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  1. @radigast it's the #2 image of boot.wim,u have to chage winpe.bmp der. on dvd boot up #2 image of boot.wim is loadded not #1 #1 is just winPE only #2 includes the setup and WinRE
  2. @ LegoLiam™ that will be bit serious if sme crach occured, u will lose the disk cache Read: The Power of Bugs
  3. Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON test mode disables Premium content (M$'s so-called 'Premium Content' drop to low res. including HD movie, game etc.) OFFTOPIC: i dont understand wat premuim is in it ?? NHK made 2k (4096p) possible ,within 2 yrs 1080p no longer be sme Premuim content, just a common format den wat happens to m$ premium ?? :/
  4. for that particular one u can blame vlite ,but it comes with the WARNING and to inform u that even m$ officially DONT support slipstreaming Vista SP1 so to those ENTHUSIATICS nuhi made the slipstream. it always comes with Warning. if u want have fault free (as by m$) follows m$ set of rules.
  5. so integration and removal works in single pass of vLite ??
  6. i too suggested for pre/on -install components selection. but the reason for its removal from XP betas onwards is to reduce the no. of Options to the end user, which obiviously make more confusion to an *ORDIANRY* end user. (more choice more confusion) its better 4 m$ to have the same with sme install switches which shows the component selection.
  7. still not passing acid2 tests?? am not getting it. downloaded today and checked acid 2 and 3 faild miserably
  8. its the bcd enum boot\bcd with bcdedit (bcdedit -store <DVD>\boot\bcd /v /enum)
  9. yes it will be after 3 yrs of its release (like all m$ oses)
  10. why dont u try Macbook from Apple ,u can configure it for almost same or less price and still if u want windows (un less u r not convinced by OS X) get some retail vista box of ur choice
  11. there is something like VMware fusion from Parallels Workstation. 4g0t the name i think Parallels have better virtualization soln. for OS X than VMware. try parallels workstation.
  12. setup.exe in the root of #2 image of boot.wim shows the Install Windows screen (and the language,keyboard selection). then it loads Sources\setup.exe of #2 image, which is responsile for windows Install (screen showing 1. Collection information 2. Installing windows and the progress bar)
  13. u need to change the files in boot.wim's #1 & #2 images
  14. it need admin privilages, try disabling Anti virus application & 3rd party firewalls , and try again.
  15. probably march 24th (for xp sp3) and 26 or 28th for vista sp1 release,(i read it somewhere else in the forum)
  16. 1. MinWin (microkernel) and component arch on x86-64 only more like gnu/linux - run the full kernel with a console in minimal MinWin + cmd (or poweshell) so u need command expertise, shell scripting knowledge etc.. advantages: less mem.consumption by OS itself, more available 4 apps ability to add components, ie if u cant live without GUI add the component "Windows explorer" for Multimedia add components like Dx, WMP etc for browsing add component IE (no other way if they dont make console webbrowser like lynx) 2.ability to select componest b4 install (as u said and requisite for wish 1) 3.complete independence b/w IE & WE 4. Again independent WOW64, ie if u dont plan to use 32bit apps donot install it,maybe some APIs that convert x86 procedures to execute on x86-64 . 5. Can we expect so called WinFS atleast in win 7.? 6. (Hope not) some wacky idea for wga (give a magnetic card reader and a card along with the OS Disc, if it is put and authenticated and enter u PIN then u go otherwise no go(like ATM)), (am just kidding) 7.no server/client os discrimination (install server appliance and work as server, remove it and work as workstation) and counting will post more when get some spark
  17. why didnt they tried with a SSD HD , atleast it reduecs the disk read bottleneck by some amt.
  18. i fear that they might add one more VERSION for specifially for Gaming ( not a gaming mode but full os only for that) abt wga: due to high level of piracy for XP they designed much better protection agaist it in Vista, and is a success, if this works against piracy they just simply copy that to next ver. too. 1 & 4 may happen true with MinWin being core and add layers or apps above it
  19. its getting harder to figure out missing files i think the the trivial soln is much better if file based imaging is employed (like dexter.inside's or vista wim based) so that the image size will not increase the trivial soln is to copy the full i386 dir to c:\sysprep\i386 it will be deleted after mini setup is over , since tha same files are already present elsewhere in the drive,size of wim willnot increase but it takes extra time to copy those files to end user s/ms
  20. TechNet posts http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...8&SiteID=17 http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...4&SiteID=17 suggest a simple soln of replacing browseui.dll from non-sp3 s/m or sp2 s/m i personally ddnt tried it, as i dont use that.
  21. still hasn't tested on my s/m tried to do in VirtualBox but the guestadditions not supported (probably drivers not signed) running on vgasave driver and goin to vlite it and test on my s/m
  22. @MagicAndre1981 yes u have to replace the dlls in the reverse integrated win inorder to get unsigned themes work if u didn't replaced the dlls b4 sysprep
  23. haha ha so funny i like the idea of a CE Me NT os ,nice

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