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  1. its due to joliet file size limit joliet file s/m allows only single file size to 2GB so ,change the OSCDIMG switch to -u1 (to build UDF bridge fs) or -u2 instead of -n or -j1
  2. i usually dont bother abt rest of the files in sources. i only copy boot.wim and install.wim to sources folder from DVD vlite never complained me abt missing files; neither problems from them b4 and after vlitng only those two files in sources dir, no extrafiles
  3. its a S40 phone with miniUSB connectivity when i plug it and select Data storage mode am getting only USB1.1 but the specification is 2.0 (from everest ) how can i get usb 2.0 ??
  4. nuhi, all the files EXCEPT boot.wim and install.wim in sources folder. those files are for running setup.exe within windows (upgrade or custom install). just look at the #2 of boot.wim, it has all these files in sources dir in the wim ( which will be loaded to ram during DVD boot install or recovery) and files in the DVD\sources dir are not used in PE AFAIK the .clg files are catalog files for respective edition,used by the WAIK, dunno what it does. trust me, they are irrelevent in DVD boot scenario, till now i havnt come across with any problems from them.
  5. then try gold xp x64 , so we can confirm whether it is caused by nlite or not
  6. any help possible with the last_session.ini attached. or can sombdy suggest dependacies of ATI driver. Last_Session.ini
  7. to Nuhi: why there is some files remain in sources folder ?? only files needed are boot.wim and install.wim (verified) wen doing DVD boot install. all other files can be removed to reduce size (abt 70mb) bcoz these files are present in #2 image of boot.wim (used for winPE and WinRE). I previously had wrote it somewhere in suggetions. hoping for next ver.
  8. The Xpress 200 IGP (HWID 1002: 5A61) on intel D102GGC2 m/b behaves erratically when i loads any catalyst driver greater than [ver. 7.8 (dated 27/07/2007) with driver ver. 8.401.0.0] like 7.9 or 7.10 upto 8.1. it installs correctly, but on reboot color reduces to 4 bit and 640x480 resolution. and from dxdiag, the Direct 3D is not available. i normally dont install catalyst suite, just extract the driver from it and update the driver from device manager. All the drivers are working in Vista correctly. Am running nLited XP SP3 v3205.
  9. jaclaz: but the SETUPLDR.BIN is in I386 dir of X64 cd not in AMD64 dir so its not due to I386 its due to the loader recognizes what the source it is booting (CD or HD or removable hd or stick).
  10. nitroshift: am running with updated BIOS from 2007/1/31 (it is tha latest in Intel site) puntoMX: Thanx for the info Qn is answerd , admin may close the topic
  11. SETUPLDR is supposed to load from a CD/DVD not from removable (HD) medium as in the case of memory stick when trying to load SETUPLDR from Stick, it finds that is being loaded from a HD and not optical medium tires to load OS (XP) not the setup thats why it fails. There is a thread telling how to load an 5.x windows from usb Here it is http://www.msfn.org/board/boot-install-USB...html&st=480
  12. That i have to check, hasnt tried yet. wen i reach hom on 15th , i'll check that.
  13. The kernel for more than one core is the same irrespective of the number of cores. just replace the == with >= in the second line
  14. Actually the Day Begins from the International Date line the opposite of GMT (GMT+12)
  15. i have an intel D102 GGC2 m/b Its havin ATi XPRESS 200 Chipset. Does this Support AHCI for S-ATA ?? It seems there is no option in BIOS for any AHCI modes except an Enhanced mode for S-ATA. i googled and hadn't found any info on that. can smbdy help?
  16. Did you make any attempt to troubleshoot this? I mean if you can't even get XP to install, something is wrong with your computer, plain and simple. I have an Ubuntu virtual machine in Virtualbox but it is my least favorite VM. The interface feels like cheap plastic, things don't seem to match up, and it also has been the least stable VM I've run. I'm unimpressed. How can you make such a comment, if windows isn't working ,then the compuer is crap ??? rjisinspired already said It is the problem of Windows incompatibility not the problem of h/w.
  17. Exactly that file determines u r license and makes base Hash for the allowed keys for a particular version(OEM, Rtl, VLK)
  18. it doesnt matter , watever maybe that, it should run the bcdedit to edit bcd store,
  19. actually u can burn upto 719 mb with nero 4 that u must enable overburning and the disc must be burnd as DAO (Dis at once)
  20. THATS not possible first u should do a bcdedit -store C:\vista\boot\bcd /v /enum Then look fo an entry having description "Windows Setup" copy down its GUID (say {my_guid}) after thta change the description by bcdedit -store c:\vista\boot\bcd /set {my_guid} description "Windows Vista Ultimate Final Setup" for the ems entry bcdedit -store c:\vista\boot\bcd /ems {my_guid} OFF if still u not getting the point, plz attach or send me the bcd file i wll do it
  21. to rename a bcd entry bcdedit -store <BCD-file> /set {GUID} description "<u r description>" here to chage the Name from Windows Vista to Windows Vista Ultimate run bcdedit -store <BCD-file> /set {GUID} description "Windows Vista Ultimate"
  22. by changing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SourcePath to proper drive name it can be overcomed ,isn't ???

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