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  1. me too havin shell32 problems after some sp2 updates and in sp3 betas onwards till rtm using 4.7b1 solves the issue ???
  2. @derhans the hidden componets might due to compatibility issues (if u click halo2 in compatibility tab, secondary logon goes hidden and so on for other components, chek them individually) @shahed26 its not bcoz of file access issue, but how to locate the stuff in the wim do u know were the "Windows-IIS-Webserver-Addon2-Package" files reside in the wim ? (der r more of that sort of componets) ofcoz once u know the files and its location it dey can be removed with or without unlocker (am too a core user of unlocker) @aviv00 found a clue: the just above Packages in the software hive is PackageDetect i think this determines the package dependencies its subkey Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~ has all the package dependencies may be removing the package name from der allows removing of the packages. most of them have a value 3 and few of them have value 4 (REG_DWORD) i didn't got enough time to verify this. plz check it.
  3. thats the problem we facing nw , we can uninstall the package but not able to remove from image. i think all those packages go and hide in winsxs making it hard to remove actally i dunno how the servicing stack works, from whre it extracts the package files and installs during a CBS? i couldnt find any cabs related to the packages in a wim from wer they trun up during sbs-ing ?
  4. me too stuck at 74 packages am also getting 1168 err on pkgmgr but it works fine after vliting all the 74 packages can be uninstalled from the offline image but not Removed (may be not ALL but most of them) uninstall using peimg /uninstall=<pkgname> <mountpoint> the duno turn up in add roles/features but peimg lists it. but how to REMOVE them from image ???
  5. CROSSCHECK: i checked MD5 of both server 2008 and vista sp1 tcpip.sys and found the same hash as : FC6E2835D667774D409C7C7021EAF9C4 so the lock is not in the driver,its somwhere else (maybe in registry) that need a rethink how m$ changed its behaviour frm NT 5.1 to 6.0. if it is a dll or registry it would be nice,though
  6. [OFFTOPIC] believe it or not S2k8 has to perform VERY well and should be MORE reliable than vista (read workstation os) its by design bcoz its a SERVER-line product it makes a huge selling point for m$ there is no need for putting sme DRM-crap in SERVER line os (but it is, maye be with QWAVE package for providing workstation os with DRM stuff) unless it is not meant for that. do u think u get DRM-crap in S2k8 Core install?? its may/even managed by remotely(so no display) s2k8 is for longterm run (may not reboot for days) should be green (less power consumption of h/w by efficient utilization) (still i suspect TILT bits r present in s2k8, can anybody confirm that?) for more deatils abt vista craps goto link in my sig. and compare it with s2k8 [/OFFTOPIC] for the things missing in vlite as RamGuy: had u ever tried early builds of nLite like 0.6,0.7 etc ? they dont have half of the feature 2days nlite have. nLite is a mature product nw. it took long 4 yrs reach 2dys form not in one or 2 dys. It applies same to vLite too, its only <2 yrs old. and will grow up(NOT in a sudden) and moreover its not been produced some huge company, only one person nuhi and backed by the responses from the forum so don't expect a fast product development cycle u should appreciate nuhi for whatever he does with vLite,without him we will be in some state of extreme crazy by m$ stupid ideas and impementations.
  7. :thumbsup for Nuhi InitiateED hatred.... @nuhi why stopped redist wimgapi.dll ? isn't it a Redist from m$ ? did they said u to stop redist it? i think it is the reason why we have to download waik ADVICE for all: just keep old ver (1.1.6) and install upcoming version of vLite above it(or extract wimgapi.dll from it).
  8. i think "Component Platform Interface (CPI) Reference" is for that read more abt cpi in waik der is a chm to detail abt it.
  9. Read forum rules USE SEARCH feature this has been discussed in deail read:c_20127.nls error after sysprep
  10. VPC doesnt offer flexibilty on hadware configuration i love BIOS free config of virtualbox
  11. Microsoft-Windows-Branding-SE-Server-Package required for branding the server edition (otherwise there will be no visual indiaction of wat server is using) btw Microsoft-Windows-BLB-UI-Package Microsoft-Windows-IIS-* and few packages i shown in pic couldnote be removed, why they can't ?? and where are these files (those install and config ) inside the wim ?? which of them break net connectivity ( via LAN or dialup) ?
  12. hi aviv00, am following u r guide and stripped it down to almost earth. WSIM shows only 20 packages remaining (out of 201 as u said) and .net30 and Desktop Experience is preinstalled. den vlited extreme (vlite last session and WSIM package list are attached) winsxs is only ~115MB. total VM hd size is 1.66GB, iso size is 540MB and still aero is working :thumbsup didnt checkd i-net connectivity (am over a dial up ) probs: some mmc snapins get malfunctioning of that Services is important, (no services snapin, it hard to configure services via regedit ) any clue abt that ?? wat packages should be saved or visibility=2 in registry ? Last_Session.ini
  13. quotes can be ignored if there is no white space in the answer
  14. rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection <inf_file>,DefaultInstall or rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 <inf_file> where DefaultInstall is the section of the inf to be installed
  15. HKCU\Console HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor these are the Keys for Command prompt
  16. at T-39 only basic registry is available (combined of HIVE*.inf during the last minute of TXT mode) first try what u want is preset at that time (T-39) for that press Shift+F10 and get cmd, den type regedit look it for what to edit
  17. there is no need to make those shellextensions in HKCR and HKLM UnlockerCOM.dll does it, it is Selfregistering DLL regsvr32 /s UnlockerCOM.dll adds all those entries only the Driver entries needed to add I made a custom Unlocker Installer without ebay using NSIS the NSIS script and the Custom installer attached BTW how to remove a DLL handle on sme exe? here the UnlockerCOM.dll has still a handle on explorer.exe, the uninstaller calls taskkill to remove the handle and proceed the uninstall otherwise the Unlocker folder and UnlockerCOM.dll could not be deleted (need a restart) how can it accomplished without using taskkill by some win32 API calls to reomve the handle ?? Unlocker187_custom.7z
  18. wen i use only dotnetfx.exe and dotnetfx53.exe with _SNM.ini having MERGE_FRAMEWORKS=12 it doent extract .NET 2.0 from dotnetfx35.exe and making DNF11_20.exe having .net 1.1 only! :-/
  19. nlite runtimes are runtime files taken from .net package which needed to run nlite ONLY it varies from .net app to app so u need full .net for variety of appz
  20. OFFTOPIC: just the same error. wen i make unattened install of server 2008 with vlite i get same error,and on removing the winpe and install lang selection it works.
  21. m$ release win7 in x86-64 only, which directly removes 4GB limite and as time goesmin. 6or sme 8 gb will be std. install (may be withh SSD HDs u can load the full OS drive on RAM)
  22. those hotfixes are meant for IE7 in xp sp2 the update.inf might me coded not to allow installing the hotfix for sp_version>2180 or the required file to be patched by the hotfix may be already patched by sp3
  23. if .msu is intehrated den vlite shows the hotfix release date wen using .cab it doesnt thats wat i know
  24. Definitely Windows ME (Mistake Edition) and vista (to sme extend) feels like ME 2 (Mistake Edition The 2nd)
  25. Its not install.wim, but boot.wim Image 2 u have to mount boot.wim #2 image and edit required files in sources folder of it.

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