware, freeware, GNU GPL, ...) The mess is completed by a truncated (!!!) GNU GPL text and some non-European (Chinese ?) texts. The ISO file is probably almost identical with the "creator". No, thanks, I prefer legal DOSes.
  14. To "piracy" or not to "piracy": Make sure to check newest Enhanced DR-DOS and FreeDOS releases before using Windows 98 as source of "DOS". BTW, multiboot of W98 and FreeDOS works like a charm, even on same partition.
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